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7 Recommendations for Simple Home Interiors

Having a simple home interior design has become the dream of many people, especially if they like the minimalist home concept. It's not surprising that more and more architects are interested in exploring minimalist home design.

Minimalist design itself is a concept that aims to make our lives better, without using many unnecessary things. In other words, something less creates simplicity and calm, allowing us to focus on more important things. When applied to home interior design, the minimalist concept does not necessarily become flat and boring. In fact, there are many home interior designs that are minimalist but still attractive. Therefore, this article will review a number of simple home interior designs for minimalist home concepts that are attractive and that you can imitate. Also read: 7 Recommendations for Simple 2 Floor Minimalist House Interiors

Recommendations for Attractive Simple Home Interiors

The minimalist concept can be applied to all types of houses, both large and small. Even so, the minimalist concept is usually used more often in simple home interior models. Here are some room recommendations that you can use as a reference for the interior of your simple home:

1. Room with Natural Accents

Ruangan Rumah dengan Nuansa Alami For those of you who like interior design with a rustic style, you can try using this simple home interior design. With a minimalist budget, you can add natural accents to the interior design of your home. For example, you can use natural materials such as bricks for walls, then wooden floors, brick walls, and so on. The combination of these various materials can create a more natural texture and beauty, like a comfortable residence in the middle of the countryside. Also read: 13 Examples of Minimalist, Luxurious and Modern Living Room Interiors

2. Room with Modern Accents

Ruangan dengan Aksen Modern The combination of vibrant yellow and blue can make the living room livelier and look more modern. You can try using white wall paint and combining it with Scandinavian style furniture which has yellow and blue colors. Even so, the interior design of this simple house is not only drowning in the struggle for color, this design also manages to balance and build an energetic and cheerful space. You can also keep wide mirrors and built-in chairs near the window to expand the proportions of the room inside.

3. Reading Room or Mini Library

Ruang Membaca atau Perpustakaan Mini Are you someone who likes reading books? If yes, then you must try this simple home interior design. The main idea is to tidy up the books lying around the interior of your home. Arrange books on wall shelves in the living room or special room for reading. If the shelves aren't tall or wide enough to accommodate your book collection, arrange them on a flat surface such as a bench or table. The result is a minimalist library style room that is comfortable and feels fresher. If you need interior furniture that can match the design of this room, you can get it at PEXIO. Visit this link to get the complete catalog. Also read: 6 Recommendations for Comfortable Living Room Interiors

4. Kitchen with Mini Bar

Dapur dengan Mini Bar PEXIO There is something special about a house that has a mini bar in it. Obviously this is a very interesting simple home interior idea. Whether combining it with a work space or kitchen, a mini bar is always the right choice for residents or guests visiting the house. Usually, interiors with a vintage concept are very suitable for adding a mini bar to them. Therefore, the main focus is soft colors such as turquoise green. So, try adding some furniture with that color. This house with a room that has a mini bar is very suitable for those of you who like to enjoy coffee, tea or breakfast with the family before starting daily activities.

5. Family room with multifunctional furniture

Interior Ruang Keluarga dengan Furnitur Multifungsi If you are looking for simple home interior ideas, consider placing multifunctional furniture in the family room. Avoid clutter by placing too much unnecessary furniture and can maximize it with just 1 piece of furniture. Choose furniture that has a simple minimalist design but still looks elegant. For example, the ALICE sofa bed from PEXIO has drawers and shelves underneath for storage. There are many advantages offered by this multifunctional furniture, such as practical storage for items, additional shelves, even when you want to lie down and relax, the ALICE sofa bed can make it happen. Interesting right? Also read: 13 Mandatory Multifunctional Furniture for Minimalist Homes

6. Simple house interior with bike chair

Inspirasi Interior Rumah Simpel dengan Fritzroy Bike Chair This is one of the brilliant simple home interior inspirations. How could it not be, you can do 2 activities at one time. Working and cycling at the same time is something you can do just by using equipment called the Bike Chair from PEXIO. The presence of a Bike Chair in the middle of the house can create a modern impression and of course doesn't take up space because it is portable, it can be moved anywhere according to your wishes. By exercising while reading, your brain stays active and you get great ideas. How? So you want to cycle while reading a book, right? Also read: 7 Tips for Choosing Minimalist Home Furniture

7. Aesthetic and Ergonomic Bedroom

Kursi Komputer dan Meja Kerja dari PEXIO After discussing the interior of the family room, now it's time to move on to the bedroom. As a homeowner who wants a simple home interior concept, the bedroom should be your main concern. It's not without reason, you certainly don't want to see your resting space 'in disarray' after working all day because of inappropriate design, color combinations or furniture. If you have a narrow room, you can apply cornflower blue to make the room seem more spacious and for those of you who often do work at home, especially in the bedroom because of overtime or WFH (Work From Home), don't let your partner get angry because the bed becomes messy because you do work on it. Use an ergonomic work chair from PEXIO. This type of chair allows you to sit in an optimal position so that it is more comfortable to work. How? Interesting right? You can try some of the interior recommendations above for your home. However, if you still need help with the interior design decoration of your home, PEXIO can help you. PEXIO also provides other ergonomic products such as the MIKE ergonomic chair which you can use as a comfortable work chair at home. What are you waiting for? Contact PEXIO now and start protecting your ideal bone shape by switching to an ergonomic chair. Banner Ergonomic Chair PEXIO


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