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What are the functions of a filing cabinet?

If you are an office worker, you are definitely familiar with filing cabinets or filing cabinets. A cupboard that has many drawers made of iron or metal. The function of a filing cabinet is to store documents, files or archives so that they can be organized more neatly and easily managed. The filling cabinet can also protect various archives from splashes of water and dust, considering that the material itself is made of metal. The filling cabinet consists of several boxes arranged neatly from bottom to top. Each box has a lock, making it safer. This filing cabinet is included in the list of office equipment. The shape itself varies, there are one door, two doors, even three doors. You can choose it according to your office needs. After knowing the definition and various forms of filing cabinets, let's find out more about their functions in the description below.

Filing Cabinet Function

Apa Saja Fungsi Lemari Arsip The main function of a filing cabinet is to store important documents, considering that this cupboard has a high level of security, especially because it is made of iron or metal. Even so, its thickness is not as thick as safe iron. Is there another function of a filing cabinet as a place to store documents? Find out more information in the description below.

1. Protect documents from damage

Filing cabinets can be used to protect important company documents to avoid various damages that occur due to external factors. Such as humidity, insect infestation, fire, and food stains.

2. Can store A4 and A3 size documents

In general, filing cabinets have the same size, namely for A4 sized documents. However, filing cabinets can also be used to store documents in A3 size or larger. Considering this cupboard has wider dimensions and longer durability.

3. To Group Documents

The filing cabinet consists of several boxes neatly arranged. You can arrange documents in an adjusted order from the bottom box to the top box. Outside the cupboard box, you can mark documents in numerical order to make it more efficient and avoid forgetting when you want to take the document out.

4. Room Interior

Apart from storing important documents, the function of a filing cabinet is for the interior of the room. It wouldn't be complete if the office space wasn't equipped with this filing cabinet. Filing cabinets can be easily moved because of their lightweight material. So, if you feel bored with the interior of your work space, then you can move this cupboard to a new position. Also read: 4 Types of Office Interiors that You Must Have
Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Filing Cabinets

Keuntungan dan Kekurangan Menggunakan Lemari Arsip Using a filing cabinet makes it easier for you to group documents. However, there are several disadvantages to using this cupboard, such as taking up too much space. Not only that, there are several other advantages and disadvantages of using filing cabinets which will be explained below.

Benefits of Using Filing Cabinets

There are several advantages to using filing cabinets which will be explained more fully in the description below.

1. Documents are more organized and neatly arranged

As its function is to group documents, filing cabinets can make the documents being managed more organized and neatly arranged. This filing cabinet is suitable for use when your office is going through an audit period, where all documents must be in neat condition.

2. Safer

Each box in the filing cabinet is provided with a lock, so the level of security is guaranteed. Apart from that, the material is also made of metal or iron which is heat resistant and water resistant. So it can protect documents from fire or water.

3. Free from termites

Storing documents in a filing cabinet is guaranteed to be free from termites, because the filing cabinet material is made from materials that are difficult for termites to eat. If you are still using a wooden filing cabinet, it is recommended that you switch to an iron or metal filing cabinet to make it safer.

4. Makes it easier to search for documents

Filing cabinets not only make it easier for you to organize documents, but also make it easier for you to find important documents. If documents are organized, then you will find them faster. Therefore, don't forget to mark or write down what types of documents are stored outside the filing cabinet box. Also read: 5 Attractive Minimalist Chair Models for Work and Living Rooms

Disadvantages of Using a Filing Cabinet

Not only the advantages, here are several disadvantages of using filing cabinets in your office which will be explained below.

1. Burdensome in terms of costs

For small companies, using a filing cabinet may be burdensome in terms of costs. Even though its function will be very helpful in document management, for some start-up companies, filing cabinets are quite expensive for the company.

2. Takes up space

The size of a large filing cabinet placed in a small room will certainly take up space. So, make sure your office space is sufficient to store this cupboard or use the smallest size cupboard according to office needs. You can set this condition if you really need a filing cabinet in your office. This is complete information regarding the function of cupboards which can be used in organizing important documents. If in the office there are filing cabinets or filing cabinets, then at home there are various living room furniture, such as multifunctional sofas that can store some of your important documents safely. PEXIO provides the ALICE sofa as a multifunctional sofa that can support your minimalist home concept. So, apart from beautifying the interior appearance of your living room, the sofa can be used as storage space for various important items or documents. Curious? Visit the official PEXIO website now to get more information.


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