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What is the Correct Sitting Posture?

Sometimes someone is quite careless about the sitting position. Even though sitting position affects bone health, especially the back. One of the reasons why correct sitting position affects bone health is because it can prevent muscle fatigue and prevent back pain. So. What is the correct sitting posture? Correct sitting posture requires attention to body posture. Posture is how you are able to hold your body in ideal condition. One of the keys to good posture lies in your spine. The spine has three curves, namely the cervical spine, middle back and lower back. You need to maintain spinal posture to get ideal body posture. To maintain body posture, you need to pay attention to daily activities, such as sitting, standing and walking. To better understand how to sit correctly so that your body posture is maintained, let's look at the steps below.

What is the Correct Sitting Posture?

Sitting posture can be said to be a static posture, namely the way you hold your body without moving. Considering that sitting posture affects bone health, it's a good idea to start maintaining the correct sitting position, especially when you are working. How to? Let's look at the complete description below.

1. Support the Lower Back

The correct sitting position requires the support of an ergonomic chair and table to support the body and reduce muscle tension. This ergonomic chair can generally support the lower back. The features provided by ergonomic chairs can maintain posture and reduce discomfort in the spine. Ergonomic chairs are chairs that are specifically designed for user comfort. This chair consists of various features, such as seat depth and adjustable arm height and width. As an illustration, the LUXIO chair from PEXIO is an ergonomic chair equipped with compatible footrests and mechanics that can be locked when you lean back. It is also equipped with precise armrests that can be adjusted in height to suit your work desk. Also read: 10 Best Ergonomic Chairs and Their Prices in 2022

2. Arrange the Right Chair

Atur Kursi yang TepatThe right sitting position requires the right chair arrangement. Arrange the chair so that your knees are parallel to your hips. In order to be balanced, the arm position must also be right so that the shoulders can remain relaxed. The way to set it is by extending your arms to form an L angle to the table. Positioning your arms too far apart can strain your arm and shoulder muscles. If you use an ergonomic chair, adjusting this chair is very easy to do. Why? Because ergonomic chairs can be adjusted in height, be it with a table or your laptop screen.

3. Soles of feet touch the floor

Telapak Kaki Menapak ke Lantai Make sure the soles of your feet are on the floor when sitting, so that your body weight is distributed more evenly across your hips. If you wear high heels, it's best to take them off when you sit for a long time. Avoid sitting with your legs crossed, because this can cause obstructed blood flow and trigger muscle tension. You can also use an ergonomic chair that is equipped with a footrest for comfort for your feet. PEXIO provides various chairs equipped with footrests that can be adjusted to suit your needs. Visit the official website to get more information.

4. Set the screen at eye level

Correct sitting posture also requires paying attention to the height of the screen. The screen height should not be more than 5 cm above eye level. A monitor that is too high or low can make your eyes and neck tired easily. To set it up, extend your arm across the laptop keyboard, then position the monitor one arm's distance away. In addition to adjusting your arms, you can adjust the height of the chair and table so that your eyes are at eye level with the screen. Use ergonomic chairs and tables so that the height can be adjusted according to your comfort. Also read: 4 ways to use a computer so it doesn't cause back pain

5. Adjust the Keyboard and Mouse Position

Sesuaikan Posisi Keyboard dan Mouse Setting the correct sitting posture doesn't just pay attention to the height of the screen. However, the layout of the keyboard and mouse also needs to be considered. Make a distance of at least 10 cm between the keyboard and the table to give your wrists a rest while typing. If the keyboard position is too high and your wrists are at an uncomfortable angle, put some support on your wrists. Then for the position of the mouse, it should be easy to reach like the keyboard. When you use the mouse, make sure your wrist is straight. Improper keyboard and mouse positions can cause muscles to tire easily and trigger pain. For this reason, make sure the distance between your arm and the keyboard and mouse is adjusted according to your working comfort.

6. Take regular breaks

Telapak Kaki Menapak ke Lantai Sitting for a long time can disrupt blood flow. Therefore, you need to take regular breaks or move at least once every 30 minutes. Do light stretches or move to get a drink or just go to the bathroom. You need to understand, sitting for a long time can cause your body's muscles to tire easily. How? Isn't it quite easy to apply the correct sitting posture? To maintain your posture, especially when working, don't forget to use an ergonomic chair. Ergonomic furniture is designed to increase productivity while working. You will not get tired and sore quickly because your sitting posture is correct and comfortable. Get various kinds of ergonomic furniture that can be tailored to your needs, both specifications and budget range at PEXIO. A company that provides various ergonomic furniture with premium quality. Visit the official site now for your ergonomic furniture solution! Banner Ergonomic Chair PEXIO


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