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Types of Relaxing Chairs that You Can Use at Home

Lounge chairs are one of the pieces of furniture that you must have at home. The reason is, this chair can be a place to rest after a tiring day at work. There are various types of lounge chairs that you can have, starting from chairs made from rattan, sofas, bean bags, and various other types of chairs. Before buying a lounge chair for your home furniture needs, you should first know what a lounge chair is below.

What is a Lounge Chair?

Apa itu Kursi Santai Lounge chairs are usually designed to meet your relaxing needs, especially after a day of activities outside the home. In this lounge chair, you can lean back comfortably and calmly, you can even lie down to rest your tired body. This relaxing chair can accompany you on weekends to just drink tea, read a book and scroll on your cellphone. Sitting in a lounge chair can make your body feel more relaxed, because it is made from very comfortable materials, so you will feel at home sitting in it for a long time. Also read: Parts of a Work Chair that Support Comfort

Various Types of Relaxing Chairs

There are various kinds of lounge chairs that you can choose according to your needs. This lounge chair can even be adjusted to suit the interior and concept of your home, of course, so that it is more harmonious and pleasing to the eye. Check out the various types of lounge chairs below.

1. Wood Accent Rocking Chair

Kursi Goyang Aksen Kayu sebagai Kursi Santai This relaxing chair is suitable for those of you who can sleep anywhere. Because, this rocking chair can make you relax until you fall asleep. Especially if the atmosphere in your house is conducive to sleeping. Don't forget to equip this lounge chair with pillows, so you can get maximum rest.

2. Round Shaped Bean Bag

Kursi Santai Bean Bag Berbentuk BulatThis chair is currently popular among young people, because it provides comfort when you sit on it. Also, the design of this chair is adapted to the style of young people. The shape of this bean bag tends to be round, but when you sit on it, this chair will cover your entire body. Also read: What is the Difference Between Sofas and Chairs? Let's find out here!
3. Gaming Bean Bag Chair
Gaming Bean Bag ChairUnlike bean bags in general, this type of bean bag is designed with a high backrest to adjust your body posture. When playing games, your body must be relaxed, therefore this chair is very suitable for you to use.
4. Leather Sofa
Sofa Kulit Sofas are usually equipped with soft back and armrests. These two features will certainly provide comfort to your body. You can even fall asleep while sitting on this synthetic leather sofa. Add pillows to support your relaxing activities.
5. Outdoor Wooden ChairsKursi Kayu OutdoorThis wooden chair model has a separate section between the body and the legs. The advantage is that people of all heights will feel comfortable when sitting in this chair. This wooden chair is usually placed in the garden area of the house or swimming pool for relaxing. Also read: 10 Odor Absorbing Plants that are Easy to Care for at Home
6. Folding Chair
Kursi Lipat You can use this chair when you want to enjoy nature, because this chair can be folded and can be carried easily. If you are at home, you can use this chair when relaxing in the front or back yard of the house.
7. Woven Rattan ChairKursi Rotan AnyamUsually you will find various kinds of lounge chairs made of rattan on the beach. As the name suggests, this chair is made from 100% rattan. The legs of this chair are usually made from teak wood so that it is stronger and more sturdy while supporting your body.
8. Gazebo style lounge chairs
Kursi Santai Ala GazeboIf you have a large enough yard, there's no harm in setting up a gazebo to relax. You can add furniture in the form of lounge chairs that can fit one person or more than that. In the gazebo, you can also gather with your family on weekends to chat.
9. Gili Lounge Chair
Kursi Santai Gili This lounge chair is quite unique, because of its round shape and supported by iron. Gili chairs are suitable to be placed in the family room because they give an elegant interior impression. The basic material for Gili chairs is rattan which not only gives a traditional feel, but also a modern feel with bright colors.
10. Lesehan ChairKursi LesehanLeaning back in this chair will feel more comfortable, because the height of the backrest can be adjusted to suit your height. Lesehan chairs do not have legs and are directly attached to the floor of your house. So, when you sit on this chair, your legs will be extended. Also read: 9 Attractive and Comfortable Lesehan Study Room Designs
11. Eames Lounge Chair
Kursi Santai EamesThis medieval-inspired chair has a classic design that can support your entire body, from head to toe. The design of this chair will give a homey impression, especially if you place it in the family room.
12. Camp Chair
Kursi Santai Camp ChairA camp chair is a type of portable folding chair that is usually taken when going camping or climbing a mountain. However, you can also use this chair to enjoy the atmosphere of the yard or backyard and just drink tea or coffee.
13. Teak Bowl Terrace Chair
Kursi Teras Mangkok JatiIf you like the vintage-style residential concept, you can place this teak bowl terrace chair in front of your house complete with a table. To increase comfort, you can add a seat cushion and pillow for the back support.
14. Plastic Chair
Kursi PlastikPlastic chairs come in various sizes, from small children to adults. You can use this plastic chair when you want to relax watching television or just enjoying snacks with your children. Also read: 10 Best Ergonomic Chairs and Their Prices in 2022
15. Swing Chair
Swing Chair Have a large enough yard? You can add a swing chair in the front yard of your house. Enjoy the fresh morning air and view of the yard while swinging in this chair. You can invite your family to chat while drinking coffee here.
16. Round Rattan Chair with Striped MotifsKursi Rotan Berbentuk Bulat dengan Motif Garis-garis Rattan chairs are usually synonymous with classic designs. However, this round rattan chair with striped motifs can give a modern impression, so you can place it in the living room or family room area. How, will you choose which types of lounge chairs for your home furniture? Choose a lounge chair that not only provides comfort when relaxing, but is in harmony with the concept of your home. Apart from the various types of lounge chairs above, there are also ergonomic chairs or also known as ergonomic chairs which can support your work productivity. Get this chair now for a comfortable and efficient work chair solution. Ergonomic Chair PEXIO


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