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13 Creative Ideas for Office Desk Decorations

Your office desk can be considered a second home because you occupy it five days a week. The time spent in a day is not small, at least eight hours or more if you have an overtime schedule.

The view of an office desk every day certainly makes you feel bored or bored, especially if the desk is messy and has no decorations on it. There's no harm in realizing the creative office desk decoration ideas you've ever imagined. The reason is, that office desk decorations can raise your enthusiasm so that you are more productive while working.

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Various Creative Office Desk Decoration Ideas for You

Returning to office desk decorations you can explore adding anything as long as it's not too much and blocks your space when working.

What minimalist decorations can be applied to your work desk? PEXIO will give you some ideas for you to implement. Here are 11 creative ideas for office work desk decorations.

1. Table lamp

Ide Kreatif Dekorasi Meja Kerja dengan Lampu

A workspace in the form of a cubicle certainly has quite low light intensity, especially if it is far from a window. Table lamps are useful as lighting as well as decoration that is no less neat. This creative idea for simple office desk decorations can bring warmth to your workspace while keeping your eyes healthy.

2. Room wall decoration

Ide Kreatif Dekorasi Meja Kantor dengan Hiasan Dinding Bilik

The cubicle walls can be decorated to add joy to the work area. You can be as creative as you like by decorating the room using decorative paper or simply attaching your favorite picture. The workspace looks busier without disturbing your comfort while working, right?

3. Book collection

Koleksi Buku

If you like reading books, there's no harm in making your book collection a beautiful office desk display. Got the bookcovered Use aesthetically patterned wrapping paper so it doesn't look boring. Add small miniatures or other objects as accessories to complement your work desk decoration.

4. Decorate the work table with flower pots

Ide Kreatif Dekorasi Meja Kantor dengan Tanaman Hias

Ornamental plant fans can bring their pet flowers to take care of at the office. Use a shatterproof pot filled with water to keep your plant fresh. You have to care for the flowers every day so they don't wilt. If you don't want to bother caring for them, just replace them with artificial flowers that are no less beautiful.

However, the definite green color emitted from this ornamental plant will make the atmosphere even better on your work desk. Apart from that, it is very pleasing to the eye, for those of you who usually stare at the computer for a long time, just turn your head slightly and feel the sensation of seeing fresh ornamental plants.

5. A small pillow

Bantal Kecil

Work tables and chairs can also be decorated using small pillows covered in aesthetic patterns. Apart from that, pillows are useful for supporting your back so that it doesn't hurt from sitting for too long.

However, with the worstOxford You don't need a pillow anymore because this chair is equipped with complete comfort features from toe to head. This chair has lumbar support to maintain perfect back posture even when working for a long time. The sitting position will also be more comfortable with its sliding seat, 4Darmrest, and 2D-adjustable headrest. 

Apart from that, this best ergonomic chair is also equipped nylon footbase and a design seat and backrest mesh which certainly doesn't cause a hot feeling when you sit on it for a long time.

6. Aesthetic photo collage

Kolase Foto Estetik

Whatever the image, a photo collage is a creative idea for office desk decoration that is attractive to look at. The collage should be arranged according to a pattern so that it looks neat on the cubicle wall or corkboard. The image choices vary, they can be photos of yourself, pictures of idols, landscapes, and so on.

7. Acrylic schedule board

Papan jadwal akrilik

This decoration has become a trend and is often looked at by many people because it can be used as a reminder. In addition to the schedule board, you can choose a board to-do list or a blank board that can be creative. Just use acrylic board as a decoration material and your work desk will look different from usual.

8. Aesthetic tray

Nampan estetik

Items scattered on the work desk can be placed on a container or tray to make them neater. The choice of beautiful tray displays certainly adds to the beauty of your work desk. The work desk looks more organized, beautiful, and attractive just because of this one decoration item.

9. Coffee mug

Ide Kreatif Dekorasi Meja Kantor dengan Mug kopi yang menarik

For those of you who love coffee, try one of these tips. You know how much coffee or tea at the table helps you! Look for one of the mugs that can be customized. Write words like "Today is going to be amazing ". You can also make a more creative mug by displaying a photo of your family on the mug, to increase your enthusiasm for work. Very interesting, isn't it?

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10. A unique mouse pad

Ide Kreatif Dekorasi Meja Kantor dengan Alas Mouse Unik

Keep in mind, that there are no rules that require you to use a mousepad (alas mouse). Therefore, make your workspace suit your personality by enhancing the often overlooked work desk decoration. Yes, mousepad Nowadays, it appears in various motifs. You can also search mousepad which is made from unique materials, such as leather or cork.

11. Tidy up the cables

Rapikan kabel

Many work desks look less aesthetic because of the scattered cables. Unorganized cables are not only unsightly but can also get in the way. Use a shelf to hide it. Organize it to route your computer cables, that way your work desk will look cleaner.

12. Choose a unique table clock

Pilih jam yang menyenangkan

Apart from being useful for telling the time, clocks also look interesting on a work desk or in a summary. You can choose a unique clock to place on the table.

13. Garbage cans

Tong sampah

Finally, you can put a trash can under your work desk to maintain cleanliness. Choose a trash can that is beautiful and not monotonous as decoration for your work desk. Cleanliness of your work desk is your responsibility, so provide a trash can so you can throw away your trash directly where it belongs.

All the creative ideas of decorating office desks above not only act as decoration, but also have a function. In addition to a work desk, you need an ergonomic chair from PEXIO, a chair that is not only comfortable, but also able to maintain healthy spine. Get the product just by contacting the PEXIO team.

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