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11 Types of Office Chairs and Their Functions

With so many types of office chairs on the market today, everyone will definitely find a function for the office chair that suits their individual tastes and preferences. In this article, we will discuss several types of office chairs and the functions of office chairs which can help you choose a suitable office chair.

What is the Function of an Office Chair?

As the name suggests, office chairs are used in work or office environments. but this does not mean that an office is the only place they are found. Given the ubiquity of computers, almost everyone who has a PC (Personal Computer) at home has an office chair or computer in front of them. Basically, office chairs are very useful for supporting the back and increasing productivity so that workers can feel comfortable sitting at a desk or computer for long periods of time.

Types of Office Chairs

If you use a kitchen chair or dining chair to work, it will only hurt your back. Therefore, you must use a comfortable office chair to work. Also read: 6 Ways to Choose a Healthy Work Chair to Be Productive. The following is a selection of types of office chairs that you can use to work comfortably:

1. Big and Tall Chairs

Big and Tall Chairs This type of chair provides extra space for those who need more space. Big and tall chairs, which can weigh up to tens of kilograms, are made from sturdy materials. This is done to ensure long-lasting use and safe support. Also read: 8 Recommendations for Ergonomic Office Chairs in 2022

2. 24 Hour Chairs

Jenis Kursi Kantor 24 Jam This chair is ideal for constant use, suitable for work environments such as call centers. These chairs are specially made by the manufacturer to withstand long-term use and are usually designed with a very durable frame, thickly padded seat and back cushions, and several ergonomic adjustments.

3. Conference Chairs

Kursi Konferensi This chair is designed to lean forward slightly to keep users involved in meetings or discussions. This type of chair also usually has very minimal adjustments, because users tend not to sit in this chair for a long time, only during meetings.

4. Computer Chair

Jenis Kursi Kerja Komputer This chair is specially designed to be paired with a computer desk. This type of chair often features multiple ergonomic adjustments to ensure customizable comfort for each user. Computer chairs also have five-star grade frames, usually with rolling casters to ensure smooth movement in an office environment. Also read: 8 Recommendations for Comfortable and Beautiful Computer Chairs

5. Executive Chair

Kursi Kerja Eksekutif This chair has the most expensive price of the various types of work chairs sold. Executive chairs are high-end chairs, with better cushioning for added comfort, and most of these types of chairs feature a variety of ergonomic features.

6. Stainless Steel Guest Chair or Waiting Chair

Kursi Tamu atau Kursi Tunggu Stainless Steel This type of chair is a chair that is needed in any office that has a waiting room or reception area. However, this guest chair or waiting chair is only suitable for short-term use, not recommended for long-term use, especially throughout the day. Usually guest chairs are made from stainless steel, sturdy and rust-proof. Although this type of chair is quite comfortable, it still lacks the support necessary for long-term use.

7. Bench

Jenis Kursi Kantor Bangku It has the same function as a guest chair, but the material is softer because it is made of foam. It has an elongated shape and is often placed in gardens or lobbies. This type of chair is quite comfortable, durable and has a unique appearance. Apart from that, the bench can accommodate more than 1 guest in the office.

8. Sofa

Jenis kursi kantor sofa JThis type of office chair is usually reserved for VIP guests who are visiting the office. This chair is said to be very comfortable to use, it can even function as a bed, really pampering your guests, right? Apart from being able to function as a bed, the sofa chair also functions as a place to store additional items. This advantage will maximize your office living room which is not too large. PEXIO provides this type of sofa which is called the ALICE Sofa Bed. The minimalist and modern design is also very suitable for a living room with an earth tone theme. The capacity is sufficient for 2-4 guests. How interested are you in using it? Also read: 8 Recommendations for Modern Minimalist Sofas for Small Living Rooms

9. Folding Chairs (Event)

Kursi Lipat (Event) Next is the type of chair that is often used at an event or banquet. According to its function, this chair is called an event chair or folding chair. This chair is very easy to move because of its simple design, light weight and can even be folded. However, this chair is still comfortable to use because it has a soft back and cushion. This chair is very easy to set up, take down and store for the right choice for your use.

10. Drafting Chair

Kursi Drafting As the name suggests, this chair aims to help designers, drafters and architects run their tasks smoothly. The main characteristic of a drafting chair is that it has a ring shape under the seat. You can adjust the height of this chair according to your needs. Drafting chairs are specially designed and are generally paired with a high drawing table (counter). By using this office chair, professionals can carry out their tasks comfortably. Also Read: 10 Reasons Why Ergonomic Chairs Are Very Important in the Office

11. PEXIO Ergonomic Chair Selection

Kursi Ergonomis PEXIO PEXIO ergonomic chairs come with a wide range of adjustments so they can fully support different types of people. Some of the special adjustments that can be made by this type of chair are seat depth, knee tilt, seat height, back height, and lumbar support. This ensures that your body posture is maintained properly while working and you can feel maximum comfort which ultimately increases productivity.

Use an Ergonomic Office Chair to Be More Productive

Those are the types of office chairs that you need to know. Hopefully you will better understand the functions of these different office chairs too. If you are looking for ergonomic furniture for your office, Pexio is the right choice. Visit our website here for more information. Ergonomic Chair PEXIO


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