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7 Latest Minimalist Guest Chair Designs 2022

Having a minimalist residence means you need to look for furniture with a minimalist size. Even though it's not big, in fact there are many minimalist guest chair designs that you can choose from. Its small size does not limit its luxurious and attractive impression.

In fact, minimalist chairs have their own uniqueness that sometimes large guest chairs don't have. Are you looking for a minimalist guest chair to place in the living room? Want a minimalist chair that is elegant and still luxurious? Take a look at some of the chairs below and find your favorite design.

7 Recommendations for the Newest Minimalist Guest Chairs August 2022

Desain Kursi Tamu Minimalis Choosing a furniture design for the living room is very important. Your living room will feel less aesthetic if the furniture design you choose does not match the existing theme. Apart from aesthetics, the wrong chair design will also make you and your whole family uncomfortable when using it. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right chair design. Below are several examples of minimalist guest chair designs that you can choose from.

1. Unique Rattan Chair

Kursi Tamu Rotan yang Unik Rattan chairs are no longer a material that has just been used in making furniture. The use of rattan material in chairs gives a very aesthetic, classic touch to your living room. Rattan chair designs are also very diverse and you can choose according to your preferences. There are rattan chair designs that are majestic like sofas and there are also simple chair designs. Don't forget to put pillows as a seat and backrest so that guests feel comfortable when sitting on them. Also read: Living room wall paint decoration options that can be used as inspiration

2. Elegant Scandinavian Chair

Kursi Tamu Elegan Ala Skandinavia Scandinavian style chairs are indeed the designs most sought after by people. The simple design adds a luxurious and elegant impression to your living room. Chairs with a Scandinavian design usually have a base color of grey, cream, blue or white. The modern shape of the chair will make your living room comfortable and aesthetic. Every guest who visits your house will definitely feel at home in it.

3. Simple Stainless and Leather Chair

Kursi Tamu Sederhana Stainless dan Kulit Looking for a sturdy chair that can last for a long time? You can try this chair design. The shape of the box is very simple. But the combination of stainless and leather will make your living room very aesthetic. The combination of the two also brings a luxurious touch to a minimalist living room. Even though it is made of stainless steel, you won't feel pain because of the very soft base and backrest. Also read: 5 Inspirations for Decorating a Large Living Room So It Doesn't Look Empty

4. Minimalist Teak Guest Chair

Kursi Tamu Jati Minimalis The next minimalist guest chair is a teak chair that is shaped like a sofa. The advantage of this chair model is that it has a soft back so that your back feels more comfortable. By using this minimalist guest chair, it is guaranteed that your living room will look more elegant.

5. Minimalist Ottoman Storage Box Guest Chair

Kursi Tamu Minimalis Storage Box Ottoman As the name suggests, this minimalist guest chair is shaped like a box and is equipped with 4 benches. It has attractive colors so it can make your guests feel more at home in your home. There is a storage box that you can use to easily place items, such as newspapers, snacks, and so on. Also read: Types of Relaxing Chairs that You Can Use at Home

6. Retro style minimalist sofa

Sofa Minimalis Bergaya Retro A minimalist retro-style sofa is ready to become the center of attention for your living room. The classic retro style will not make your living room look old-fashioned. On the other hand, retro style can change the atmosphere of the living room to become warm and comfortable. Apart from that, the retro style has a unique color combination. You can choose a sofa in mustard yellow, fuchsia pink, and many more. These sofa colors are guaranteed to make your living room look fresh and unique from other rooms.

7. ALICE Sofa Bed from PEXIO

Sofa Bed ALICE untuk Ruang Tamu The next minimalist chair design is quite different. The ALICE sofa bed from PEXIO is a minimalist guest chair that has many uses. Limited living space means you have to be creative in using every inch of the room. Therefore, the ALICE sofa bed can be the right guest chair to use. You can turn this sofa into a bed when you want to relax in the living room. Not only that, this chair product has a storage area for items at the bottom of the seat. So you don't need to buy another storage cupboard to put your things in because this chair can store everything. Interesting right? So, if you want to see the price list for these guest chairs, please go to your favorite e-commerce site below. Also read: 5 Models of Narrow Living Room Chairs


Which minimalist guest chair design did you finally choose? You can choose a chair design that suits your preferences. However, it would be better if the chair design is in harmony with the theme of your living room. Having trouble deciding on the right living room theme? Need expert advice? You can use interior design services from PEXIO. All your wishes will be served directly by an interior team who are experts and experienced in their field. You only need to discuss with our team so that the choice of living room theme and furniture is in harmony. PEXIO has served various clients who are satisfied with the interior design provided. Also get a variety of ergonomic chairs at PEXIO. Just visit the PEXIO website to get complete information. Banner Ergonomic Chair PEXIO


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