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6 Ways to Overcome Low Back Pain to Be Free from Back Pain

Young professionals in Indonesia currently tend to complain of low back pain. Sitting too long and facing a computer screen is one of the causes. Unfortunately, quite a few people don't know how to deal with low back pain when the disease attacks their back. On average, young workers tend to underestimate low back pain. The reason is simple, namely that the age is too young to suffer from back pain. In fact, low back pain does not occur due to age, but rather the sufferer's lifestyle. Instead of worrying about this disease, it is better for you to know how to prevent and treat it. Read this article to find out the answer.

Causes of Low Back Pain

There are many causes of pain in the lower back area (low back pain). Daily activities are even one of the roots of the problem, even though you tend to underestimate it. What are the causes of low back pain among young professionals?

1. The bag is too heavy

Tas Terlalu BeratAll types of bags can trigger back pain if the contents are too heavy. When you use a backpack or tote, the weight of the bag is centered on the shoulder area through the straps. Automatically, the shoulders transmit the weight of the bag to the lower back area, causing low back pain if left untreated. Also read: 5 Symptoms of Low Back Pain that You Should Know

2. Exercising Too Hard

Olahraga Terlalu KerasNot only lifting weights, other sports can also cause back pain if done to the extreme. Exercising too hard can cause muscles to work too hard. As a result, muscle contractions that are too hard trigger low back pain.

3. Inappropriate sitting posture

Postur Duduk Tidak SesuaiThe lumbar area is responsible for supporting the weight of the upper body when sitting. As a result, the spine is stressed due to incorrect sitting posture, such as sitting too bent over, the waist not leaning back, the shoulders leaning forward, and the legs continuing to hover. This pressure actually triggers pain in the back. Apart from sitting posture, a chair back design that is too upright also triggers back pain. An example of the right office chair design can be seen in the REGENT chair from PEXIO. The lower backrest is curved as lumbar support so that the waist can lean on. Also read: Correct Sitting Position to Maintain Bone Health

How to Prevent Low Back Pain

The good news is, lower back pain can be prevented from the start so that your activities are not disrupted. The preventive steps are quite easy and can be implemented through your daily lifestyle. Follow the preventive steps below so that this disease does not threaten your productivity.

1. Get enough exercise

Berolahraga SecukupnyaYou can start from exercise that is quite light but can burn fat, namely aerobics or cardio training. For beginners, start with a little intensity and time first so that the muscles don't feel tired.

2. Train Core Muscle Strength

Latih Kekuatan Otot IntiCore muscles are useful for supporting spinal strength. You can train core muscle strength with Pilates, sit-ups, and other workout movements. The stronger the core muscles, the stronger the spine, so the potential for pain is reduced.

3. Maintain your weight

Menjaga Berat BadanCore muscles are useful for supporting spinal strength. You can train core muscle strength with Pilates, sit-ups, and other workout movements. The stronger the core muscles, the stronger the spine, so the potential for pain is reduced.

3. Maintain your weight

Kursi Vlad PEXIO Cegah Low Back Pain

You must maintain your posture when sitting, especially when working facing a computer screen. Make sure your back is leaning straight and your waist area remains relaxed so that it does not put pressure on your spine. You can use a VLAD ergonomic chair which is equipped with a neck rest to make it more comfortable while working. Also read: 10 Best Ergonomic Chairs and Their Prices in 2022

How to Overcome Low Back Pain

What if low back pain starts to attack your body? Don't worry, just do the maintenance steps below.

1. Physical Therapy

Terapi Fisik untuk Mengatasi Low Back Pain Your doctor or therapist will recommend this method if you have been suffering from low back pain for a long time. Physical therapy is useful for strengthening muscle areas so they can support the spine. The aim of this treatment is to increase your body's flexibility so that the potential for lower back injuries is reduced.

2. Massage

Mengatasi Low Back Pain dengan di PijatTake this step if back pain occurs due to exercising too hard or carrying heavy loads. Massage can relieve severe pain. Combine with floor exercises and stretching to avoid long-term low back injuries.

3. Yoga

Cara Mengatasi Low Back Pain dengan Yoga Yoga can be a solution for sufferers of low back pain that doesn't go away within three months. Take a yoga class with a credible instructor so that the pain doesn't get worse. After healing, continue your yoga activities for at least 12 weeks so that the results last long.

4. Surgical Operations

Mengatasi Low Back Pain dengan OperasiThis option only occurs if the back pain is caused by problems with the spine. The doctor must make observations first before deciding on this step. The surgical procedures vary and are carried out according to the medical condition of the patient's body.

5. Treatment

Cara Mengatasi Low Back Pain dengan PengobatanThe doctor will prescribe several types of tablet medication according to the level of your disease. This medication is useful for relieving pain, relaxing muscles, and avoiding tension in the back. Apart from tablets, there are also pain reliever creams that are applied to stiff muscles.

6. Acupuncture

Akupuntur untuk Mengatasi Low Back Pain The acupuncture method is also useful for sufferers of low back pain. Both short and long term, sufferers will feel better after routinely undergoing this treatment. Choose a trusted and certified acupuncture service so that the risk is reduced. Don't be happy just yet if you have recovered from low back pain. Take preventive steps so that this disease no longer attacks your waist. One of them is replacing the work chair with an ergonomic chair which is designed according to the design of the human spine. PEXIO has a product line of ergonomic chairs with various designs. The benefits of an ergonomic chair are also useful for spine health while working. Contact PEXIO immediately to get superior ergonomic chair products to keep you comfortable while working. That's how to deal with low back pain that must be done according to doctor's recommendations. After dealing with this, don't forget to continue to maintain the health of your spine with ergonomic furniture from PEXIO. Ergonomic Chair PEXIO


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