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6 Ways to Treat Back Pain Safely and Naturally

Pain in the back is common. A job that requires you to work in front of a laptop for hours will definitely make all your body muscles tense. Not to mention if you have to work overtime because the work load is large and dense. So how do you deal with a sore back? You certainly shouldn't let these aches go. At first it might just be normal soreness. After stretching or resting for a while, your back will definitely return to normal. But what happens if aches turn into pain or injury? That's why you need to understand the root causes of a sore back and how to deal with it. Understanding why your back aches makes you more aware of how to take better care of your body. If so, just study the information below.

What causes a sore back?

Apa Penyebab Punggung Terasa PegalYour entire body is susceptible to aches and pains. When you often do extreme activities such as carrying heavy items or bending for a long time, your back can become sore. Maintaining the wrong posture for a long time can make the muscles very tense. When you try to stretch it later, the muscles can cramp due to shock. A sore back is not just a matter of posture. Also read: What is Low Back Pain? Types, Causes and How to Prevent Them There are still many reasons why your back feels sore, even to the point of pain and injury, here are some of them.

1. Fatigue

Be aware that your body can become tired even if you just sit all day. Even sitting can make your body and muscles much more tired than doing active activities. This is caused by your muscles not being allowed to move until they become stiff and weak. If you are constantly in the same posture for a long time then it is no wonder your back will feel very sore.

2. Stress

Stress not only makes you emotionally depressed but can also cause your back, neck and shoulders to feel sore. When you feel stress, indirectly all the muscles in your body become very tense. This should not be left for too long because tense muscles cause pressure on several parts of the body, including the back.

3. Wrong sitting posture

Incorrect sitting posture is often the main reason why everyone experiences back pain. This soreness occurs because it is possible that some part of the nerve is pinched or under enormous pressure. That's why wrong sitting posture can cause soreness. You can even feel very sharp pain when your back pain is severe. Also read: This is the Correct and Healthy Sitting Position and Attitude

4. The mattress cannot support the body

Every time you wake up feeling more tired and less energetic? The mattress you use can be the cause of your back and other body parts feeling sore. Resting in a bed that cannot support the body will cause aches and excessive pain. A good bed or mattress should have a texture that is not too hard but also not too soft. Choose a quality mattress so that you will be more energetic when you wake up in the morning.

5. Unbalanced Body Muscle Performance

It is important to know that your body's muscles are interconnected with each other. When there is a problem in one muscle, other parts will also be affected. This imbalance causes your back to become sore.

6. Symptoms of Arthritis

Does back pain occur frequently? If so, it's a good idea to have your back checked by a specialist to find the cause. One of the most common causes is inflammation of the back joints.

7. Have a serious illness

Don't assume that a sore back is just caused by ordinary muscle tension. Serious or critical illnesses such as cancer can actually make the body achy. This kind of soreness certainly needs to be treated seriously. If you feel aches in a high frequency and are very disturbing, try to see a doctor. Proper treatment will help your back recover more quickly and effectively. Also read: 6 Ways to Overcome Low Back Pain to Be Free from Back Pain

How to Overcome a Sore Back

Bagaimana Cara Mengatasi Punggung PegalSo that your back doesn't get excessively sore, you need to try to maintain your body posture by sitting or standing up straight. Starting to adopt a healthier lifestyle can also help reduce the aches you feel. But these two actions are not enough. Here are several other ways you can do it.

1. Sit with good posture

Intentionally maintaining good body posture is important. Sitting or standing with good posture must always be realized. At first you will definitely find it difficult, because sitting and standing with the wrong posture has become a habit for years. But don't give up and keep trying to remind yourself to maintain good posture. Also read: 7 Benefits of Sitting Upright that You Need to Know

2. Exercise regularly

Sport has become an activity that must be done. Not only to overcome a sore back but also to maintain the health of all parts of the body. You don't need to do heavy exercise. Start with things that are easy to do and don't involve heavy equipment. Stretching, walking, or jogging 3x a week can be a good step.

3. Try Compressing

If the back pain is still very pronounced, try compressing it with warm water. You can try using a special compress bag or a towel soaked in warm water. Try compressing regularly until the soreness reduces and disappears. If you feel ongoing pain, immediately see a specialist.

4. Live a Healthy Lifestyle

Living a healthy lifestyle can be done by managing the right eating and sleeping times. The food you consume also needs to be considered. Start eating foods that provide all your body's nutrients. If necessary, you can visit a nutritionist to find out what foods you need to consume.

5. Use Ergonomic Tools and Products

Menggunakan Alat dan Produk Ergonomis The ergonomic tools and products referred to are items that are specifically designed to help with work by prioritizing comfort and the needs of the human body. Examples of ergonomic products that can be used include tables and chairs available at PEXIO. PEXIO has a line of quality ergonomic products that are comfortable to work with for long periods of time. Your back will no longer hurt because the back of the chair has been specially made to support your body shape. Some ergonomic products from PEXIO are AMBY Tables, REGENT Chairs, OSLO Chairs, and many more. Also read: 10 Best Ergonomic Chairs and Their Prices in 2022

6. Consume the necessary vitamins

Lastly, don't forget to consume various vitamins that the body needs. Try asking a nutritionist and checking with your doctor to find out what vitamins your body needs. This is information on various causes and ways to deal with a sore back that you need to be aware of. Start practicing what you have learned above so that your back pain can improve and return to health. Don't wait until your physical condition declines drastically before doing various ways to overcome it. You can start dealing with a sore back by changing your regular work aids to various ergonomic products. No need to be confused about looking for quality ergonomic products because PEXIO is here for you. Buying an ergonomic chair and ergonomic desk is the right investment to keep your posture good. Contact the PEXIO team for further information about the ergonomic products you need. Then just visit the PEXIO website right now! Banner Ergonomic Chair PEXIO


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