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6 Ways to Choose a Healthy Work Chair to Be Productive

Working in the right sitting position will make you more productive, while keeping your body healthy. If the chair used does not have the right features, it is very likely that your health will be affected. You can experience back, neck, arm and even leg pain. Apart from that, the most dangerous thing is when your body posture changes so that it is not as normal as it should be. Therefore you need a healthy work chair while working. In this article, PEXIO will tell you how to choose the right chair, tips for improving your posture when sitting, and recommendations for healthy work chairs that you can use. Just look at the explanation below.

6 Ways to Choose a Healthy Work Chair

The right chair to use for work is an ergonomic chair, where the design of this chair has been specifically designed to take into account comfort, body posture and also the health of workers. If you are surveying the right chair to use for work, you should pay attention to the criteria below.

1. Has back support according to body posture

Memiliki Sandaran Punggung Sesuai Postur Tubuh A healthy work chair will help support your back, so that the burden borne by the spine is not large. Choose a chair that has a curved backrest that follows your body posture. If the backrest has an adjustable setting feature, then working will be more comfortable. Currently, many chairs have backrests that suit your body posture, and can even tilt backwards to relax your body when you are resting. Also read: 8 Great Ergonomic Benefits for Work Space Furniture

2. Has adjustable arm and headrests

Kursi Kerja yang Sehat Memiliki Sandaran Tangan dan Kepala yang Bisa Diatur The next way to choose a healthy work chair is a work chair with the criteria of having arm and head rests that are easy to adjust. Choose a chair that has armrests and headrests that can be adjusted independently. Head and armrests are important elements in a work chair, so that your shoulders and arms don't strain. If all parts of the body are relaxed, of course your work productivity will increase, right? Therefore, it is important to choose a chair that has adjustable head and armrests.

3. Have a suitable seat cushion

Memiliki Bantalan Duduk yang Sesuai A seat cushion with an appropriate design is also important to pay attention to. You need to choose a cushion that can support the lower part of the body well, so that the job can be done well. A proper and comfortable sitting position will basically help all other parts of the body not to tense up when working. Also read: 10 reasons why ergonomic chairs are very important in the office

4. Has a height that suits the work desk

Kursi Kerja yang Sehat Ketinggian yang Sesuai dengan Meja Kerja You also need to pay attention to the height of the chair and work desk as one way to choose a healthy work chair. Adjust the height of both so that your body posture is not too slouched or too up. The correct chair height is when the soles of your feet can touch the floor evenly (without tiptoeing). If the chair has a feature to raise and lower the height, then it is a very good chair to choose. Also read: What is the ideal height of a work desk? This is the complete explanation!

5. Has chair wheels

Kriteria Kursi Kerja Ergonomis Memiliki Roda Wheels on chairs actually sound common and not special, because currently chairs that are not suitable for work are also equipped with wheels. But you need to pay attention to the wheels of the chair you choose, as well as the condition of the floor where you work. If the floor is slippery, you can choose a chair with wheels made of rubber. If the floor is covered with carpet, sturdy wheels could be the right choice. Also read: 11 Types of Office Chairs and Their Functions

6. Material Quality

Kualitas Bahan yang Baik The final way to choose a chair is to pay attention to the quality of the material. In principle, the right chair material will determine comfort and health when working. This is why you should not use the chair at the dining table for work. Work chair materials are generally soft so they are comfortable to sit on while working. Make sure there is soft padding in the seat and back area to make you feel more comfortable when working. Usually healthy office chairs have a guarantee period, such as ergonomic chair products from Pexio. After understanding the tips for choosing a healthy work chair, you also need to know how to improve your posture when sitting so that you can avoid health problems such as low back pain.

6 Tips for Adjusting Body Position When Sitting

Come on, try these tips to improve your posture using ergonomic methods to avoid neck and back pain when sitting.

1. Head in neutral position

Kepala dalam posisi netral The first tip is to try to sit with your head in a neutral position by keeping your ears directly above your shoulders. The benefit of this posture is that it reduces tension in the neck because it allows your head to remain balanced naturally on the cervical spine.

2. Avoid holding your head

Hindari memegang kepala The next thing to pay attention to is not to hold your head, especially in a tilted position for a long period of time. When working at the computer, you should look straight ahead, your eyes should be level with the upper third of the monitor. Also read: Ergonomic Work Chair: Definition, Benefits and Criteria

3. Feet flat on the floor

Kaki menapak di lantai Also make sure your feet are flat on the floor. This aims to minimize pressure on your hips and spine. Try to keep your knees parallel to your hips. If your feet cannot reach the floor comfortably, then use a footrest.

4. Rest your arms

Istirahatkan lengan Resting your arms comfortably at your sides while bending your elbows between 75 and 90 degrees is the next tip. To keep your shoulders relaxed, don't bend your wrists, try to keep them straight. Therefore, choose an office chair with armrests.

5. Take a short break

Beristirahat sejenak What is no less important for improving the quality of your work in a sitting position is resting. Remember to take short breaks, once or twice an hour. You have to do this even if you use the correct sitting posture. Sitting for a long time is not good for the body. So, remember to get up and move.

6. Choose a suitable work chair

Pilih Kursi Kerja yang Sesuai untuk Kesehatan The final tip for improving your posture while working is choosing an appropriate work chair. Choose a chair that suits you. It is very important to ensure that the selected chair parts provide lower back support, are at the right height, and feel comfortable. You can learn in more detail how to choose a comfortable work chair in the previous discussion.

Recommendations for Healthy Work Chairs

1. Oslo Chair

Kursi Kursi Kerja yang Sehat Oslo The first choice falls on the Oslo chair, with this chair you can get a dynamic sitting position because there is a height adjustment for the headrest. There is a backrest that can support the spine and armrests that precisely match the height of the work table for comfort because the position can be adjusted (up and down, pad to the front and back and tilted right and left). Apart from that, the Oslo chair is equipped with a compatible mechanism which functions to make you comfortable because it can lock when in a reclining position. The chair legs are made of the finest nylon and are even equipped with certified nylon wheels. One of the other advantages of this chair is that it is equipped with an additional footrest so you can rest comfortably. No need to worry about the quality, because in fact this chair is equipped with a 2 year guarantee.

2. Maxim Chair

Kursi Kerja yang Sehat Maxim This chair has a 2D backrest that can support your spine and can be adjusted up and down and back and forth on the lumbar support section. The lumbar support has been covered with padded foam so it is soft when sitting. Don't forget that the armrests are very precise and can be adjusted to the height of the work desk. Maxim is also equipped with a paddle shift mechanism which makes you even more comfortable because it can lock when in a reclining position. This feature can be accessed from the armrest control. Just like other chairs at PEXIO, Maxim is also equipped with the best class 4 gas lift which makes the chair perfectly balanced.

3. Brighton Chair

Kursi Kerja yang Sehat Brighton The Brighton chair has various advantages, such as a sliding feature which can help your back relax more when resting. The aluminum design of this chair is aesthetically designed to add to the beauty of your work space. Apart from that, the armrest itself can be adjusted in four dimensions, namely up and down, forward and backward and to the side and even obliquely. Interestingly, the mechanical locking feature on this chair can be operated with just one finger, very easy! Your back will definitely be very comfortable because the material used is mesh, plus the BRIGHTON chair is specifically designed for heavy duty use. This work chair is available in 2 color choices, namely black and grey.


You can find all the criteria for a healthy work chair as above at PEXIO. PEXIO has a line of ergonomic chair products that are ready to help you maintain your health at work. One of the recommended ergonomic chairs that you can choose is BRIGHTON. This chair uses aluminum alloy support which will support your spine well. The seat base of this chair can also be made forward or backward according to needs. You can find more complete information on the PEXIO website. Banner Ergonomic Chair PEXIO


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