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How to Choose a Good Chair for Work?

Everyone needs a chair that is comfortable and able to support productivity until the work is finished. They spend eight hours sitting while working. The question is, how do you choose a good work chair that is suitable for working?

How to Choose a Good Chair for You?

Never ignore the health of your spine due to sitting too often. Sitting for a long time can cause the waist muscles to become stressed. As a result, quite a few people complain of gout in the back area due to sitting too long. These health problems can be anticipated if you choose the right chair. What are the characteristics of a good chair for work and how do you choose one? Pexio will guide you in choosing a work chair that is suitable for use, whether at home or in the office. Here are 5 ways to choose a good chair to use for work:

1. Choose Chair Material and Design

The first way to choose a good chair is to pay attention to the material and design. You must have seen that work chairs are often designed differently from other types of office chairs. The work chair material is made of cloth and has useful padding to maintain comfort while working. Even though you are being chased by deadline demands, you can still relax while working because of the advantages of this chair. If you are bored with mainstream designs, you can try the Newman chair. This chair is made from a combination of leather and wood, making your work space look more elegant. Also read: 8 Recommendations for the Best Comfortable Computer Chairs (Latest 2022)

2. Check the back support

Work chairs should not have hard and stiff backrests. Therefore, choose a backrest that is soft and easy to adjust. The backrest attached to the chair must be flexible. On the other hand, backrests that are not attached to the chair must be able to be adjusted in height and tilt angle. The back rest should be made to protrude at the bottom as a backrest. The design of this chair keeps the waist bones comfortable and not under pressure while sitting, so the risk of low back pain is reduced. So, choose a chair with a backrest according to the shape of your spine. Also read: 8 Recommendations for Ergonomic Office Chairs in 2022

3. Make sure the height can be adjusted

Adjustable chair height is the next way to choose a good chair. This feature should ideally be present in a work chair, considering that people's heights can vary. So, choose a chair that suits your height. If there isn't one, you can choose a chair that has a height adjustment underneath. Try to make sure you can reach the suit without having to get up from the chair. A work chair can be said to be comfortable if the legs touch the floor and do not hang. Apart from that, the position of the thighs must also be horizontal or parallel to the floor. Also read: Tips for choosing a comfortable study chair for online school

4. Check the Chair Size

The size of the chair in question is the depth and width of the seat. The width of the chair should not be the same as your body width. Make sure there is space between your body and both sides of the chair so you don't feel cramped. The depth of the chair must also suit your height. Tall people should ideally have deep seat seats. On the other hand, people of low height should have chairs with shallow seats. Most importantly, make sure your waist reaches the backrest of the chair.
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5. Look for a chair with armrests

Kursi Stanley PEXIO Terbaru

The final way to choose a good work chair is to pay attention to whether there are armrests. The shoulder muscles can become tense after working for a long time. Therefore, your hands should rest on the backrest of the chair. This position helps your neck and shoulders be more relaxed and less stressed while working. Ideally, the armrests on the chair should be adjustable to support relaxation in these two parts. You can use a Stanley chair which supports the adjustable armrest feature.

Also read: 11 Types of Office Chairs and Their Functions The important point in how to choose a good chair is to choose a chair that supports comfort when working, not during free time. This mistake in choosing a chair actually causes productivity to decrease. Find your dream chair from the PEXIO ergonomic furniture collection. We not only think about comfort, but also your body's health while working. Banner Ergonomic Chair PEXIO


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