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Ergonomic Work Chair to Prevent the Effects of Sitting Too Long

Have you ever experienced back and neck pain while working long hours? If yes, it is likely that your sitting position while working is not in the right position. This certainly cannot be allowed. Especially if you often experience back and neck pain during work.

One solution you can try is to sit in an ergonomic work chair. Does it have an effect on preventing the effects of sitting for too long? What makes an ergonomic chair special?
What is an Ergonomic Work Chair?

Apa itu Kursi Kerja Ergonomis In fact, ergonomic work chairs have been known since the 1980s. An ergonomic work chair is a chair that is specifically designed to provide the right sitting position for work. Ergonomic chairs are made to support the human body with various important considerations, such as body posture, comfort and health. Therefore, it is not surprising that the use of an ergonomic work chair is highly recommended for anyone to use while working. Also read: Standard Sizes of Ideal Work Desks and Chairs

Benefits of Using an Ergonomic Work Chair

There are at least 3 benefits of using an ergonomic chair in the workplace, namely reducing or preventing work-related health problems, increasing productivity, and encouraging job satisfaction. The following is the explanation.

1. Prevent occupational diseases

Kursi Ergonomis Mencegah Penyakit Akibat Kerja Ergonomic furniture helps minimize stress on your body with all the relevant features such as adjustable seat back, armrests and adjustable height. Ergonomic work chairs not only help reduce stress on your body, but also promote good sitting posture, thereby preventing Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs). Also read: 5 Characteristics of a Chair that is Comfortable for Sitting for a Long Time

2. Increase productivity

Manfaat Kursi Ergonomis Terhadap Produktivitas Kerja A good ergonomic work chair has features that can be adjusted to suit your size, body shape and work habits. Well-fitted ergonomic furniture encourages you to work more comfortably during working hours by ensuring you are in the best position. This allows you to focus more on the tasks at hand thereby increasing productivity.

3. Encourage Job Satisfaction

Kursi Ergonomis Mendorong Kepuasan Kerja Ergonomic chair choices are more comfortable than non-ergonomic chairs because ergonomic chairs are able to adapt to the activities you do. From sitting to standing and working to gaming, ergonomic chairs allow you to freely adjust the settings you need for specific activities. With these features you are free from health problems and ultimately make you more satisfied at work. Also read: What is the ergonomic sitting position that makes you comfortable when working?

7 Criteria for Ergonomic Work Chairs

There are several criteria that need to be met for a chair to be called an ergonomic chair. The following are seven criteria for an ergonomic chair:

1. Sitting Pad

Alas Duduk Kursi Ergonomis The seat cushion on a chair must have good cushioning, with edges that do not form corners. The seat cushion is very important, because it is the main point of the human body. If the sitting position is not correct, other parts of the body will become tense and sore. Also read: 5 Ways to Choose a Healthy Work Chair

2. Seat Height

Ketinggian Kursi Ergonomis The correct chair height is when the soles of your feet can touch the floor evenly (without tiptoeing). Therefore, an ergonomic chair will provide a height adjustment feature, so that it can be used by anyone. The chair height of 40 cm – 53 cm should be sufficient and suitable for use by the majority of people.

3. Backrest

Sandaran Punggung Kursi Kerja Ergonomis The next criterion for an ergonomic work chair is that it has a backrest. The backrest also needs to have an adjustable feature, so that the user can move the backrest to support the position of the spine. With an adjusted backrest, pressure on the spine and muscles can be reduced. Also read: 7 Recommended Ergonomic Office Chair Products for 2022

4. Armrests

Sandaran Lengan Kursi Kerja Ergonomis The next criteria is to have armrests. Appropriate armrests can reduce the tension often felt in the upper body, such as the shoulders and arms. Armrests that are inappropriate and stiff can cause tension in the lower arm muscles.

5. Headrest

Sandaran Kepala Kursi Ergonomis An ergonomic chair needs to have an adjustable headrest, so that the backrest can support the back of the head and neck. A headrest can also reduce tension in the upper body, such as the shoulders. Also read: 7 Types of Office Chairs and Their Functions

6. Has Swivel Wheels

Kriteria Kursi Kerja Ergonomis Memiliki Roda Basically, most modern office chairs are equipped with wheels, but ergonomic work chairs have swivel wheels which are stronger, more stable and more durable. These sturdier swivel wheels support you in moving more safely and comfortably.

7. Materials Used

Material yang Digunakan pada Kursi Ergonomis When making an ergonomic work chair, the materials used should not be haphazard. The best material to use is one that does not make the user's back sweat. Very high quality ergonomic chairs usually use leather or velvet as the material for the chair. By using an ergonomic work chair, working becomes more comfortable and productive. This is because your comfortable body position will not cause tension or pain due to sitting for too long. Using an ergonomic chair will prevent you from feeling back pain, neck and shoulder pain, and other effects caused by sitting in the wrong position for a long time. Also read: 7 Great Ergonomic Benefits for Work Space Furniture


Kursi Kerja Ergonomis dari Pexio Furniture In essence, a chair is said to be an ergonomic chair only if the chair is suitable for the worker's size (body dimensions), the workplace, and the tasks to be done. All of these factors should be taken into consideration when deciding which chair to use. You can find various recommendations for attractive and ergonomic chairs to use while working at PEXIO. One of the ergonomic work chairs that you can choose is the REGENT Ergonomic Work Chair. This chair has a simple design with an S-shaped backrest that follows your body posture. Apart from that, there is a footrest that you can use when you want to stretch your sore legs. Want to see more ergonomic chair products from PEXIO? You can visit the website here.


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