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8 Recommended Ergonomic Office Chairs for 2022

When working do you often experience aches and pains in your back? Most likely the chair you use is not suitable for your body position when working. If that's true, it's no wonder you always feel sore and sore in your back and neck.

The solution to this problem is quite simple, you just need to replace the chair you are currently using with an ergonomic office chair. If you are unsure about choosing which chair is suitable for use while working, PEXIO has various recommendations for ergonomic chairs to choose from.

8 List of the Latest Ergonomic Office Chairs in 2022

The following are several recommendations for ergonomic chairs owned by PEXIO.

1. Russell Ergonomic Office Chair

Kursi Kantor Ergonomis Russels

The Russell ergonomic office chair has a dynamic seat base, which is equipped with a headrest height adjustment feature. The backrest of this chair is also designed in a shape that follows the human body.

Apart from that, the arm rest can also be adjusted according to your needs and comfort by following the height of the work desk. The Ressels chair is equipped with a paddle shift mechanism, so your sitting position is more comfortable and you can lock your position when leaning back. yellow buy button on Tokopedia Also read: 6 Ways to Choose a Healthy Work Chair to Be Productive

2. Spencer Ergonomic Office Chair

Kursi Kantor Ergonomis Spencer

Almost the same as the Russels type ergonomic chair, only the Spencer has other features that can make it comfortable and increase productivity.

The Spencer type ergonomic office chair has fishbone-shaped lumbar support that you can adjust to a comfortable sitting position. With this lumbar support, your spine can be well supported, so you can say goodbye to back aches and pains. The armrests and headrests of the Spencer chair can also be adjusted for comfort. For the armrest, you can even adjust it in many directions, such as up and down, and left and right. the buy button on Tokopedia is yellow

3. Vernon Ergonomic Office Chair – MESH

Kursi Kantor Ergonomis Vernon – MESH

The Vernon type ergonomic office chair has lumbar support that follows your body shape and posture automatically, namely with aluminum alloy support. The seat cushion is also equipped with sliding mesh. To increase your comfort while working, the head and armrests can also be adjusted to support your head and arms properly.

The Vernon chair is also equipped with a paddle shift mechanism to increase comfort when leaning back. Apart from that, the paddle shift mechanism will automatically lock your leaning position. yellow buy button on Tokopedia Also read: 7 Great Ergonomic Benefits for Work Space Furniture

4. Ultimo Ergonomic Office Chair

Kursi Kantor Ergonomis Ultimo

Very complete, the Ultimo ergonomic office chair will take you to a further level of sitting comfort. This chair is equipped with a sliding padded seat, which allows you to adjust the seat forward and backward. The armrests of the Ultimo type chair are quite special, namely precise according to the height of the table.

You can also adjust the position of the armrest freely, because it can rotate 360 degrees. Equipped with a multi-functional mechanism which will increase your comfort when using it. the buy button on Tokopedia is yellow

5. STANLEY Ergonomic Office Chair

Kursi Kantor Ergonomis STANLEY

The STANLEY type ergonomic chair is equipped with lumbar support that can be adjusted according to needs. Apart from that, there is a sliding seat that you can move forward or backward. The uniqueness of this office chair is the 3 wire controlling mechanism lifting feature, namely sliding and back tilting. This feature allows you to lean back in a backwards position, so your body can relax more.

You can adjust the armrests of this chair up, down, left, right, front and back. Apart from that, the STANLEY chair is also equipped with an extra footrest which can be used to give your legs a stretch when they are sore. yellow buy button on Tokopedia Also read: 11 Types of Office Chairs and Their Functions

6. Hervey Ergonomic Office Chair

Kursi Kantor Ergonomis Hervey

The Hervey office chair is a choice of comfortable ergonomic office chairs with precise armrests that can be adjusted to suit table height and personal comfort when working.

This office chair has a backrest and back support that you can adjust to suit your body posture. There are also comfortable armrests and seat cushions, as well as height control and a guarantee for the legs, wheels and gas lift class to maintain the quality. yellow buy button on Tokopedia Also read: Ergonomic Work Chair to Prevent the Effects of Sitting Too Long

7. Brighton Ergonomic Office Chair

Kursi Kerja Ergonomis Brighton

If you look at it at a glance, this ergonomic work chair is like the mainstream work chairs that are often found. However, the Brighton chair turns out to have various advantages, such as a sliding feature which can help your back relax more when resting.

Don't worry if you have to do heavy work, because the back of this chair is supported by aluminum. The aluminum design is aesthetically designed to add beauty to your work space. Apart from that, the armrest itself can be adjusted in four dimensions, namely up and down, forward and backward and to the side and even obliquely. The mechanical locking feature on this chair can be operated easily with just one finger. Your back will definitely be very comfortable because the BRIGHTON chair design is specifically designed for heavy duty use. the buy button on Tokopedia is yellow

8. Bradley Ergonomic Office Chair

Kursi Kantor Ergonomis BradleyThe Bradley is the ultimate ergonomic office chair choice. There are various advantages that you can get if you use this PEXIO product.

This chair has a dynamic backrest and can support your spine with padded polyurethane material so that it is comfortable to use for long periods of time. There is also an armrest that can be adjusted to the height of the work desk whose position can be adjusted '3D armrest' (up and down, pad to the front and back, and right and left oblique). You can even easily lock it with 1 finger when it is in a reclining position because it is equipped with a mechanical system. This chair is worth having because it has a 2 year guarantee for spare parts such as the gastlift, legs, mechanics and wheels). yellow buy button on Tokopedia Also read: 7 Tips for Choosing a Work Chair that is Comfortable and Good for Body Position. These are 8 recommendations for ergonomic office chair products from PEXIO. All PEXIO products have a 2 year spare parts guarantee, so you don't need to worry if a malfunction occurs when the product reaches you. There are still many ergonomic chair products that you can choose from PEXIO. You can find out the price of work chairs directly by visiting the PEXIO website here.



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