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7 Tips for Choosing a Work Chair that is Comfortable and Good for Body Position

The secret to increasing productivity during work is the presence of a comfortable work chair in the work area. The comfort of the chair keeps your body posture upright while working even if you have to stare at a laptop screen all day. Choosing a work chair doesn't have to be good and strong, but it has to be comfortable to use while working.

Ilustrasi Kursi Kerja Nyaman Illustration of a comfortable work chair in the office
Humans spend eight hours or more every day working. To support their work, they need a comfortable work area or workstation. One of the characteristics of a work area that makes you feel at home is a chair that can support your body posture to keep it upright. Choosing the right work chair also affects human health.

Before buying a new work chair for Work From Home (WFH) or replacing chairs for the director or all employees in the office, you must know how to choose correctly. The main principle in choosing a work chair is not to just focus on the design of the chair you see. Work chairs should support work productivity as well as the health of the user. Also read: Ergonomic Work Chair: Definition, Benefits and Criteria
7 Ways to Choose a Comfortable Work Chair for Home and Office
Before buying this furniture, read these tips for choosing a comfortable work chair first.
1. Correct Chair Size
Memilih Kursi Kerja Nyaman dengan Ukuran yang Tepat The first tip in choosing a comfortable work chair is that you must know the specifications for the size of the chair you need, such as the height, width and depth of the chair. Ideally, a work chair has a height of 40-50 cm from the floor. The height of the chair should be equal to the height of the work desk as its partner. Also choose a pneumatic lever chair so that the height can be easily adjusted. The ideal width of a work chair is around 43-50 cm. Make sure the chair fits when you or another employee sits in it. The depth of the chair must be sufficient so that the user can lean back comfortably without feeling cramped or squeezed. Also read: 7 Great Ergonomic Benefits for Work Space Furniture
2. Curved chair backSandaran Kursi yang Melengkung Choose a work chair with a curved backrest so that it can support your waist when sitting. As a reference, you can see the design of the Oslo or Jervis chairs where the bottom of the backrest protrudes. This part is often overlooked, but it is important for the health of your spine. The structure of the lower human spine curves inward. If the chair does not support the waist, the spine can stretch due to sitting too deep. As a result, your body posture bends forward. Apart from these factors, also pay attention to the width of the backrest. Generally, ergonomic work chairs have a width of 30-48 cm, adjusting to the average size of the human back in general. Also read: 7 Recommended Ergonomic Office Chair Products for 2022
3. Chair Material
Memilih Kursi Kerja Karena Materialnya It must be acknowledged that the right chair material also determines comfort when working. This is why dining table chairs should not be used as work chairs. Work chair materials are generally soft so they are comfortable to sit on while working. Make sure there is soft padding in the seat and back area to make you feel more comfortable when working.
4. There are arm and neck rests
Kursi yang Memiliki Sandaran Tangan dan Lengan When working, your hands are always on the table. Not infrequently, this position makes the hands feel numb or sore after several hours of work. The armrests on a work chair are useful so you can rest your hands until they relax. The Hervey chair from Pexio has armrests with cushions on each side. Ideally, there should also be a neck rest on the work chair. The cervical spine is still part of the spine, so posture must be maintained. A neck rest keeps these body parts upright, so that there is no injury to the neck when resting. Also read: Also read: 5 Ways to Choose a Healthy Work Chair
5. Has a headrestKursi Kerja Nyaman dengan Sandaran Kepala There are many work chairs available that do not have headrests. Even though a headrest can help relax the head and neck muscles that feel stiff. Therefore, having a headrest will of course make you fresher and more comfortable at work.
6. Has Wheels
Kursi Kerja Nyaman Harus Memiliki Roda For your comfort, choose a work chair that has wheels. Especially for those of you who have mobility when working. The wheels on the chair aim to make you more flexible when you want to reach something.
7. Can RotateKursi Kerja Bisa Memutar Last but not least, choose a work chair that can swivel. The presence of this type of work chair means you don't have to stand up from the chair when chatting or picking up items in the nearest area. After knowing how to choose a comfortable work chair that can increase work productivity, next you also need to know recommendations for a comfortable work chair for you to use.
Recommendations for the Best Comfortable Work Chairs
Here are some of the best work chairs from PEXIO that you can choose for your comfort:
1. Stanley
Rekomendasi Kursi Kerja Nyaman STENLEY This product is an ergonomic and flexible office chair because all parts can be adjusted. The headrest, back and seat height can be raised or lowered according to your wishes. That's why Stanley is one of the work chair choices that you need to consider. Also read: Standard Sizes of Ideal Work Desks and Chairs
2. Marlo
Rekomendasi Kursi Kerja Nyaman Marlo You will feel a chair that is soft and makes you feel at home if you have a Marlo chair. This second work chair has a lumbar support section that is covered with foam, making the body more relaxed when working.
3. Brighton
Rekomendasi Kursi Kerja Nyaman Brighton The next best and most comfortable work chair is the Brighton. At first glance, the Brighton looks like a mainstream work chair that is often found. However, the Brighton as an ergonomic work chair has various advantages, such as a sliding feature which makes the back more relaxed when resting.
4. HerveyRekomendasi Kursi Kerja Nyaman Hervey You can choose Hervey if you don't want a chair with a headrest. Even without a headrest, this chair is still equipped with lumbar support so that your waist is not stressed. This work chair has a backrest and back support that you can adjust to suit your body posture. There are also comfortable armrests and seat cushions, as well as height control and a guarantee for the legs, wheels and gas lift class to maintain the quality. This work chair is available in two color choices, namely black and grey.
5. Wendy
Rekomendasi Kursi Kerja Nyaman Wendy The next recommendation for the best work chair is Wendy. The design of this chair is different from the others, because Wendy is a multifunctional chair. Yes, Wendy is equipped with a table that is integrated and can be folded so that you have more freedom when moving around. These advantages make this chair easier to store. Even though the concept is similar to a college chair, Wendy has an armrest feature. The shape of the backrest also stands out so that your spine posture is better maintained. There is also space under the seat to store items. Also read: How to Choose a Good Chair for Work?
6. Jervis
Rekomendasi Kursi Kerja Nyaman Jervis This work chair has a variety of features on offer ranging from armrest adjustment, lumbar support adjustment, backrest tilt locking, to headrest adjustment. This chair model is elegant, and the materials used are not cheap, such as the chair legs are made of aluminum and the wheels are nylon.
7. Luxio
Rekomendasi Kursi Kerja Nyaman Luxio This office chair is a product variant whose entire backrest can be adjusted. The armrest uses 3D technology, while the headrest and backrest are 2D type. The Luxio footrest is rectangular, so your feet can rest more comfortably. The chair legs use a 5 Star Aluminum Base, which allows the chair to be more sturdy to use.
That's how to choose a comfortable work chair for home and in the office along with a list of the best work chairs that you can use. Comfortable work chairs equipped with attractive designs make the work space more pleasing to the eye. You can get both in the ergonomic chair product line from Pexio. We not only pay attention to comfort while working, but also the health of your spine. Contact us immediately for more in-depth information about this ergonomic work chair product.


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