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5 Tips for Choosing a Comfortable Study Chair for Online Schools

Children also need comfortable study chairs so that their online school activities are more efficient. In addition, children's body posture is influenced by their sitting position, especially when studying. As a parent, you definitely want to give them the best to support their achievements, including choosing a suitable study table and chair.

Why do children need a comfortable study chair?

Mengapa Anak Butuh Kursi Belajar Nyaman The following are reasons why parents should provide a comfortable study chair for their child:

1. Increase Learning Productivity

Not only adults, children also need comfortable chairs to increase their learning productivity. Their learning activities, such as school or online tutoring, doing homework, etc. become more effective if their sitting position is appropriate.

2. Supports child growth

An appropriate sitting position will support their body posture, so that the child will not slouch and suffer from spinal disorders in the next period of growth. In this way, a comfortable study chair will support children's growth and development more optimally.

3. Make children more independent

Comfortable study tables and chairs are the right furniture to optimize your child's study space. By having a study space in your child's room, you can get him used to studying independently. Apart from that, children can be more disciplined because they will study in their place, there will be no more learning activities in bed because a special place for studying is available.

4. Learn to be more focused

The last benefit of a comfortable study chair is still related to the previous point. A comfortable study chair can provide calm so that the child focuses on his learning activities. In the end, when children are more focused, their creativity can increase. Also read: 8 Recommendations for Comfortable and Beautiful Computer Chairs

Tips for choosing a comfortable study chair for your beloved child

PEXIO will provide a complete explanation regarding the study chair considerations that you should have. Here are 5 tips for choosing a comfortable study chair for your beloved child:

1. Chair Size Can Be Adjusted

Ukuran Kursi Bisa Disesuaikan Children grow quickly, so look for a chair that can be adjusted in height. This tip is useful because you can use the same chair until your child graduates from high school or college. Make sure the chair supports the child's sitting position, namely the feet are on the ground and the knees form the elbows. If your child studies on a computer, make sure his hands can reach the table. Also check the depth and width of the seat so that the child does not feel cramped when studying. Also read: 6 Ways to Choose a Healthy Work Chair to Be Productive

2. Use suitable materials

Gunakan Material yang Cocok Children's study chairs are made from various materials and all of them have their own advantages. So, also adjust the child's needs while studying with the chair material. Plastic chairs are easier to clean, especially if your child enjoys doing creative activities. Wooden chairs are suitable and durable, but children may not be able to stand sitting on them for several hours.

3. Pay attention to comfort

Perhatikan Kenyamanannya One of the reasons why children do not focus on studying is an uncomfortable chair. Therefore, also use an ergonomic chair that supports the child's waist position. Padding on the seat, backrest and armrest also adds to your child's comfort while studying. Ergonomic chairs make children more relaxed when sitting. Children's focus when studying increases if they are provided with a chair that supports their comfort. So, there is no harm in investing in this furniture for the smooth running of their studies. Also read: Ergonomic Work Chair: Prevent the Effects of Sitting Too Long

4. See the Beauty of the Chair

Kursi Belajar yang Indah Desainnya Children tend to choose study spaces that are colorful and not monotonous. If they study at school, they tend to be exposed to furniture that is the same color and lacks variety. Choose a chair according to your child's favorite color and design, such as the Castle chair which has two color variants: pink and blue. Also adjust it to the interior design of the room so that the colors don't seem to clash with each other.

5. Have Additional Features

Miliki Fitur Tambahan Study chairs should be equipped with additional features that support children's productivity. For example, wheels that make it easier for children to move and get things without having to stand up. Footrests on chairs are also needed if the child is still growing. There is also a tilting seat feature that can adjust the size of the backrest and seat to suit the child's height. You can consider additional features on this chair according to your needs and prepared budget. Also read: 7 Tips for Choosing a Work Chair that is Comfortable and Good for Body Position

Recommendations for Comfortable Study Chairs

For those of you who are looking for a study chair for your beloved child, you must consider this superior product from PEXIO. This product, which is available in 2 color variants (light blue and pink), is called Castle Chair. Kursi belajar castle chair dari PEXIO The advantages and features offered by the Castle Chair from PEXIO are as follows:

  • The back support (adjustable back support) can be adjusted up and down, making the child's back more relaxed.
  • Apart from that, this study chair has an adjustable seat feature so that its height can be adjusted. This will prevent pain in the back of the knee.
  • It has an auto lockable and adjustment feature where the wheels can lock automatically when in use, this is a safety feature that is rarely available in any study chair.
  • The seat and back of the chair can be removed so they can be cleaned easily. This means that your child's chair will always be kept clean.
  • This study chair has an ergonomic design and maintains your child's posture so that it is comfortable and safe even when studying for hours.
  • It can be operated easily due to the patented single tube snap-on lifting structure design.
  • The best Nylon footbase material with a 2 year guarantee.

From the various features mentioned above, this chair is offered at an affordable price. There are even discounts going on at your favorite e-commerce right now.


Those are the tips for choosing and recommendations for a comfortable study chair for you to know. Apart from a study space, you will definitely need furniture to relax with them. Fill your quality time with your little ones with living room furniture from PEXIO, an ergonomic sofa equipped with drawers underneath. Contact PEXIO immediately to get this versatile sofa.


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