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9 Recommendations for the Best Comfortable Computer Chairs (Latest 2022)

A comfortable computer chair is really needed to support your activities. Whether for work or just looking for entertainment, choosing a computer chair must be done correctly.

The comfort of a computer chair not only makes you focus in front of the computer screen, but also supports spinal health. Kursi Komputer Nyaman Terbaik 2022

8 Comfortable Computer Chairs from Pexio for You
Switch from a conventional computer chair to an ergonomic chair that's good for your back. Ergonomic chairs are designed according to the structure of the spine so that body posture is maintained. The bottom of the chair back is designed to be curved to minimize the risk of back pain due to sitting for too long while working.

Pexio provides a variety of ergonomic chairs that can be used as a pair for a computer desk. The distinctive feature of the Pexio computer chair product compared to other work chairs is the neck rest that is located on it. The cervical spine is still part of the spine, so it must also be protected while working. A neck rest prevents this part of the body from getting sore because the head often looks down at the computer. Work chairs from Pexio are designed with various designs. Yes, we not only offer comfort in our line of ergonomic chairs, but also beautiful designs. Before you want to buy a computer chair, read the complete description of the comfortable ergonomic chair variants from Pexio below. Also read: Ergonomic Work Chair: Definition, Benefits and Criteria
1. Regent

Kursi Komputer Nyaman Regent

The classic design of the work chair is depicted in this black Regent product variant. The difference is, this chair is equipped with neck and arm rests to rest these two body parts. There is also a footrest that can be pulled forward so you can stretch your legs out after a day of hunkering down in front of the computer.

2. Newman

Kursi Komputer Nyaman Newman

Do you like the feel of a luxurious computer chair? Pexio has Newman as its ergonomic chair product variant. This chair is a combination of wood and leather which adds luxury to your work area.

3. Hervey

Kursi Komputer Nyaman Hervey

If you want a chair without a neck rest feature, choose Hervey. The shape is classic and consists of two color variants, namely black and cream. Apart from the affordable prices of Hervey chairs. This chair has unique armrests in the form of soft cushions so that your hands are more relaxed when resting.

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4. DerbyKursi Komputer Derby

Don't worry if you don't have a work desk to place your laptop. Derby is a comfortable, multifunctional computer chair because it is equipped with a table in front of it. The table can be rotated 360°, so you can move it if you want to get up from your chair. One more advantage, the bottom of the Derby chair is equipped with a place to place items.

5. Wendy

Rekomendasi Kursi Komputer Wendy

Just like the Derby, Wendy is an ergonomic chair that is equipped with a table. The difference is, the back of the Derby chair is lower, but is able to support the spine so that it remains in its correct posture. The Derby chair can be folded, so you have more flexibility when arranging this furniture.

6. Stanley

Rekomendasi Kursi Komputer STENLEY

The Stanley chair is superior because the neck, back and arm rests are adjustable. The upper and lower backrests appear separate so that they can support the lower part of the spine automatically. Don't forget the footrest that can be pulled forward to rest your feet.

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7. Vlad

Kursi Komputer Nyaman Vlad

The neckrest of Vlad's chair looks attached to the back of his chair. There are two color variants of the Vlad chair, namely black and grey, so it can be adjusted to suit the feel of your workspace. The armrest height can be raised or lowered, according to your height.

8. Luxio

Rekomendasi Kursi Komputer Luxio

Luxio is also a product variant of a computer chair whose entire backrest can be adjusted. The armrest uses 3D technology, while the headrest and backrest are 2D type. The Luxio footrest is rectangular, so your feet can rest more comfortably.

9. Brighton

Kursi Komputer Nyaman Brighton

The last recommendation for a comfortable computer chair is the Brighton chair. The Brighton chair apparently has various advantages, such as a sliding feature which can help your back relax more when resting.

Don't worry if you have to do heavy work, because the back of this chair is supported by aluminum. The aluminum design is aesthetically designed to add beauty to your work space. Apart from that, the armrest itself can be adjusted in four dimensions, namely up and down, forward and backward and to the side and even obliquely. The mechanical locking feature on this chair can be operated easily with just one finger. Your back will definitely be very comfortable because the BRIGHTON chair design is specifically designed for heavy duty use.
7 Functions of a Comfortable Computer Chair
The following are several important reasons why you should use a comfortable computer chair with an ergonomic design:
1. Maintain body postureBerfungsi untuk Menjaga Postur Tubuh

A comfortable computer chair can help you restore your natural posture when sitting for hours in front of the computer.

With lumbar spine support and seat adjustment you can maintain body posture. This will allow you to sit optimally without fear of spinal health problems.
2. Increase comfortBerfungsi Meningkatkan Kenyamanan A comfortable office chair or computer chair provides excellent back support to help fight and prevent low back pain (LBP). Low back pain is the result of sitting incorrectly for a long period of time. A comfortable computer chair with an ergonomic design designed to fit the natural curve of your back. Reclining properly in this chair helps prevent Low Back Pain. Your body sitting in its natural position will feel much better and more comfortable. After that, you can sit in a computer chair for hours without worrying about spinal health problems. Also read: Tips for choosing a comfortable study chair for online school

3. Increase productivity

Kursi Komputer Nyaman untuk Meningkatkan Produktivitas Many studies have shown that using a comfortable computer chair with an ergonomic design can have an impact on employee happiness and even increase productivity.
4. Reduces Muscle Stress
Kursi Komputer Mengurangi Stres Otot

This type of chair allows you to sit in an optimal position and makes your body feel completely relaxed.

You will not experience any stress or tension in any part of your body. This is an advantage because you no longer have to face the risks associated with muscle pain. The good news is, even if you have muscle pain problems, this chair can help relieve your pain.
5. Health and Safety Guarantee

Jaminan Kesehatan dan Keselamatan

You need to think about the long-term effects on the health of your employees, if you use a computer chair that is not comfortable and ergonomic.

At first you may not see this as dangerous. However, as time goes by, you will encounter complaints such as low back pain, tingling in the feet, and so on. Therefore, if you care about the safety and health of your employees, there is no other choice but to use a comfortable computer chair. Also read: 7 Recommendations for the Best Work Chairs that are Safe for the Body
6. MobilityManfaat dalam mobilitas

When you want to move somewhere, should you lift the chair? By using a comfortable computer chair, you can easily move around.

This is because comfortable computer chairs are also equipped with wheels to facilitate flexibility when working.
7. Aesthetic and Fun DesignFungsi Desain yang Estetis dan Menyenangkan

Can you imagine, if you had a chair that was good for your health, but had a very bad design? Boring, right?

A comfortable computer chair with an ergonomic design answers these challenges. Basically, comfortable computer chairs have an elegant design that will look attractive when you install them in the office. You can get an elegant and attractive computer chair for yourself as a director or for your employees. There are many choices of comfortable computer chairs that are suitable for both choices and we will present them especially for you through this article. Read until the end, okay? Also read: How to Choose a Good Chair for Work?
Use a Comfortable Computer Chair from PEXIO
Now you know the various recommendations and benefits of using a comfortable computer chair. You can visit the Pexio website to see a gallery of various ergonomic chairs. Contact us immediately and get a comfortable computer chair so that your activities in front of the computer are more productive. Banner Ergonomic Chair PEXIO


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