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Parts of a Work Chair that Support Comfort

Current work chairs are designed with ergonomic features, namely the parts of the chair are specifically designed to increase work comfort and productivity. Starting from the armrests, backrests, comfortable seat cushions, chair height, and so on. Ergonomic work chairs are usually designed to ensure your body posture remains upright while working. This is useful for reducing pressure on the neck, hips and spine. Therefore, the backrest of a work chair is usually made slightly curved so that body posture is maintained well. To learn more about the various other features of work chairs, read the description below carefully.

What is the Function of a Chair?

Bagian Bagian Kursi yang Wajib In general, a chair functions as a seat. However, there are various types of chairs with different functions. For example, office chairs are designed to support your back and stretch your neck muscles so that you can sit comfortably in the chair for a long time. There are also chairs in modern shapes such as sofas that not only function as a seat, but can also be used as a bed and for storing additional items. So, the function of chairs can also be seen from the various types and features. Also read: What is the Difference Between Sofas and Chairs? Let's find out here!

4 Parts of a Chair that You Must Know

At least, you need to know the parts of the chair which will be discussed below when you want to buy a work chair. This part of the chair has functions and benefits that can increase your comfort and productivity. Let's look at the work chair carefully below.

1. Armrest

Bagian Kursi Sandaran Tangan From a health perspective, this armrest feature is a very important feature. Armrests can relieve tension in the shoulders and upper arms and spine. Moreover, this armrest feature can be adjusted to suit the height and comfort of the user's body posture. This armrest must be at least 20 cm long and 4 cm wide. Also read: 5 Functions of Office Chair Armrests that You Must Understand

2. Backrest

Bagian Kursi Sandaran PunggungThe backrest of office chairs is usually designed to automatically follow the shape of your body, namely following the natural S contour of the spine. This backrest can support the spine by adjusting its height in two directions, namely up-down and back-and-forth. This feature can help your body posture remain upright while working for long periods of time. Also read: 6 Ways to Overcome Low Back Pain to Be Free from Back Pain

3. Seat Mount

Dudukan Kursi If you want to buy an office chair, you should choose a good quality chair seat, especially the foam part. This is so that the chair seat does not wear out easily when used. Remembering that the chair must support more than 70% of the user's body weight. Like the armrests, the chair seat must have an ideal size, at least 42 cm to 50 cm. If you want to sit in this work chair, the angle formed between your thighs and calves is at least 90 degrees. When the chair height is adjusted correctly, the pressure placed on your pelvic bones when sitting for a long time can be minimized.

4. Footrest or footrest

Footrest atau Sandaran KakiTo increase comfort when working, you need to choose a work chair that has a footrest or footrest feature. This feature can support your legs and minimize leg muscle tension due to sitting for too long. You can choose a footrest that can accommodate weight ranging from 5 kg to 10 kg. Footrests are sometimes considered not very important, even though this feature can increase your work productivity. So, there's nothing wrong if you buy a work chair that is equipped with a footrest. Also read: Office Ergonomics: A Complete Guide to Be More Productive

Comfortable Chair from PEXIO Equipped with Footrest

As a company that provides various ergonomic furniture, PEXIO presents comfortable chairs equipped with footrests. Get to know the various types of chairs before you want to buy them below.

1. Luxio Chair

Kursi Luxio yang Nyaman The Luxio chair has a footrest which can increase your comfort while working. This footrest can accommodate a maximum weight of 10 kg. Not only that, the Luxio chair is equipped with compatible mechanics that can be locked when you want to lean back. It is also equipped with precise armrests that can be adjusted in height to suit your table and comfort.


2. Stanley Chair

Kursi Stanley yang Nyaman This chair is equipped with various features that can increase your work productivity. Starting from the headrest, backrest, armrests and footrests. Of these various features, the footrest is the most important feature of this chair, because it can accommodate a weight of up to 15 kg. This means that you can relax and work with this chair for a relatively long time.


3. Regent's Chair

Kursi Regent yang Nyaman Another comfortable chair equipped with a footrest is the regent chair. The footrest on this chair can accommodate a maximum weight of 10 kg. Not only that, the regent chair has a sliding seat feature that can be used if you want additional seating space. Very efficient, right?

4. Oslo Chair

Kursi Oslo yang Nyaman Apart from the three comfortable chairs above, finally there is the Oslo chair which also provides a footrest feature to increase your comfort while working. The maximum load that this chair can accommodate is 10 kg. Equipped with a mechanism that can be locked when you want to lean back on the chair.


So, those are the parts of a work chair that you need to know before you want to buy one. An ergonomic chair is one of the chairs that must be in your office, because it can minimize stress due to tense muscles in the hands, back and legs. As a result, employees in your office can increase work productivity well. Get this ergonomic chair by visiting the PEXIO website now. Ergonomic Chair PEXIO


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