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10 Best Ergonomic Chairs and Their Prices in 2022

You already know how important it is to use an ergonomic chair when working, right? Using an ergonomic chair can help increase productivity and comfort while working. Looking for the best ergonomic chair? You are in the right article! Here you will be invited to get to know PEXIO ergonomic chairs with various types, features and prices. So you can easily choose a suitable chair according to your needs. If so, just look at the information below.

What is an Ergonomic Work Chair?

Apa itu Kursi Kerja ErgonomisFor those of you who don't know what an ergonomic work chair is, it's best not to jump straight to the next point. It's important to understand what an ergonomic chair is and why you should use one when working. Ergonomic chairs are known as the most proportional chairs to use when working. The reason is because ergonomic chairs have been specifically designed to follow the human body posture. So this chair will support your body very well. Have you ever felt aches or pains in your waist, neck and shoulders? These are the consequences if you don't use an ergonomic chair. That's why it is very important to use the right work chair so that your body's health is maintained and your comfort while working also increases. Also read: 10 reasons why ergonomic chairs are very important in the office

Best Ergonomic Chair by PEXIO

Kursi Ergonomis Terbaik Ala PEXIOPEXIO is a company that produces ergonomic products. The quality of the products offered certainly cannot be doubted. PEXIO only uses the best quality materials for customer comfort. Of all the products released by PEXIO, here are some recommendations for the best ergonomic chairs for you.


Kursi Ergonomis Terbaik RusselLooking for an ergonomic chair that perfectly supports your spine? You can choose the RUSSELL chair. The RUSSELL ergonomic chair is equipped with Double Back Support which will support your back. Double Back Support includes special features that other types of chairs don't have. However, RUSSEL's features are not only that. There is a headrest that can be adjusted according to needs. Apart from that, there is an armrest that can be adjusted in three directions. This chair will definitely make you feel very comfortable while working all day. To get a RUSSELL chair, you only need to spend IDR 3,500,000. How? Interested? Also read: Ergonomic work chairs to prevent the effects of sitting too long


Kursi Ergonomis Terbaik Ultima If you are looking for an ergonomic chair with complete features then ULTIMA could be one of them. The ULTIMA chair is equipped with head, back and armrests that can be adjusted according to needs. Not only can you make it a comfortable chair while working but you can also use it for relaxing. There is also a Sliding Seat feature which is used as additional seating space. How are the high and low settings? Of course there is! The ULTIMA chair is even equipped with Gas Lift Class 4. The price set is quite competitive, namely IDR 6,150,000.


Ultimo Chair PEXIOEven though the name is similar, the ULTIMO chair is a different type from the previous chair. Almost all the features of this chair are also owned by ULTIMA. You will get arm, head and back rests that can be adjusted according to your needs. There is a Sliding Seat feature, Compatile mechanics to lock the position when leaning, Gas Lift Class 4, and the best aluminum footbase. The difference between the two is in the seat material. The ULTIMO chair seat is made from High Density Foam which will ensure your comfort when sitting for a long time. The price of this chair is IDR 6,000,000.


Kursi Ergonomis MaximMAXIM is classified as a super complete type of ergonomic chair. You can of course adjust the Lumbar Support for back comfort when leaning. Not just Lumbar Support, there is also padded foam and Backrest Angle Adjustment which helps support the back more perfectly. The MAXIM chair is also equipped with a Paddle Shift Mechanism which can lock your position when you lean back. These settings can be easily accessed via the armrest. Apart from that, the material used for the backrest and seat cushion is made of comfortable Full Mesh. You can get this MAXIM chair for IDR 9,500,000.

5. MIKE 2.0.

Kursi Ergonomis MikeMIKE Chair 2.0. Priced at IDR 4,500,000, it has a special uniqueness that other types of chairs don't have. This chair has a backrest that can be adjusted to 7 heights. This backrest arrangement can make you feel more comfortable, no matter which position you choose. All general features such as head, arm and back rests can still be adjusted according to needs. You also get seating adjustments to height.


Kursi Ergonomis Terbaik LuxioThe LUXIO ergonomic chair is made from Polyester Mesh Fabric material which will make you comfortable when you lean back or sit all day. This chair is also equipped with head, arm and back rests that you can adjust according to your needs. Up and down or forward and backward, you can adjust everything. The unique feature of the LUXIO chair is that it has a footrest to increase your comfort. Even though it is priced at IDR 4,000,000, you can get all the main features in it. Also read: Footrest: Definition and Essential Functions for Health


Kursi Ergonomis Terbaik JervisIs the armrest feature the most important after the backrest? That means the JERVIS chair is the right one for you to buy. You can adjust the armrest in four different directions, namely up-down, forward-backward, left-slant and right-slant. The backrest and seat cushion material is made from Polyester Mesh Fabric and High Density Foam which will make you more comfortable when working. You can get a JERVIS chair by spending IDR 3,300,000.


Kursi Ergonomis Terbaik VladOnly have a budget of IDR 3,000,000? Then the VLAD ergonomic chair is for you. Even though the price is cheaper than others, you can still enjoy all the important features to make work activities comfortable. Head, back and arm rests are available and can be adjusted. There are also Sliding Seats and Gas Lift Class 4 which make you even more comfortable. Is this the chair you are looking for? Also read: 8 Recommendations for the Best Comfortable Computer Chairs (Latest 2022)


Kursi Ergonomis MarloMARLO chairs are sold at a cheaper price than the PEXIO chairs above, namely only IDR 2,500,000. However, you can still enjoy all the important features to make work activities comfortable. You can adjust the armrests, head and back according to your needs. Even though it can't go in all directions, an armrest that can only be adjusted up and down can make you productive when working.


Kursi Ergonomis Terbaik Hervey Lastly there is the HERVEY chair which is sold for IDR 2,000,000. If your priority is back support then the HERVEY ergonomic chair is the right choice. This chair is equipped with Adjustable Back Support which can support your back very well. The armrests on the HERVEY chair are quite unique. You can turn it backwards so it doesn't hit the table or get in the way while working. Those are the best ergonomic chairs from PEXIO. So what kind of chair do you choose? Whatever type of ergonomic chair you choose, all PEXIO products have been proven to be comfortable to use. Investing in a work chair will not make you regret it. In fact, you are maintaining your body's health for the long term. Still confused about choosing the best ergonomic chair? You can consult by contacting the PEXIO team right now! Ergonomic Chair PEXIO


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