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7 Models of Narrow Living Room Chairs

A narrow living room often becomes an obstacle for you to be creative in decorating the room. But you no longer need to feel confused. Currently, there is a lot of furniture that is suitable for use to outsmart a narrow living room. In this article, we will provide several models of narrow living room chairs that you can choose from.

Inspiration for Narrow Living Room Chair Models

The following are seven chair models for narrow living rooms.

1. Wooden ChairModel Kursi Kayu

Chairs with wooden accents are the most popular choice, so that the house looks aesthetic and comfortable. The original wood grain pattern gives a comfortable impression to your living room. Chairs made of wood also give off their own aroma which can make you feel more comfortable sitting on them for a long time. Also Read: 19 Simple Minimalist Living Room Decorations

2. Rattan Chair

kursi rotan untuk ruang tamu sempit Another chair model that should not be missed is the rattan chair. Nowadays we see rattan chairs less and less. Many people prefer to use chairs and sofas with modern designs so that their living room becomes aesthetic. In fact, using rattan chairs with the right wall color combination can also make your room very aesthetic. Currently, there are many variations of rattan chair shapes to choose from. The design is not cheap, but gives a very unique impression to your living room. Also Read: 7 Ways to Decorate Your Room with Beautiful Gift Paper

3. WENDY Multifunction Chair from PEXIO


kursi multifungsi PEXIO ruang tamu sempit There is also a multifunctional chair that is suitable to be placed in your living room, namely the WENDY multifunctional chair from PEXIO. This chair can be used to relax while watching TV and various other activities. A flexible small table, you can use it as a base for studying, writing, reading and for placing food or drinks. If you don't want to use it, just fold it. Apart from that, you can fold this chair completely when you need more space in the living room. That way you can use every space in the living room to the maximum.

4. Sofa Chair with Storage Space


Kursi ruang tamu dengan furniture multifungsi Another multifunctional chair is a sofa chair with storage space. Apart from being useful as a seat, you can store things neatly in it. That way you can make the room bigger because there are no items scattered around the room, making it comfortable to use. The shape of the sofa which has storage space is also not monotonous. There are many sofas with storage that have unique shapes and aesthetics that you can choose from. Also Read: 15 Recommendations for Minimalist Living Room Designs

5. Folding Chair

kursi lipat ruang tamu sempit To make the living room feel wider, you can also use chairs that can be folded. Even though it can be folded, this chair still has an attractive design that you can choose for your living room. This chair is suitable for those of you who have a simple but aesthetic living room concept. Combined with other multifunctional furniture, this folding chair will be in perfect harmony with the simple concept of your living room.

6. Chairs with a Scandinavian concept

Kursi ruang tamu minimalis Scandinavian The next chair model for a minimalist living room is to utilize the Scandinavian concept. This chair choice is very suitable for use in a simple and small living room. Moreover, the minimalist design really reflects a modern lifestyle. This booming concept is very attractive with short sofa legs. This makes the distance between the ceiling and sofa higher, making the living room seem more spacious. Also Read: 11 Types of Office Chairs and Their Functions

7. Model L Sofa Chair

Kursi sudut L The final chair choice for a narrow living room is an L-shaped chair. Avoid choosing a round chair because it takes up a lot of space in your living room. Because it is L-shaped, this chair is very suitable for you to use as a corner chair in the living room. To make it more durable, choose a wooden frame made from sturdy and durable materials such as teak wood. How? Have any of the seven models of narrow living room chairs described above made you fall in love? Hopefully you can find the right chair for your living room. The use of chairs is certainly not complete without a table which has many functions, right? If you are also looking for a multifunctional desk that can be adjusted in height, you can choose an ergonomic desk from PEXIO. Not only is it adjustable, the table from PEXIO is also very spacious for placing your things. For more complete information, contact the PEXIO team directly here. Banner Ergonomic Chair PEXIO


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