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7 Modern and Unique Minimalist Living Room Wall Decorations

The beauty of the living room decoration can influence visitors' first impression of the interior of the house. How could it not be, the living room is a place for you to entertain visitors besides the terrace. So, there's no harm in impressing them by displaying modern minimalist living room wall decorations. You don't need to display a lot of wall decorations, just a few but can make the living room look more beautiful. Wall ornaments can also be used as miniature displays, to make them look busier. The wall ornament concept produces a minimalist and modern impression, a style that is popular with home residents today.

7 Modern Minimalist Living Room Wall Decoration Options

Don't let your living room walls look plain without decoration because it creates a monotonous impression. Plain walls actually make the living room seem empty. Visitors don't feel at home for long because there is nothing interesting to see in your living room. One way to increase visitor comfort is to decorate the walls with modern, minimalist ornaments. If you are confused about choosing the right ornament, try looking at some of these suggestions from PEXIO.

1. Large Paintings

Painting is the first recommendation for modern minimalist living room wall decoration that you can apply. Abstract paintings or decorative images are suitable ornaments to add to the beauty of your living room. The living room will be more alive thanks to the varied color touches of the painting. Display tall paintings so that the living room looks more lively and colorful. The large size of the painting is able to make a deep impression in the eyes of guests. Read more: 5 Examples of Minimalist, Luxurious, and Modern Living Room Interiors

2. Photo or Painting Collage

If you have difficulty finding tall paintings, you can replace them with photo collages or abstract paintings. The arrangement of paintings or photos displayed on the wall creates a warm impression for guests when they see them. Don't display it carelessly because the wall will look more crowded and unsightly. Arrange the paintings according to the pattern to create a simple and beautiful impression.

3. Colored Mirrors

An ornamental choice that is not mainstream to decorate your living room is a colored mirror. Not only beautiful, colored mirrors create a deeper impression in the living room. If this ornament is hard to find, choose an ordinary mirror that can provide light in your living room. Use a wooden frame for the mirror to create a classic impression. Read more: 6 Recommendations for Comfortable Living Room Interiors

4. Bookshelf or Miniatures

The next recommendation for modern minimalist living room wall decoration is a bookshelf or miniature. The bookshelf on one side of the wall is also a minimalist ornament for your home. Fill the shelves with a collection of books or miniatures. Don't fill the bookshelf too full, but arrange the miniatures in it to create an aesthetic impression. This ornament is more complete if you add a painting to the wall.

5. Hanging Shelves

Another option is to install hanging shelves if there is not enough room to install a large bookshelf. Hanging shelves can be painted so that their appearance remains in sync with the surrounding furniture. You can display miniatures or mini ornamental plants on hanging shelves according to your preference. Read more: Benefits of Ornamental Plants: Get to Know the Benefits of Having Them in Your Home

6. Accent Wall

Wall accents can be added with wallpaper or wall paint. However, you should know that the appearance of the walls will affect the overall interior of the living room. Try to keep the walls in harmony with the floor or furniture that is available inside. If you haven't installed furniture, you can use the ALICE sofa which is multifunctional and useful for storing things. The white color on this sofa is suitable for combining with any color wall appearance.

7. Large Windows

Even though it is a mandatory item in the living room, large windows can be an ornament that adds to the beauty of the living room. Large windows are installed to reach the floor, so that more light and air enters. Guests will feel more at home visiting your residence if this decoration is displayed. Read more: Tips for Making a Simple House Plan for Beginners Apart. From the seven recommendations above, there are still many modern minimalist living room wall decorations that you can try. The important point is to match the interior appearance and living room furniture. If you haven't displayed your furniture yet, try glancing at the ergonomic furniture collection from PEXIO. We not only prioritize design, but also the comfort of the furniture. Get the product immediately by contacting the PEXIO team. Banner Ergonomic Chair PEXIO


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