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10 YouTuber Gaming Equipment for Beginners to Become Successful YouTubers

Gaming YouTubers are a phenomenon that is currently attracting a lot of public attention. Interestingly, YouTuber gaming activities started with someone's love for games and then recorded them using various YouTuber gaming equipment. Accompanied by unique comments and editing, gaming YouTubers have many fans.

Not just playing, thanks to the live streaming feature on several broadcasting applications and video provider applications, gaming YouTubers have managed to gain material benefits by playing games and uploading them.

10 YouTuber Gaming Equipment for Beginners

Peralatan Youtuber Gaming untuk Pemula It's easy to become a gaming YouTuber in today's digital era. Apart from having good gaming skills, of course you need gaming equipment and video shooting to start trying to become a gaming YouTuber. Here are the equipment you need to become a gaming YouTuber:

1. Laptop or Computer

Laptop dan Komputer untuk Youtuber To become a gaming YouTuber, the main thing you must have is a laptop or computer. Laptops or computers are tools used to explore various kinds of games. Apart from that, laptops and computers are also needed as tools for editing and uploading videos. When choosing a laptop or computer, make sure the device has adequate specifications for playing games, especially for long periods of time. In this regard, you can use a laptop or computer specifically for gaming. There are actually games on smartphones. However, a laptop or computer is still needed for more optimal video editing. Also read: 8 Recommendations for the Best Comfortable Computer Chairs (Latest 2022)

2. Gaming Keyboards

Keyboar Youtuber Gaming In some games on the computer, the game is played using the keyboard. This is why you need a separate gaming keyboard with good quality, so that it won't be easily damaged if used to play games for a long time. In some games, it will be difficult to do this using a mouse. So the keyboard is the solution. Gaming keyboards are certainly different from keyboards in general. Gaming keyboards have pressure resistance and more sophisticated features.

3. Microphone

Peralatan Youtuber Gaming MicrophoneIn streaming activities carried out by gaming YouTubers, a microphone is needed in every video. Usually, the microphone is used as a voice recording tool while playing and providing reactions and comments in each video. An additional microphone is used to help create clear sound. So apart from being entertained by the video screen display, the audience is also entertained by the various forms of reactions and comments given by the YouTuber. These things are also the attraction of a gaming YouTuber. Also read: 9 Live Streaming Equipment that Beginners Must Have

4. Gaming Headphones

Peralatan Youtuber Headphone Gaming Apart from keyboards, there are other equipment that are recommended to use a special type, namely gaming headphones. Gaming headphones are used to hear audio coming from games. Apart from that, gaming headphones also function to find out how the sound is produced. Gaming headphones can drown out other sounds around you.

5. Camera

Webcam Youtuber Gaming In the process of taking pictures and videos, what is definitely needed is a camera. To support good video quality, use a camera that is capable of recording at good resolution, such as a DSLR, mirrorless or webcam. If you are able to provide good video quality, you can use the camera on your cellphone. Using a good camera is one of the important things. A good and clear visual presentation can help attract a large audience to see the video being presented. The camera is used to record gaming YouTubers. Meanwhile, the game being played is recorded using a screen recording application.

6. Lighting

Linghting Youtuber Lighting is an important factor in determining how a video will turn out. Being a gaming YouTuber requires good lighting so that in the video all forms of reactions, expressions and movements can be seen clearly. As a beginner, you can try using a ring light which is easy to use, move, and doesn't require a lot of space. Also read: 5 Standards for Room Lighting in the Workplace

7. Green Screen

Green screen youtuber Some gaming YouTubers use a green screen or green background to make the video editing process easier later. As is known in videos uploaded by gaming YouTubers, the screen will be filled with game screen recordings with the YouTuber's video in small size at the bottom. These small videos usually only show the body without any background behind it. This is because the video was recorded using a green screen as the background. In the editing process, the green screen can be removed, leaving only the YouTuber's part.

8. Gaming Mouse

Mouse gaming youtuber A special gaming mouse is needed to make it easier for gaming YouTubers when playing games that require using a mouse. Using a gaming mouse is of course important considering the large number of clicks that may be made when playing games. Gaming mice also tend to have a softer and lighter texture. Also read: 7 Tips for Choosing a Work Chair that is Comfortable and Good for Body Position

9. Editing Application

Aplikasi editing video After all the video requirements have been recorded, the next activity to be carried out is editing the video. When editing, gaming YouTubers use editing applications. Video editing is done to choose which parts will be used in the video, thereby helping to shorten the resulting video. Editing is also done to add effects and other interesting components so that the resulting video is more interesting to watch. The audience is not only presented with my screenshots, but also sound effects with selected parts which are certainly entertaining.

10. Gaming Chair

Kursi Youtuber Gaming Something that is no less important to become a gaming YouTuber is a gaming chair. Similar to various other special gaming equipment, there are also special chairs used by gaming YouTubers. Use special chairs for comfort when playing for long periods of time. Apart from that, gaming chairs have a special design that can reduce the incidence of pain in the waist and neck. One of the gaming chairs that can be used is an ergonomic chair. Ergonomic chairs are specifically designed for comfort so that the body can remain sitting upright.

Becoming a YouTuber is more comfortable with an ergonomic chair

The gaming YouTuber equipment above is the equipment needed to become a gaming YouTuber. To avoid pain from sitting for too long, use an ergonomic chair. PEXIO provides ergonomic chairs in a variety of attractive models. Contact PEXIO now and find your favorite ergonomic furniture options! Ergonomic Chair PEXIO


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