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These are the causes of work stress and how to prevent it

Many things can cause work stress. Everyone also feels stress in different cases. So it cannot be compared or even underestimated. Often people are not aware that they are experiencing severe stress. They see that these feelings have become a habit because they happen too often. Therefore, it is very important to know your own condition so that the stress you experience does not turn into physical illness and ultimately interfere with your daily activities. Start finding out information about the symptoms of stress so you can take action to overcome it. However, there is something more important, namely preventing it so that you don't have to feel the stress yourself. Try to understand some of the causes below to recognize actions that can motivate someone to feel stressed.

What Causes Job Stress?

Apa Penyebab Stres KerjaThe job a person has does not always make him happy. There is always a reason why the joy of work turns into burden and stress. This is what PEXIO will try to explain so that you can be aware of the symptoms from the start. Try paying attention to the following things that trigger stress.

1. Conflict with superiors or coworkers

Conflict naturally occurs in the world of work. However, conflict should be able to make relationships better and stronger after being resolved. But there are also colleagues who cannot be communicated with to improve relations. If this happens, it is not surprising that the atmosphere at work becomes unpleasant and uncomfortable. Every anniversary is met with mutual feelings of dislike. Until finally stress can occur and interfere with completing work.

2. Too Much Workload

Stress can also come from too much workload. Each person has their own capacity. There are those who can carry 10 loads, but there are also those who can only carry 5 or even 1. Capacity can indeed be increased with experience and learning. However, keep in mind that the process of increasing capacity does not take a short time. It is not uncommon for a large workload to come when employee capacity is not yet large. As a result, this makes employees overwhelmed and stressed. If left for a long time, stress can get worse. Also read: Office Ergonomics: A Complete Guide to Be More Productive

3. Disturbances outside working hours

Always struggling with work can definitely make anyone experience stress. Looking for entertainment, chatting with friends, or going for a walk on the weekend is one method that is often used. However, holiday time is often interrupted by work. Employees are often busy with work even outside working hours. For the time being, employees will definitely be able to endure their tiredness and tiredness. But when it goes on for too long, this situation will disrupt mental health and cause severe stress.

4. Unhealthy Work Environment

Stress can also result from an unhealthy work environment. It cannot be denied that to this day there are still many cases of discrimination and even politics to win over superiors. This unhealthy competition can make anyone very stressed. Not to mention if the words spoken are hurtful. Of course employees will feel stress, right?

5. Pressure from family or other personal problems

Work stress then comes from family pressure or other personal problems. The fact is that problems always occur in human life. No one can escape or be immune from problems. Whether it's a problem in the family between children and parents or it could also be a problem regarding self-identity. So it is very possible that external stress also causes stress in the world of work.

6. Work Does Not Match Expectations

The job someone gets may not match expectations. It is very possible that changes will be made even after signing the contract. For example, you should work on the design part only. But it turns out your work increases by creating content for all social media. Sudden and large job changes can make you unprepared and ultimately cause stress.

7. Feeling inferior

Feelings of low self-esteem can arise in anyone, especially those who are in a bad environment. If their friends and family continue to judge or belittle them, it is not surprising that feelings of low self-esteem arise. This feeling will result in the person believing that he or she is incapable of doing anything. In the end, this low self-esteem will make him worry, he won't be able to complete the task until he gets scolded by his superiors. This cycle will continue until it finally becomes unbearable and results in severe stress.

How to Prevent Work Stress

Cara Mencegah Stres Kerja The good news is that stress can be treated, even prevented. So you can try your best so as not to get trapped in a stressful situation. When you feel that your mental health is starting to decline, try doing these things.

1. Try to manage your time more

When there is a lot of work, there is only one solution, namely trying to manage your time more. You can find ways to complete any given work with effective time management.

2. Deal with tasks with priorities

A large workload often makes someone immediately overwhelmed. The burden seemed so great that he thought it would never be resolved. In fact, these tasks can be done one by one. You can work around this by creating a priority scale. What work is more urgent and what is not so urgent? Then complete the work with the closest deadline first. Over time, your tasks will definitely be completed according to the priority scale created.

3. Taking Time Off

When you are too tired, you can apply for leave. Don't hesitate to take it because leave is the right and obligation of every employee. Time off is available to use because you are not a robot who can work all the time. You need rest so that your mind returns to health and can work optimally again.

4. Update your perspective

Renewing your perspective on work and life can reduce stress. As already mentioned, stress can be caused by a person's view of themselves. Feelings of low self-esteem, inadequacy, uselessness, and others can make you even worse. That's why you need a new perspective that is more positive and hopeful.

5. Use an Ergonomic Work Chair

Menggunakan Kursi Kerja Ergonomis PEXIO Finally, you can prevent this by using an ergonomic work chair. Believe it or not, using ergonomic equipment can improve your health. Work activities are also more productive so stress can be prevented. The workload has piled up so it can be completed more quickly than expected. Of course, this will encourage you to feel happy and keep stress away. Any incident that you experience can indeed be a trigger and cause of work stress. Immediately recognizing what drives you to feel this way would be a very good thing to do. Try to check what makes you stressed or unable to focus on work well. Is it because of the environment or due to uncomfortable work equipment? If it is true that the chair is decreasing performance then you can replace it with an ergonomic chair from PEXIO, such as Russell Ergonomic Office. Made from superior materials, this chair is ready to help you increase work productivity. The design has also been specially made to follow your body so you can say goodbye to back and waist pain. Contact the PEXIO team directly for orders and experience a better work experience! Banner Ergonomic Chair PEXIO


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