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What is Office Interior? Functions, Elements and Types

Do you know what office interior is? Office interiors have a very important role in building company branding and increasing employee productivity. Even a good interior can reduce workers' stress levels well. It's only natural that you have to really focus on arranging the office interior. Because, maximizing the room arrangement will make your office look more efficient in terms of function and usability. In maximizing the office interior, try not to leave any room in vain. The arrangement of the furniture must be in accordance with its function, as well as the furniture that will be used. An office atmosphere that provides comfort will usually increase the productivity of creative and innovative employees.

What is Office Interior?

Pengertian Interior Kantor Adalah Office interiors are all elements that have the function of decorating an office space in order to create a room that is pleasing to the eye. A good interior can create a comfortable working atmosphere, thereby creating employees who are full of enthusiasm and provide positive value to the company. Usually, employees tend to spend long hours because they feel at home. More modern office spaces are often found, especially in big cities. Now, offices no longer just consist of tables and chairs, but there are added decorations. Not to mention there are office areas that have different functions, such as pantry areas, rest areas and work areas.

3 Functions of Office Interiors

Fungsi Interior Kantor It is important to pay attention to the interior of the office, including the arrangement of the room and the furniture which is arranged according to its function and use. The arrangement of this room should not be haphazard so that its function and purpose can be realized. Then, let's take a closer look at the various office interior functions below.

1. Able to reduce worker stress levels

The right office interior can reduce employee stress levels and increase their productivity levels. The better the interior of the room, the more comfortable it will be for employees to complete their work. Employee loyalty will automatically build, because the company has provided the necessary comfort, including comfortable room interiors. Read more: Office Ergonomics: A Complete Guide to Be More Productive

2. Make the room more efficient

It could be said that there are fewer offices that implement room interiors when compared to offices that are not yet interested in doing so. Even though a good room arrangement has the potential to cause other positive things. For example, being able to maximize the use of space, so that no part of the room is wasted. All rooms can be used well.

3. Able to improve the company's brand or image

A good appearance outside and inside the office is very important to build a company image. This should not be taken for granted. Why? Because design elements can have a big impact on the internal culture of the office. Therefore, it is important to focus on office interior design. You can apply office interiors from the lobby to the smallest and largest rooms in your office. Read more: 10 Important Benefits of Office Spatial Planning for Work Productivity

4 Types of Office Interiors

There are several types of office interiors that you can apply according to your needs. Starting from minimalist to vintage. The following is an explanation of the types of office interiors below.

1. Minimalist design

Jenis Desain Minimalis Interior Kantor An office interior with a minimalist concept requires the use of two to three colors on the walls. To get an even more beautiful access, you can add accent wallpaper to one of the walls. Apart from that, you can choose simple and minimalist furniture too.

2. Contemporary Design

Desain Kontemporer Interior Kantor What is contemporary office interior design? Usually, contemporary designs only use one color choice. The color choices are neutral, soft, or provide a monochrome impression that emphasizes white. The important point of this contemporary interior design.

3. Classic Design

Desain Klasik Interior Kantor If there is a contemporary design, there is usually also a classic design. To present a classic interior style, several color choices are used, such as classic white combined with grayish blue.

4. Industrial Design

Jenis Desain Interior Kantor Industrial If you choose to use an industrial office design, this means you must use a mixture of raw materials. The characteristic of this design refers to the use of functional walls and high ceilings.

5. Elements of Office Interiors

Unsur-Unsur Interior Kantor After knowing the types of office interiors, next you need to know and understand several important elements in arranging office interiors. Listen carefully below.

1. Plants

The presence of plants is important to give the impression of a cool and soft office interior. A good room should have plants all around it. It doesn't feel complete if a decoration doesn't have plants.

2. Selection of Furniture

The capacity of the furniture must match the capacity of the room. Avoid buying furniture that is too large and flashy, because it can disrupt the interior design you are building. Don't forget to organize the arrangement well.

3. Arrangement of goods

The office furniture or items that you have purchased need to be arranged properly. Design the office interior by arranging items that suit their function. Read more: 7 Great Ergonomic Benefits for Work Space Furniture

4. Selection of wall colors

This element is very important to consider. Choose colors that reflect the company colors which can add shine to the room. Make sure the color you choose can give a professional impression.

5. Lighting

The last element that is no less important is arranging office lighting. The feel of the office can also be seen from the lighting provided. For this reason, choose lighting that defines your office brand. Read more: 5 Standards for Room Lighting in the Workplace.

This is an explanation of what an office interior is and its functions, elements, and types. Good office interior design is usually the result of a combination of good modern ergonomic furniture, choosing the right colors, and arranging items that suit their use. The use of ergonomic furniture has been proven to reduce employee stress levels. So, apart from beautifying the room, ergonomic tables and chairs can actually increase the level of employee productivity in your office. For example, products such as the Amby table can be adjusted in height and low according to needs. You can pair this table with a Hervey chair which has a tilt mechanism and four wheels that provide comfort when using it. To present such an office interior design, you can consult with PEXIO as a furniture provider company that has interior design services. Find your dream interior design by contacting the PEXIO team today.

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