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What is Interior Design? History and Scope

One term in the world of design that has become increasingly popular over time is interior design. Often compared to architects, what exactly is interior design? Usually, you will hear this term when you have a project, whether it's building a house or renovating it. For decoration matters and creating the best layout, interior design services are often used. This is because interior design is a branch of fine arts and design which focuses on designing building interiors. So, what is the scope of interior design?

What is Interior Design?

Apa Itu Desain InteriorSo that you understand better what interior design is, let's look at some expert explanations below. Francis D. K. Ching explained that interior design is planning the layout and design of the rooms in a building. It's not just about beauty, interior design is also required to be able to provide psychological effects that influence humans. Such as the owner's thoughts, mood and character. Then, interior design is also required to make it easier for residents to determine, organize activities and express ideas. Meanwhile, Dodsworth expressed a different explanation regarding what interior design is. He revealed that interior design aims to provide maximum activity efficiency and a sense of security in the room. Then, there is another explanation from Suptandar, J Pamudji, who considers that interior design is a system or way of organizing a room in a building. The aim is for the building to meet the safety and comfort requirements of the owner. However, this arrangement still pays attention to the beauty of the room. From these explanations, it can be clearly seen that interior design cannot be understood as just a system for arranging the layout of furniture, but rather has many other aspects including security, beauty, convenience, and so on. Also read: 13 Mandatory Multifunctional Furniture for Minimalist Homes

History of Interior Design

Sejarah Desain Interior It is not clear in what year humans can be said to have had the ability to create interior designs in buildings, because existing traces of the history of interior design can show that even ancient humans already had decorative ornaments in their homes. It is only since then that knowledge about interior design has continued to develop until today and produces unique characteristics for each generation and region. The history of interior design also developed rapidly when the Romans and Ancient Greeks were accustomed to decorating the rooms in their homes with mosaic floors, wall paintings and flower vases. From there, interior design entered an era of revolution in the industrial sector. Also read: 15 bedroom wall paintings that are suitable for various styles

Scope of Interior Design

Ruang Lingkup Desain Interior In simple terms, interior design has the task of designing furniture and accessories that will be used in a room. Here is the entire scope of interior design.

1. Designing Furniture Models

Interior design is not just choosing and matching, but also designing the furniture that will be used taking into consideration function, ergonomics, style, durability, finishing, and stability of use, so that it fits the layout in the room.

2. Determine the Right Opening Elements

To produce security, comfort and beauty all in one room, interior design determines the opening elements. For example, choosing windows by considering light control, sunlight, solidity, privacy, control systems, and so on. Also read: 7 Beautiful Open Office Layouts

3. Design appropriate placement of goods

Another scope of interior design is choosing the right method and form in placing art and decoration items in the room so that they are safe, do not fall easily, and create more aesthetic value in the room.

4. Choose the Coating Type

The next thing that is within the scope of interior design is choosing the type of coating. This is not only limited to wall paint but can also use other materials such as wood, gypsum, and so on. The type of wall covering is chosen based on several aspects including durability, beauty, ease of cleaning process, safe and non-toxic materials, and so on.

5. Choose appropriate plants

In an optimal residence, you can still get the coolness and freshness of natural plants. To fulfill this, interior design is needed. They have a scope that includes choosing plants that suit your room type. Apart from that, they also think about several important aspects in selecting plants, such as the effects they will have, the aroma they will emit, and so on. Also read: The benefits of ornamental plants are for decoration and health

6. Describe the room design

The scope of interior design is what often makes ordinary people confused about the difference between architects and interior designers. Because both roles are related to room design. However, in the process, the interior design will describe the design of the space by showing the position of the furniture according to the client's wishes with the condition of easy access to each part in the room.

7. Determine the lights in the room

As simple as choosing the shape and type of lamp, this falls within the scope of interior design. You need to know that differences in light intensity, design and type of lamp will greatly influence the atmosphere in the room. The presence of interior design functions to ensure that the lights used in the room can provide aesthetics, functionality, and provide the feel that the client expects.

8. Determine the Best Room Floor

In this scope, interior design will be tasked with determining materials, colors, patterns and floor shapes that are in accordance with the design concept and desired function. There are several aspects to pay attention to in determining it, including the level of surface slipperiness, sound dampening ability, and many others. After knowing the scope of interior design, now you can make more optimal use of services related to arranging the room. Besides using the services of an interior designer, you can also optimize space utilization by choosing the right furniture. Ergonomic furniture from PEXIO is designed to support your activities, such as working and operating a computer. The ergonomic design will also make you more comfortable when doing work indoors. Get furniture from PEXIO immediately to complete your room here! 


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