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10 Unique Wooden Wall Shelf Inspirations

Unique wooden wall shelves are often used as decoration and multi-purpose furniture in several rooms in the house. A beautiful house with attractive arrangements and furniture in it will certainly increase comfort. Nowadays, you can find many home decorations made from wood. Apart from being a sturdy material, wood also has a beautiful natural color and is suitable for furniture and home decoration even without repainting. Through the following article, you will find inspiration for unique wooden wall shelves that you can choose according to the interior design of your home. Make sure to read the information below to the end.

Benefits of Wall Shelves

Manfaat Rak Dinding Adding wall shelves in certain parts of the room has good benefits. First, the house will be tidier. You certainly don't want the appearance of your house with items scattered around, therefore wall shelves add space for placing items such as books, displays, clocks, aromatherapy candles, and so on. Second, whether you realize it or not, objects that you place in a special place such as a wall shelf will be more durable and well maintained. This is because proper storage can reduce the possibility of trampling, dampness and other unexpected conditions. Third, of course it will be easier for you to find the items you need if everything is neatly arranged on the wall shelves.

10 Unique Wooden Wall Shelf Inspirations

Rak Dinding Kayu UnikHave empty space on the walls of the living room or other room? Just add a unique wooden wall shelf. Apart from displaying, this furniture can also be used to store items or place other small decorations such as photo frames, artificial flowers, and so on. Check out the recommendations for unique wooden wall shelves that are suitable for your home below:

1. 3 Tier Wall Shelf

Rak Dinding Bertingkat 3The inspiration for the first unique wooden wall shelf is a 3-story shelf. You can use this wall shelf in your bedroom or living room as a bookshelf or just as a place for decoration. Because the sizes vary, you can choose according to your needs and room size. So apart from neat things, the house will also look prettier. Also read: 15 Simple and Elegant Minimalist Home Decorations

2. Elongated Wall Shelf with Drawers

Rak Dinding Memanjang dengan LaciIf you need a wall shelf that can be used to place a TV or other entertainment media such as Play Station, DVD player, etc., with sufficient space, an elongated wall shelf could be an option. Equipped with drawers at the bottom allows you to have more storage space for items. This elongated wall shelf with drawers can also be used as a place to display family photo frames with small decorations on them.

3. Wall Shelf with Ropes

Rak Dinding dengan TaliBored with the usual tiered wall shelves? There are variations that you can choose to meet your storage or home decoration needs, namely wall shelves with ropes. Apart from being more beautiful, this unique wooden wall shelf is also much stronger because it is supported by ropes and nails drilled into the wall. Generally, these multi-level wall shelves have many color variants such as natural wood, white, black, gray, and so on.

4. Square Wall Shelf

Rak Dinding Kotak For parts of the room that attract a lot of guests' attention and at the same time make the room tidier, you can use a box wall shelf on one part of the wall. This model will help add to the aesthetic value of the room because apart from the various items being neatly arranged, you can also arrange them in unique positions such as wavy, up and down, parallel, or any other position you like.

5. Minimalist Elegant Wall Shelf

Rak Dinding Elegan Minimalis If you prefer a fixed bracket type of wall shelf, you can choose a minimalist wooden wall shelf that extends downwards. Combined with glass on the back and LED lights on each level of shelf, it will make the house look more elegant. Especially if you choose a natural wooden shelf color. Also read: Interesting, this is simple but elegant home decoration

6. Minimalist Woody Wall Shelf

Rak Dinding Minimalis WoodyThe combination of the natural color of wood with the black color of iron never fails to please the eye. These two color combinations match almost any interior design. On a minimalist wooden wall shelf, you can place various items with a slightly heavier weight without worrying about it falling because the largest load will be supported by the thick iron.

7. Hexagon Wall Shelf

Rak Dinding HexagonThe actual shape of the wall shelf is not always straight or square, but has a unique shape in the form of a hexagon. Apart from bringing aesthetic value to the room in the house, you can also place various items on it. However, because there is limited space, each wall shelf can only accommodate 1 item or decoration. So you need several hexagon wall shelves if you want to place a lot of things.

8. Wall Shelf with Mirror

Rak Dinding dengan CerminYou can make your house feel more spacious by providing storage space and adding mirrors. Imagine if you combine the two in a small living room or family room, the room will look more spacious. Apart from that, adding a mirror with a wooden frame and a wall shelf underneath also makes the appearance of the house more attractive and beautiful. Also read: Understanding Filling Cabinets, Functions and Types

9. Multifunctional Wall Shelf

Rak Dinding MultifungsiNowadays, there is a lot of innovation in various things. One example is making a multifunctional wall shelf which consists of many parts so that there will be more storage space in it. Usually, this wall shelf is installed to cover the entire wall of the house, leaving space in the middle because it will be used to place the sofa.

10. Modern Minimalist Wall Shelf

Rak Dinding Minimalis Modern Not only in the living room, family room or bedroom, using wall shelves can also be the right idea for the home kitchen. You can use a unique wooden wall shelf model in a modern minimalist style that combines wooden boards with small iron hooks to support and connect each board. So, have you been able to determine the unique wooden wall shelf that is suitable for your home? In choosing a wall shelf for your home, you need to consider the material and model chosen. It's best to adjust it to the layout of the house to make it more attractive and unique. Are you looking for living furniture that is suitable to be combined with the wooden wall shelves of your house? PEXIO is the answer. PEXIO presents a multifunctional sofa which is equipped with a coffee table, additional storage space, bench and small shelf so that you not only enjoy the comfort of sitting on a soft sofa, but also save space because everything is available in one piece of furniture. Not only that, PEXIO also provides various ergonomic chairs to support comfort and bone health when sitting. Contact PEXIO now to get quality products and make your dream comfortable and healthy home come true. Banner Ergonomic Chair PEXIO


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