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Definition of Filling Cabinet, Function and Types

Currently, there are still many people who don't know the function and meaning of a filling cabinet, are you one of them? When storing documents, most people choose practical and safe storage boxes. A filling cabinet is a file storage place that meets these criteria. The filling cabinet is capable of storing many important documents safely and in large quantities. In fact, you may often see this type of storage cupboard, but don't know the name or types. To learn more about filling cabinets, see the complete information below.

Understanding Cabinet Filling

Pengertian Filling CabinetA filling cabinet is a form of archival equipment in the form of a special cupboard made of wood, iron or metal. The room will look messy if documents and files are stored on the work desk. Especially when you have a lot of documents, your desk will be full and there won't be much space to work. Therefore, filling cabinets are very much needed in the office world. The filling cabinet will protect all documents from damage. You can easily find the documents you need without having to separate all the documents you have.

Filling Cabinet Function

Fungsi Filling CabinetAs previously known, the main function of a filing cabinet is to store items in certain offices or agencies such as documents, archives, important files. A filling cabinet is needed so that all documents and archives can be stored properly and safely. You can also easily organize documents and find them easily because of the document grouping on each shelf. Apart from that, the office room also looks more attractive because the filling cabinet is a piece of furniture with a unique design and color. Also read: Understanding Office Spatial Planning, Principles, Objectives and Types

Various Types of Cabinet Fillings

Macam Macam Filling CabinetThere are various kinds of filling cabinets that you can choose from to complete your office needs. Knowing the type of filling cabinet will help provide the right choice according to your needs. The following are various types of filling cabinets that you should know:

1. Vertical Files

Vertical FileThe first filling cabinet is a vertical file. Vertical file is a type of filing cabinet that has several drawers arranged upwards to form a vertical line. If you have limited office space, vertical files can be the right filling cabinet choice.

2. Lateral Files

Lateral File Need a lot of storage? Lateral files are the right type of filling cabinet for you. Lateral files have many drawers arranged upwards and sideways. Its small size, ranging from 32 inches to 35 inches, allows you to place the lateral file filing cabinet anywhere. Also read: 8 Great Ergonomic Benefits for Work Space Furniture

3. Flat Files

Flat FileThe flat file type filling cabinet is a storage cabinet with fairly wide drawer space. This type of filling cabinet has a shorter shape but widens to the sides. Flat files are generally used to archive maps, images, and other large files. If you choose a flat file cabinet, all these large files can be stored safely for a long time. Apart from that, the flat file type filling cabinet is also flexible and easy to move.

4. Mobile Files

Mobile FileMobile file cabinet is a type of document drawer that has easy mobility or moving around. This type of filling cabinet is basically equipped with wheels at the bottom, so you don't need to lift it with several people when moving it. With the ease of mobility provided, there may be concerns that the cabinet could move and hit other people by itself. No need to worry, the mobile file is equipped with locks on the wheels so that when you don't need to move, you can lock the wheels.

5. Pedestal Files

Pedestal FileSome office spaces do not have enough space to place a filing cabinet that can cover a lot of documents. That's why pedestal files were created. A pedestal file is a type of filing cabinet that is integrated with a work desk, so you have your own document storage space. The pedestal file cabinet has a small and compact shape, but still has a fairly wide storage space. Also read: 7 Minimalist Meeting Room Designs that Make Discussions Smoother

6. Open Shelf

Open Shelf An open shelf is also a type of filling cabinet. Open shelves are widely used for storing books or other documents that are quite thick and do not require a closing drawer to store them. The advantage of using open shelves is that when you have remaining shelves, you can use them as new storage space or place decorations so that the office space feels more attractive. Before deciding to use a filling cabinet, there are several things that must be considered, including paying attention to the materials used, adjusting the number of drawers to your needs, considering the price and adjusting it to your budget, and choosing a filling cabinet color that suits the office environment.


In conclusion, a filing cabinet is one of the office furniture that must be available. Because as a professional company, the work space must be equipped with storage drawers so that all important documents can be archived properly and safely. If necessary, choose a filing cabinet with a lock to ensure that documents remain safe. So those are the functions, types and meaning of filling cabinets that you should know. Don't forget to use an attractive filling cabinet to increase the aesthetic value of the room and create a comfortable office, including choosing furniture. To increase work productivity without compromising your health, you need to use ergonomic chairs and tables in your work space. PEXIO can be the right ergonomic product choice because it provides superior quality and fast service. Apart from chairs and tables, PEXIO also provides multifunctional living room furniture. The product designs offered are varied and attractive. There are several color choices for some products, so apart from being suitable for the office, the PEXIO ergonomic chair is also suitable for children's study rooms. To get quality ergonomic products, immediately contact PEXIO or visit your favorite e-commerce now.


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