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10 Most Beautiful Two Color Geometric Wall Paint Ideas

Are you getting bored with the same old bedroom walls? There's no harm in experimenting with using two-tone geometric wall paint which is currently trending. Not only does it give a cheerful and colorful impression, the use of geometric motifs on the bedroom walls will also make you feel more at home in the room, because the design is not boring. Geometric motifs are usually in the form of a triangle, pyramid or rectangle. With these shapes, you can be creative with many colors at once. However, if you don't want to bother, using two colors isn't a problem.

Two Color Geometric Wall Paint Ideas

Before applying it, you can take a look at some of the prettiest two-tone geometric wall paint ideas below.

1. The room has a natural feel

Ruangan Bernuansa Natural If your house has a Scandinavian interior design concept and you plan to paint the room with a two-tone geometric concept, choosing a triangular shape formed into a mountain motif could be an interesting idea. It's simple to make, you don't need to paint the entire wall to get a geometric impression. To create a more natural impression, you can choose a combination of monochrome colors, such as gray, black, white, and so on. Don't forget to add furniture with matching colors to accentuate the natural impression in your room. Also read: 7 Tips for Choosing Minimalist Home Furniture

2. Black and White Combination

Kombinasi Hitam dan PutihThe concept of interior design in black and white has been quite popular recently. However, plain color combinations often produce a monotonous and boring appearance. To overcome this, you can shape it into a geometric motif. This two-tone geometric wall paint idea will make the room look more dynamic. The combination of contrasting colors will also give a modern and elegant impression.
3. Glamorous and Attractive
Cat Dinding Geometris Dua Warna Glamor dan MenarikWant to create a glamorous impression in the room but don't want a design that is too busy? Geometric motifs with gold accents could be the best choice for you. The trick is to paint the room with a dark color first. After that, add geometric stripes with gold paint. This combination is simple but can create a glamorous impression that is comfortable to look at. This motif is suitable for those of you who want to express yourself in the interior of your home. Also read: Types and Elements of Decorative Images for Room Interiors
4. Apply to other parts
Aplikasikan pada Bagian LainNot only on the walls, you can also apply geometric patterns to other parts of the room. For example, on a door or window frame. If you want to apply this idea, choose a simple geometric motif such as a triangle. The presence of a geometric motif integrated with the door will create a spacious impression and be comfortable to look at. Apart from triangles, you can also apply other motifs to give a maximum artistic impression in the room.
5. Keep the Design Simple
Cat Dinding Geometris Dua Warna Tetap SederhanaThe key to a good room design is to make the occupants feel comfortable to linger. No need to worry about thinking about what motif you will stick to the wall, just with a simple geometric motif, you can get an attractive and calming impression. Avoid painting walls with geometric motifs that are too complicated, especially in small rooms. Apart from that, you can also add geometric motifs to just a few parts of the walls to make the room seem more spacious. Also read: 11 Best Wallpapers for Girls' Rooms in 2023
6. Interesting Motifs for Your Little One's Room
Motif Menarik untuk Kamar Si KecilWithout too complicated details, you can still create an attractive wall for your little one's room. One design that can be made is a vast ocean with a triangular geometric pattern. Use contrasting light and dark blue colors with wavy triangular sides to give a colorful impression to your child's room.
7. Ignore the Rules
Cat Dinding Geometris Dua Warna dengan Mengabaikan AturannyaCreating a beautiful geometric wall design doesn't always have to use sharp, sharp lines. Pour out all your creativity and create a design that doesn't follow the rules. Add beautiful curves in the room and use bright colors like light blue to make the room more colorful. Also add various unique ornaments to fill the room and create your own version of comfort.
8. Energetic Zig-zag Pattern
Pola Zig-zag yang EnergikSharp geometric designs are not suitable for everyone, but if you are the type of person who is bold, bold and energetic, adding a zig-zag motif to the wall could be the right choice. Prepare the tape and bright colored paint, then start drawing lines in the middle of the wall to create the geometric motif you want. To make it more expressive, also add several frames or posters in the middle of the wall. For the rest, let these bold motifs fill the rooms of your house. Also read: 10 Inspirations for Unique Wooden Wall Shelves
9. Combine All Motifs
Kombinasikan Semua MotifIf you have a high artistic spirit and want to make the whole room full of creativity, try applying all geometric patterns to the room. It may require more color, but to get the impression of a room full of creativity and fun, what's the harm? Apart from choosing the right color, also add some furniture that can support your activities optimally. One of them is ergonomic furniture from PEXIO. Not only is it sturdy, but you will also get maximum comfort when using this ergonomic furniture.
10. Minimalist Pattern
Pola Minimalis If you don't like a busy atmosphere and want to find calm in the room, use patterns with minimal sharp lines and bright colors. Use cooler colors such as pastel colors. You can create a combination of arch patterns with contrasting colors. This two-tone geometric wall paint idea will give your room a calming, dynamic impression. After choosing a two-tone geometric wall paint motif, don't forget to also include furniture with matching shades. You can choose ergonomic furniture from PEXIO which is specifically designed to support your activities. You can get this ergonomic furniture from PEXIO directly via the following link!Banner Ergonomic Chair PEXIO


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