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Standard Sizes of Ideal Work Desks and Chairs

While working from home, have you ever felt pain in your back or neck? If yes, maybe it's time for you to replace the tables and chairs at home according to the recommended standards. Currently, many companies sell them according to standard sizes of work desks and standard sizes of work chairs. So actually you don't need to be confused about looking for it and just choose the design and price that suits your wallet.

On this occasion, we will explain the standard sizes of tables and chairs so that you can choose correctly.

This is the standard size of work tables and chairs

Memahami Ukuran Standar Meja dan Kursi Kerja Using tables and chairs that meet standards will make you more comfortable when working. Did you know that by using an appropriate work desk and chair, you can increase productivity? That's right, that's how big an impact you can feel just by using your standard work desk and chair. Then let's just discuss the standard sizes of work tables and chairs.

1. Standard Size of Workbench


Ukuran Meja Kerja Standar Standard work tables that are usually sold on the market have a table length of 100 cm and a table width of 60 cm or 120 cm x 60 cm. However, you are actually advised to choose a table whose height is not less than 72.5 cm and not more than 75 cm. If you choose a table with a height of 72.5 cm, the height of the table legs must be 70 cm with a minimum table top thickness of 2.5 cm. Apart from the height, you need to pay attention that the table you choose does not tilt on any side, i.e. it must be flat. We also recommend buying a table made of particle board or MDF. "Does a good work desk need to be equipped with storage drawers?", you might ask. The issue of drawers actually depends on your preferences. If you like a work desk with storage drawers, you can choose that. On the other hand, if there aren't any, that's okay. It's a good idea to buy a table whose height you can adjust according to your wishes. Please note that the measurements above are not exact numbers. This is because everyone has a different height (body posture). Therefore, you must equip your work space with a height-adjustable work desk. For example, PEXIO provides the AMBY ergonomic desk whose height you can adjust according to your needs. There is a button on the right side of the table as a remote to adjust the height. Also read: What is a good work desk arrangement when WFH?

2. Standard Sizes of Work Chairs

Ukuran Standar Kursi Kerja Kantor A good work chair has a lower seat height from the curve of the knees to the feet, which is around 40 cm – 50 cm. This measurement also applies to the width of the seat cushion, because a good seat cushion should be wider than your hips. It's a good idea to choose a seat cushion made of foam or mesh. When looking for a special work chair, you can search with the keyword "ergonomic chair". Ergonomic chairs have all the features you need. From the backrest, neck, to armrests, they are flexible and can be adjusted according to your comfort. PEXIO also produces many ergonomic chair products that you can choose from. The Stanley ergonomic chair is one of the PEXIO products that is worth trying. This chair has all the important features to make you comfortable while working and will not disturb

your body posture during work. Also read: 5 Tips for Choosing a Work Chair that is Comfortable and Good for Your Body Position. These are the standard sizes of work desks and standard sizes of work chairs that you should use. Having an ergonomic desk and chair will ensure your health, as well as increase your productivity while working. Looking for other ergonomic chairs? Come on, immediately visit the PEXIO website. PEXIO as a company that focuses on selling ergonomic products, is committed to providing the best quality for you. Not only ergonomic chairs, PEXIO also offers various ergonomic furniture products that you can choose from. You can see all our products in the catalog on the PEXIO website.Banner Ergonomic Chair PEXIO


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