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5 Standards for Room Lighting in the Workplace

Effective work activities require the right amount of lighting. The question is, "Do you know the standard amount of work space lighting?" There is a big chance that you only learned about the existence of indoor lighting standards when reading this article. The reason is, this topic is rarely discussed and discussed in depth among friends or relatives. Only companies may realize the importance of room lighting. For those of you who are working from home or Work From Home (WFH), it's a good idea to pay attention to the following information.

What is Lighting?

Apa Itu PencahayaanAccording to the KBBI, lighting is illumination or the provision of light. The meaning of lighting here is not just about taking good photos or videos because there is sufficient light. Furthermore, lighting means lighting that is carried out in order to do something more effectively and efficiently. So that you understand it well, try to imagine a power outage. When there is a power outage, all activities that are usually carried out are disrupted. You can't work, read, eat, or walk well. Your view becomes limited because there is not enough light illuminating the object in front of you. Compare the event of a power outage with the situation when the power was on. You must be able to do your activities very well, right? This lighting is what you want to convey. Without good lighting, it is impossible for you to work effectively. In fact, there are various negative impacts that result when the amount of lighting does not meet standards. You can see this information in the next point. Also read: What is a good work desk arrangement when WFH?

What are the Consequences of a Poor Lighting System in the Workplace?

Akibat dari Sistem Pencahayaan yang Buruk di Tempat KerjaHere are some of the consequences of a bad lighting system that you need to be aware of.

1. Eye Fatigue

Mata Lelah Akibat Sistem Pencahayaan yang BurukA poor lighting system will make your eyes tired. You may not realize this. However, if you feel stinging or burning in your eyes, this is a warning. Neglecting a poor lighting system will harm your eye health. At first you may not need glasses aids. But as time goes by, you start to need it. Whether it's minus glasses, plus glasses, cylinders, or even a combination of all three. Also read: 5 Symptoms of Low Back Pain that You Should Know

2. High risk of work accidents

Risiko Kecelakaan Kerja Meningkat Jika Pencahayaan Ruangan Tidak StandarA poor lighting system can endanger your safety. This happens to those of you who work using machines in the factory area. Imagine how dangerous it is when you operate the mower in dim conditions. Holding or placing an item incorrectly can cut your hand.

3. Nervous Exhaustion

Kelelahan SarafThe bad effects of lack of lighting can damage the organs in your body. A dark room can reduce performance when working. So it takes you a long time to complete the work. You can't even focus on the tasks and responsibilities given. If left to continue, there is a big possibility that the health of other parts will be disturbed. Also read: 10 Ergonomic Principles at Work and Their Functions

4. Reduces work morale

Semangat Kerja MenurunBelieve it or not, a person's morale is also influenced by the lighting in their work environment. Bad lighting will reduce a person's enthusiasm or work motivation. They become lazier until finally they are no longer enthusiastic about working. Also read: Ideal distance for watching TV for eye health, check here!

Room Lighting Standards

Standar Pencahayaan Ruangan di Tempat Kerja From all the information that has been explained, now you understand why lighting plays an important role in a room, especially a workplace. That's why you need to know good room lighting standards. Pay attention to the following explanation points.

1. According to Minister of Health Regulation No.70 of 2016

You can see the light intensity standards according to Minister of Health Regulation No.70 of 2016 in the table below.

2. According to Minister of Health Regulation No. 48 of 2016

The following is a table of lighting standards based on Minister of Health Regulation No. 48 of 2016.
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3. According to Minister of Manpower Regulation No.5 of 2018

The following is a table of lighting standards according to Minister of Manpower Regulation No.5 of 2018.

4. According to SNI 6197: 2020

You can see the appropriate lighting standards according to the Indonesian National Standard (SNI) 6197: 2020 in the following table.
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5. According to OSHA

OSHA or Occupational Health and Safety Administration is an agency created by the United States government to regulate and inspect the work environment. They issue various rules that must be followed in order to create a good and effective workplace. The following is a table of lighting standards from OSHA.


This is information regarding room lighting standards. Ensuring that you work in sufficient light intensity is very important. Not only for work effectiveness but also your health. However, there is another aspect that is also crucial when talking about the workplace, namely equipment such as ergonomic tables and chairs. Good lighting alone is not enough to maintain your health. You also need to work with ergonomic furniture that supports body posture. Like the ergonomic tables and chairs from PEXIO. PEXIO has various types, types, features and prices that can be adjusted to your needs and circumstances. There is no need to hesitate because all the materials used to make ergonomic tables and chairs are of the best quality in their class. One of them is the AMBY table and REGENT chairs. Both have various important features that can support your body. Starting from the headrest, hands, back and legs which can be adjusted according to needs. The height of the table and chairs can also be adjusted easily. Using ergonomic products will definitely improve your quality of life in the future. Need a consultation regarding the most suitable ergonomic product? You can directly contact the PEXIO team right now! Let's improve the quality of your work and life with PEXIO ergonomic products. Ergonomic Chair PEXIO


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