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What is the Difference Between a Sofa and a Chair? Let's find out here!

What are the differences between sofas and chairs? Sofas and chairs are furniture that you must have at home. This furniture is usually found in the living room and family room areas which are often used for entertaining or relaxing. Even though they have the same function, it turns out there are differences between these two features. Before discussing the differences, first understand what a sofa and chair are. A sofa is a modern form of chair that is equipped with a backrest and covered with foam and leather upholstery. In terms of terms, sofa comes from the word sopha which means a place to sit like a couch or bed. Meanwhile, chairs are home furnishings that are used for sitting and resting. Generally, chairs have four legs that function to support the body. The most important component of a chair is the backrest for the back and hips. This backrest makes a chair different from a bench that has no backrest at all. There are various types of chairs that you can find, such as folding chairs, office chairs, and various other types of chairs. Even though there are various types, the function of chairs remains the same, namely as a place to sit for work or rest. Because of this function, the presence of a chair is very important, be it at home, office or other public places. After knowing what a sofa and chair are, it is also important to understand the differences. What are the differences between sofas and chairs that you need to know? Check out the description below.

Difference between Sofa and Chair

Apa Perbedaan Soda dan Kursi Sofas and chairs are both used as seating. But make no mistake, even though the function is the same, you will find many things that are different between these two pieces of furniture. Check out the various differences below.

1. Sofa and Chair Components

Perbedaaan Sofa dan Kursi dari Komponennya The sofa is equipped with foam as a seat and backrest, so it feels softer when used. Meanwhile, not all chairs have foam backs like sofas. Sofa legs are also generally shorter than chairs. Apart from that, the sofa has armrests on the sides. Chairs tend not to have armrests, but there are types of chairs that are designed to have armrests, such as work chairs and gaming chairs. The function of the armrest is to rest tired hands from working all day. Chairs with armrests are also known as ergonomic chairs, namely chairs that are specifically designed for efficiency and comfort. Ergonomic chairs are usually used as office chairs, because they can increase work productivity. Also read: 6 Ways to Overcome Low Back Pain to Be Free from Back Pain

2. Different Sizes

Perbedaan Sofa dan Kursi dari Ukuran Sofas generally have a larger size than chairs. For this reason, sofas are usually placed in larger rooms, such as the living room, family room, waiting room, and building lobby. Meanwhile, the size of the chairs tends to be smaller, there are even chairs that can be folded, so you can take them everywhere. The smaller size of this chair makes it more flexible when used.

3. Placement

Perbedaan Kursi dan Sofa dari Penempatannya At home, sofas are usually placed in the living room and family room, because they can add to the aesthetics of the room. Especially if the sofa you use has a color that matches the concept of the house. Meanwhile, in the office, sofas are usually used to welcome guests, so they are placed in rooms such as the lobby, director's room and waiting room. Meanwhile, chairs are usually placed in the front area of the house because they are more weather-resistant. Additionally, you can find chairs in the dining area. If in an office, chairs will be placed in every corner of the room for various purposes, such as meeting rooms, cafeterias, work spaces, and various other rooms. Also read: 15 Work Desk Designs at Home, Guaranteed to Increase Work Enthusiasm

Examples of Sofa and Chair Images

The sofa has a longer shape than a chair and is equipped with pillows on top. The pillow functions as a backrest. Meanwhile, the chair is designed to be smaller and has long legs. To get an idea of sofas and chairs, you can see examples of sofas and chairs below.

1. Draw a Sofa

Gambar Sofa The sofa is designed to be longer because of its function as a seat and room interior. Sofa manufacturers are innovating to present multifunctional sofa beds, so they can be used as comfortable beds. Sofa beds are suitable for studio residences because they are very practical and make the residence feel more spacious.

2. Draw a Chair
Gambar Kursi Generally, chairs have four legs to support the weight of the body on them. However, there are several types of chairs that have one leg in the middle, such as a barstool. Some chairs are also equipped with armrests and footrests.

Recommended Chair Collection from PEXIO

PEXIO has ergonomic chairs that you can use for work or relaxation. There are several types of ergonomic chairs that can be adjusted to suit your needs. Check out the various types of ergonomic chairs from PEXIO below.

1. Spencer Chair

Rekomendasi Koleksi Kursi dari PEXIO Spencer Spencer chairs have various features that can provide comfort when sitting for hours to work. There is an adjustable head support feature to adjust the headrest which can be adjusted in two directions, namely up and down and swing angle. Spencer is also equipped with precise armrests according to the height of the table and your comfort. The armrest can be adjusted in three directions, namely up-down, forward-backward, and right-left. This chair is suitable for those of you who often sit for hours in front of a laptop, because its features provide comfort. Also read: 8 Recommendations for the Best Comfortable Computer Chairs (Latest 2022)

2. Stanley Chair

Kursi Stanley dari PEXIO Stanley has various features that support your productivity at work. There is a backrest feature that automatically follows the shape of your body, and can also be adjusted in height. Apart from that, there is a sliding seat feature that can be used if you want additional seating space.

3. Luxio Chair

Kursi Luxio dari PEXIO The Luxio chair is equipped with adjustable back support to support your spine which can be adjusted in two directions, namely up and down and back and forth. Also, there is a footrest for added comfort. The footrest can accommodate up to 10 kg of weight. Luxio is equipped with compatible mechanics, making you more comfortable when sitting on it.

4. Newman Chair

Rekomendasi Kursi Newman dari PEXIO This type of chair is often used as a work chair. It has a simple appearance with an ergonomic design, as well as a large-scale straight surface. The Newman chair has a backrest length of 16 cm. Covered with a soft leather back and good air circulation, this chair provides its own comfort. So, that's the difference between sofas and chairs that you need to understand. Why do you need to know this difference? So you can buy living room furniture according to your needs and can be aligned with your residential concept. PEXIO provides various furniture designs that make your home more comfortable, organized and orderly. Contact PEXIO now for your dream home furniture solution. Banner Ergonomic Chair PEXIO


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