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17 Small Home Decorations, Stay Creative with Limited Space

Creating a house with a beautiful layout with various attractive decorations can bring many benefits. One of the benefits obtained when decorating a small house is the creation of comfort in the house.

Home decoration can also be adjusted to the concept and style you want. To find out various inspirations for small house decoration, see the information here.

Benefits of Home Decoration

Manfaat Dekorasi Rumah Not only does it play a role in creating comfort and providing aesthetic value to the house, home decoration will provide various benefits, especially in maintaining mental health. The following are various benefits of home decoration that you should know:

1. Improve sleep quality

Meningkatkan Kualitas Tidur Decorating with night lights and some ornaments in the bedroom will help create better quality sleep. So you can rest comfortably and peacefully.

2. Increase Creativity

Manfaat Dekorasi Rumah Meningkatkan Kreativitas Providing decoration can also hone your creativity because you will be faced with the concept of the house and the placement of decorative ornaments as well as the location of the furniture. Home decoration also increases productivity when creating and determining the placement of items.

3. Encourages the emergence of self-confidence

Manfaat Dekorasi Rumah Meningkatkan Percaya Diri When all parts of the house have good aesthetic value and all items are neatly arranged, it will encourage a sense of self-confidence. Because a comfortable home will create positive feelings and of course you will be prouder to show some parts of the house to other people. Also Read: 12 Simple and Elegant Minimalist Home Decorations

Beautiful Minimalist Small House Decoration

Inspirasi Dekorasi Rumah Minimalis dan Cantik To create a small, minimalist house that is still beautiful and attractive, you can use some of the decoration inspiration below:

1. Decorate with a Sofa

Dekorasi Rumah Kecil Dengan Sofa A sofa is a piece of furniture that must be in the house because it can provide comfort for both other people and the home owner when relaxing. When using a sofa as a small home decoration, you can choose the size according to your needs and suit the concept of the house.

2. Decorate with Wallpaper

Dekorasi Rumah Kecil dengan Wallpaper di Dinding Rumah You can combine house paint with wallpaper on the walls to make it look more beautiful with the various motifs available. However, in small house decoration, it is highly recommended to choose plain wallpaper and customize it based on color. Because wallpaper with lots of motifs will make the house look narrower and too busy.

3. Decorate with Mirrors

Dekorasi Rumah Kecil Dekorasi dengan Cermin Mirrors placed in the living room and bedroom will give a spacious impression to the house. Apart from that, you can choose mirrors in various shapes so that they add value to the appearance of the house.

4. Decorate by installing hanging lights

Dekorasi Memasang Lampu Gantung Hanging lights can beautify your home and create a warm atmosphere when placed in the living room of the house. Make sure you choose a minimalist chandelier and not too much decoration so that the house doesn't look small.

5. Decorate with artificial plants

Dekorasi Rumah Kecil menggunakan Tanaman Artificial Decorating with artificial plants in the living room or other parts of the house can be a simple decoration idea but still beautiful to look at. Apart from that, artificial plants can also provide a fresh atmosphere in the house. Also Read: The benefits of ornamental plants are for decoration and health

6. Decorate with the Dining Table

Dekorasi Rumah Kecil Dengan Meja Makan Having a small house doesn't mean you can't have a place to gather with your family. Take advantage of the function of the dining table as a gathering space. Combining one place into two different functions is one form of room efficiency that you can try to implement.

7. Decorate with Photo Frames

Dekorasi Rumah Kecil Dengan Bingkai Foto Nowadays, you can find many unique and interesting forms of photo frames. Use photo frames to show certain family moments as well as become beautiful decorations in any room you want.

8. Decorate with Colored Lights

Dekorasi Rumah Kecil Dengan Lampu Warna To help create a bedroom feel that can be adjusted to your mood, you can decorate the room with LED lights of various colors. Generally, changing the color of the lights can be done easily using a cell phone or via the remote provided at purchase.

9. Decorate with a Hexagon Mirror

Dekorasi Rumah Kecil Dengan Cermin Hexagon Bored with the same hanging mirror shape? A hexagon-shaped mirror can be the right choice. When choosing a hexagon mirror as a small home decoration, make sure you buy more than one. So the mirror can be shaped to be more attractive. No need to worry, hexagon mirrors are still able to give the impression that the house looks spacious like mirrors in general.

10. Decorate with Ergonomic Chairs

Dekorasi Rumah Kecil Dengan Kursi Ergonomis Applying the concept of home ergonomics can be the right choice, especially for those of you who do a lot of work from home. Ergonomic chairs can be the right idea for implementing home ergonomics. You don't need to worry about its appearance, the Hervey ergonomic chair has a beautiful appearance but still prioritizes health and comfort when used. Also Read: 10 Beautiful and Attractive Minimalist Kitchen Decorations

11. Decorate with a Transparent Table

Dekorasi Rumah Kecil Dengan Meja Transparan You can use glass to make other furniture, namely tables. Using a transparent table made from glass can also give a spacious impression to a room. So transparent tables are widely used in small home decoration.

12. Decorate with an Ergonomic Desk

Dekorasi Rumah Kecil Dengan Meja Ergonomis Apart from ergonomic chairs, you can also apply an ergonomic desk to your work space or study room. So, not only comfort and aesthetic value are realized, but also health.

13. Decorate with a wardrobe with lots of space

Dekorasi Rumah Kecil Dengan Lemari Banyak Ruang Decorating your small home can be complemented by cupboards that have lots of storage space. This way, many items can fit and be stored neatly on the same piece of furniture. Keeping your house neat and clean will make your house look bigger and more spacious.

14. Decorate with Bean Bags

Dekorasi Rumah Kecil Dengan Bean BagBean bags are a type of seating mat that is widely used in various public places such as cafes, restaurants and libraries. Bean bags can be easily moved from one room to another in the house, so you don't need many chairs at home. Because bean bags can also provide the same comfort or even more comfort when compared to general chairs.

15. Decorating with a Canopy

Dekorasi Rumah Kecil dengan Kanopi Adding a canopy to the front of the house or terrace can add enough space to relax. You can choose various canopy shapes with materials that suit your needs.

16. Unite the Family Room with the Living Room

Ruang tamu dan ruang keluarga tanpa sekat The next idea for decorating a small house is to combine the living room and family room. You can open the partition or use a bookshelf as a partition. This way, your tiny house can feel more spacious. Also read: 9 inspirations for living rooms and family rooms without partitions

17. Tiny Cafe-style Dining Room

Desain interior ruang makan ala cafe The final small house decoration inspiration is to create a small cafe-style dining room. The decoration method is quite easy, you can use a wooden chair or rattan chair that doesn't have a back so it's easier to store. Apart from that, use bright paint colors to make it look wider.

So, those are various recommendations for decorating a small house to keep it looking beautiful and comfortable. Apart from comfort, creating a home that supports physical and mental health is something that must at least be considered. If you need various living room furniture with an ergonomic concept for your home, PEXIO can be the right solution. All PEXIO products such as ergonomic tables and chairs are made with health aspects in mind with the best quality. Contact PEXIO now to get one of the units that suits your home needs. Furnitur ergonomis dari PEXIO


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