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6 Simple but Modern Bedroom Decoration Ideas

The bedroom is a place to express creativity through its decoration. The owner has more freedom to decorate this private area according to taste and imagination. They also use various inspirations for simple bedroom decorations from the internet as references. A monotonous room is transformed into a more cheerful one thanks to the decorative touches in it. Modern style is a quite popular interior decoration choice nowadays. This theme is not only manifested in the type of furniture. You can apply this design through the room decoration. The number of decorative units in a modern style room is small, but it can produce the impression of a simpler and cleaner room.

Variety of Simple and Modern Bedroom Decorations

Dekorasi Kamar Tidur Sederhana dan ModernMany people choose modern themed bedrooms because of the simplicity they display. The use of minimal furniture and decoration leaves a lot of space in several corners. The bedroom looks more spacious but doesn't feel cold because there are ornaments decorating the walls. Modern style room decoration is actually not difficult to do. However, you definitely need some brilliant ideas to implement this style for the bedroom. PEXIO has various ideas for decorating a bedroom with a modern feel that you can try.

1. Choose a hanging nightstand

Memilih Nakas GantungThe table next to the bed, aka the nightstand, is still the necessary bedroom furniture. Instead of choosing a bedside table with legs, you can install a hanging nightstand to create a modern impression. This idea can also be applied to a dressing table in the bedroom so that it doesn't take up a lot of space.

2. Headboard

Kepala Tempat Tidur (Headboard)Nowadays, many people choose beds without heads due to limited space. They got around the empty area at the top of the mattress creatively. Mandala fabric, wickerwork, and decorative images are beautiful decoration choices to decorate the void. Also read: Types and Elements of Decorative Images for Room Interiors

3. Slim Bookshelf

Rak Buku RampingFor those of you who like reading, the nightstand can be changed into a bookshelf next to the bed. Bookshelf can be made built-in or integrated with the wall to make it look sleek. This decorating tip makes the room look more spacious. You also feel more comfortable because you don't have to walk far from bed to look for a book.

4. Installing Wallpaper

Dekorasi kamar tidur sederhana dengan memasang wallpaperA simple and easy bedroom decoration solution is to install wallpaper. Wallpaper can change the impression of a room to make it fresher according to the pattern or image chosen. Choose a modern style wallpaper pattern, such as symmetrical shapes or stripes. The wallpaper accent makes the room look more aesthetic with a simple pattern. Also read: 7 Recommendations for Aesthetic and Contemporary Room Colors

5. Corner Sofa

Sofa Sudut untuk Dekorasi Kamar SederhanaA single corner sofa can be a functional decorative choice. You can chat with your partner, read a book, or relax your body with this furniture. Modern style sofas usually have smooth designs and minimal decorative patterns. Add a rug nearby to increase your comfort. Also read: Tips for Buying the Best Modern Minimalist Corner Sofa

6. Mirror

Dekorasi Kamar Tidur Sederhana dengan Cermin The secret to a simple bedroom looking spacious is the presence of a mirror on one side. You can add a mirror with a simple frame to accentuate the modern impression. If there is not enough space to display the wall, just use a cupboard or dressing table equipped with a mirror as an alternative. The simple bedroom decoration options above don't need to take up a lot of space. The room looks prettier and more spacious thanks to this modern and minimalist decorative touch. Apart from the bedroom, don't forget to decorate other rooms in the house. You can use the services of an interior designer from PEXIO to make your room look more elegant and modern. Contact us immediately and create your dream home with an attractive interior design appearance from PEXIO.


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