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Scope of Ergonomics that You Must Understand

In the world of work, ergonomics is one of the sciences that must be applied to create a healthy work environment. The Occupational Health Center of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia describes ergonomics as a science that studies human behavior in the world of work and has the scope of ergonomics which is divided into several groups. Simply put, ergonomics is a science related to adapting the tasks received to the capabilities of the human body in order to reduce the level of stress that may occur. To understand more deeply, see the following ergonomics review.

Scope of Ergonomics

Apa Saja Ruang Lingkup ErgonomiThe scope of ergonomics is divided into several groups based on the factors that influence it. The following is the scope of ergonomics that you must recognize and learn:

1. Physical Ergonomics

Ergonomic FisikThe first scope of ergonomics is physical ergonomics. Physical ergonomics are matters related to the human body, including measuring the human body, physiological characteristics, human movement, and all aspects related to physical activity. Physical problems are one manifestation of a person's incompatibility with the design and furniture used in a work space. Therefore, a company must choose the design and use of furniture according to the correct body position, especially for jobs that require sitting for long periods of time. Also read: History of Ergonomics in the World of Furniture that You Need to Know

2. Organizational Ergonomics

Ergonomi OrganisasiThe scope of organizational ergonomics is everything related to optimizing the organization's perspective, including the structure, systems, policies and processes of the organization concerned. In organizational ergonomics, how to solve problems is also something that is considered.

3. Cognitive Ergonomics

Ergonomi KognitifThe scope of cognitive ergonomics includes human mental processes along with the ability to remember, react and form perceptions. Problems with this scope can arise when the information surrounding the task received is too large and lasts for a long time. Determining workload must be done by analyzing one's abilities first. Providing excessive workload will not be a good solution to time problems, because the company will only receive a large quantity but the quality of the results will be less than optimal while causing stress for workers. If left unchecked, these problems can cause tension and can affect work performance. Also Read: Office Ergonomics: A Complete Guide to Be More Productive

4. Environmental Ergonomics

Ergonomi LingkunganThe scope of environmental ergonomics is things related to the physical work environment. For example, the level of lighting in each room, temperature, cleanliness of the room, air circulation, level of audible noise, and vibration at the company location. Even though it sounds trivial, the scope of the environment has a big influence in the world of work. Excessive light entering will actually create discomfort in the eyes. Apart from that, it is important to set the right room temperature and ensure that air circulation is good

Benefits of Implementing Ergonomics for Business Owners

Keuntungan Penerapan Ergonomis Bagi Bisnis Owner Implementing an ergonomic work system will provide various benefits not only for employees, but also for the business owner. The benefits obtained by implementing ergonomics for the owner are:

1. Optimization of Human Resources

Optimalisasi Sumber Daya ManusiaWhen an ergonomics system is implemented, employees will be more comfortable working and completing all assigned tasks. This will be an advantage for the business owner because all the programs that have been planned will be implemented and achieve the expected goals due to the increase in skills needed. Also Read: 7 Applications of Ergonomics in the Workplace and Their Benefits

2. Time Efficiency

Efisiensi WaktuErgonomics helps companies achieve work targets within the specified time or even faster. Time efficiency is driven by the comfort felt by employees so that all work can be completed in a relatively short time, but still with good quality.

3. Creating a Healthy Work Environment

Menciptakan Lingkungan Kerja SehatNot only mental health must be considered, the physical health of employees must also be a concern of the business owner. By creating a healthier work environment, work will no longer be delayed due to illness caused by work stress, declining body health, or pain in various parts of the body due to sitting for too long.

Examples of Application of Ergonomics in the Workplace

Contoh Penerapan Ergonomi di Ruang Kerja One example of the application of ergonomics in the workplace is the creation of interior design and furniture in it that is adapted to ergonomic regulations. The work space is created by paying attention to the intensity of light coming in from outside and using an ergonomic table in a position to avoid where the glare of light enters. A good and comfortable room design can improve your work mood and be an incentive to be more productive. Companies must also consider the position of the legs, the shape of the chair that is good for the back, and the position of the arms to ensure that workers who work in a sitting position most of the time can maintain their physical health. Apart from that, analyzing a person's abilities and skills before assigning a workload is also one of the applications of ergonomics in the workplace. Each person must have their own ability to complete the job, by not generalizing the standards of one person to another worker, the company has helped create a healthy and ideal work environment with an ergonomics system. So that's an explanation of the scope of ergonomics and examples of its application in the workplace. An ergonomics system is one way to develop a company to become better and bigger because it manages human resources well and precisely. Make sure your company has used the OSLO ergonomic chair created by PEXIO. PEXIO has various ergonomic furniture that can be relied on to create work comfort for all employees in your company. Because in creating ergonomic products, PEXIO provides premium and best quality as well as attractive designs. Contact PEXIO today to get the ergonomic unit of your choice! Ergonomic Chair PEXIO


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