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10 Recommendations for Aesthetic and Contemporary Room Colors

Want to change the atmosphere of an outdated and dim room to make it more aesthetic? Changing old room colors to aesthetic room colors is becoming a trend, especially among young people.

However, aesthetic room colors are not chosen just because they are pleasing to the eye, but because they can make the atmosphere more comfortable. Why? The reason is because all the colors that are pleasing to the eye can make you comfortable when you are inside. What colors are actually called aesthetic? Let's find out more below.

Various Aesthetic and Contemporary Room Colors

Berbagai Warna Kamar Aesthetic dan Kekinian Aesthetic colors are colors that can make you comfortable, bring a positive aura, provide freshness, and are pleasing to the eye. There are many colors that you can use to meet these aesthetic criteria. Here are some aesthetic colors that are often used by contemporary people:

1. Monochrome Color

Warna Kamar Aesthetic Monokrom Black and white or monochrome colors never go out of trend and with the times. Even though this color combination has been used for a long time, monochrome nuances are still very aesthetic. Using white as the main color in your room will give you a fresh feeling every time you enter it. Add a touch of black to some of the furniture to create a beautiful color combination. Also read: 4 Tips for Unique Girls' Room Decorations

2. Beige or Earth Tone color

Warna Beige atau Earth Tone Apart from monochrome, beige or earth tone colors are never wrong to use. Beige has color characteristics such as light brown, cream and white. All of these colors are neutral colors that can make you feel at home in the room for a long time. The beige color gives a feeling of comfort and calm every time you are in it.

3. Futuristic color combination of grey, yellow and blue

Kamar dengan Perpaduan Warna Futuristik Abu abu, Kuning dan Biru A combination of futuristic colors such as light French beige, Russian blue and Spanish gray will produce aesthetic room colors. You can combine Spanish gray and light French beige on the walls as a unique and contemporary decoration. The neutral Spanish gray color provides a comfortable atmosphere for you when you are doing activities inside. Apart from being comfortable, you can definitely use this unique color combination to create very instagrammable content. Also read: 4 Recommended Living Room Paint Colors

4. Olive Green and Gray

Kamar Hijau Zaitun dan Abu-abu The use of olive green is rarely chosen because neutral colors such as cream are better known for producing an aesthetic atmosphere. Even though this olive green color is very beautiful and can provide freshness. Its unique green color is really pleasing to the eye. Don't forget to add gray to make your room look more aesthetic.

5. Combination of Gray and White

Kombinasi Warna Abu-abu dan Putih Gray and white indeed show very harmonious colors. The combination of these two colors is even very famous, like Scandinavian designs which are the favorite of the majority of people. These two colors will give you a feeling of calm and relaxation when you are in them. Neutral colors are very easy to combine with various furniture designs that you want to use. Does this color catch your attention? Also read: Simple and Elegant Minimalist Home Decoration

6. Pastel Colors

Warna Pastel pada Kamar Pastel colors have been around for a long time but have become a trend again in recent years. Soft and bright pastel shades are not only used for walls but are also often used in various existing media. Starting from bed sheets, carpets, to the furniture in the room. Soft pastel colors have their own uniqueness so it is not surprising that this color is a favorite of many people.

7. Citrus Color Palette

Kamar dengan Palet Warna Citrus At first glance, the citrus color looks contrasting and clashes between one color and another. However, you will find an aesthetic combination of citrus colors when applied to the room. You can combine the green color of artichokes and the light orange color of macaroni and cheese to bring a new, different atmosphere. Apart from that, add a touch of neutral burlywood and floral white to make your room more aesthetic. All these colors will be very beautiful and make your room very contemporary.

8. Shiny Red

warna cat kamar tidur merah mengilap This bedroom paint color exudes high energy but is calming. By applying shiny red color in the bedroom, it will appear to create a bold and stunning impression. For maximum results, you can combine it with other furniture such as a white wall clock. Don't forget the black carpet and headboard to make it look more aesthetic and masculine. Also read: 5 Living Room Paint Colors to Make It Look Spacious

9. Cornflower Blue Color

Warna cat kamar tidur cornflower Even though it is unique, you may rarely hear about this color. Yes, as the name suggests, the color cornflower blue is taken from the name of the flower, namely the cornflower flower. Not only is it attractive, applying this color can make a narrow room seem more spacious. You can be more creative by applying cornflower color to the bedroom walls using wall paint or making a wall painting with a cornflower base color that you can combine with white, turquoise and light brown. Also read: 15 bedroom wall paintings that are suitable for various styles

10. Warm Brick Colors

Warna bata yang menawan The last bedroom paint color is brick color. Wall paint colors or brick motifs can be an inspiration to create a unique room impression. As you can imagine, the design and color of these bricks can make those of you who see them much more enthusiastic and brave. Not only that, this color also depicts an atmosphere of joy and joy. Apart from that, to make the bedroom more charming, you can also combine the color of the brick wall paint with white or light blue.


So, what colors do you think can create an aesthetic bedroom color? Hopefully all of these color recommendations can be an inspiration in choosing aesthetic and contemporary colors. The color of the wall paint is important, but don't forget to combine the color of the walls with the color of the existing furniture. Make sure that the furniture you choose has the use you need. Also put ergonomic furniture so that your body posture remains safe. Use an ergonomic desk and ergonomic chair so that your work activities are not disturbed. You can look for this ergonomic furniture product at PEXIO. Some of the products include the STANLEY ergonomic chair and the AMBY ergonomic table. The design of these two products is specifically designed to maintain your body posture while working. For more complete information about other ergonomic products, just visit PEXIO. Ergonomic Chair PEXIO


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