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12 Benefits of Office Spatial Planning for Work Productivity

Good office layout can provide many benefits to all company employees. What are the benefits of office layout? Your questions will be answered as you read this PEXIO article from start to finish. But you definitely already know the importance of organizing your office space. It's not just a matter of aesthetics but also its function which can increase employee productivity. Then let's find out the benefits of good office space planning below.

12 Benefits of Office Spatial Planning

The arrangement of each room in the company certainly needs to be considered carefully. "Is it true that arranging a room can increase productivity?" Of course! Arranging furniture, machines and office equipment properly can increase the productivity of all workers. "Then what are the benefits of arranging office space?", take a look at some of the other benefits below.

1. Maximum Use of Every Space

Penggunaan Ruang Menjadi Maksimal The use of each room must definitely be maximized. If every piece of furniture and office equipment is arranged in the right position, the room will feel more spacious and spacious. You don't need to be afraid that your small office space will feel stuffy and cramped. If you organize it well, the room will feel more spacious. Examples include arranging tables and chairs in the middle so they don't block sunlight coming in through the windows. Letting sunlight in will make the room feel more spacious and fresh. Also read: 5 Standards for Room Lighting in the Workplace

2. More Effective Communication Flow

Manfaat Tata Ruang Kantor Arus Komunikasi Lebih Efektif Good office space arrangement is the basis for effective communication. Imagine if all the rooms were arranged haphazardly or only thought about one aspect. Wouldn't company communications be disrupted? Disturbed communication between employees can result in misunderstandings, both in the work of fellow employees and in matters with clients. Conveying wrong information is definitely dangerous. This can destroy the teamwork that has been built. On the other hand, a good office space arrangement can help communication between employees. Employees who previously felt isolated because they couldn't communicate are now starting to socialize. Effective communication will increase the productivity of each employee.

3. Increases comfort during work

Lingkungan kerja yang nyaman selama bekerja Do you believe that room arrangement can increase your feeling of comfort while working? This feeling of comfort is obtained from having a proper spatial arrangement that does not interfere with the road or eye view. When the work space is tidy, all employees can be more relaxed when working. Good spatial planning can also create calm and a sense of peace so that employees do not feel stressed. Also read: 7 Beautiful Open Office Layouts

4. Brings a positive impression

Membawa Kesan Positif The sense of comfort that can be felt by all employees will certainly have an impact on a positive impression when entering the work space. Every employee who enters a well-arranged office will definitely feel more enthusiastic about working and completing their responsibilities.

5. Increase employee discipline

The next aim and benefit of office layout is to improve employee discipline. Good office space arrangement can make employees' moods better too. In this way they will complete the work with more enthusiasm. Because you feel comfortable working, there is no longer any pending work.

6. Increase productivity

Manfaat Tata Ruang Kantor Meningkatkan Produktivitas Pegawai The next benefit of a good office space arrangement is increasing productivity. When employees feel comfortable and the room feels fresh, employees will be more focused on doing their work. Improvement in productivity can also be achieved by using good office equipment. For example, using ergonomic tables and chairs which have been specifically designed to increase focus while working. You can even add plant decorations at several points in the room so that employees have a different view while they are resting. Also read: Office Ergonomics: A Complete Guide to Be More Productive

7. Work Efficiency Increases

Manfaat Tata Ruang Kantor Efisiensi Pekerjaan Meningkat Work efficiency can be obtained because the office space is neatly arranged and supports employee work. For example, you deliberately position the photocopier in front of the secretary's room who often uses it to print important documents. You can also organize rooms according to divisions that are frequently in contact. This will make communication and work more effective and completed quickly.

8. Workflow Becomes Organized

Alur Kerja Menjadi Teratur Do you often accidentally miss document approvals? Have you tried everything but you haven't seen the results yet? The root cause is most likely poor room layout. When you organize the room in such a way that it complies with the established procedural stages, the approval process will definitely not be missed. Also read: Types of Office Layouts that You Need to Know

9. Minimize Distractions

Meminimalisir Gangguan Good spatial planning does not only consider lighting, function and air but also sound. If your company's office space is close to building construction or road repairs, the sound of machines will definitely disturb work. This can be minimized by arranging the room in such a way as to avoid noise. You can even get around this by placing a partition or making it another area that doesn't require focus.

10. Use of Resources to Be Effective

Penggunaan Sumber Daya Menjadi Efektif In fact, good room arrangement can also maximize the effective use of company resources. You can reduce your swelling electricity consumption, as well as water and other expenses. You will most likely not be aware of this expense because it only makes a slight difference. But imagine how much money you can save when you organize your room well? Also read: Minimalist office work desk design with good arrangement

11. Maintain Privacy

susunan tempat kerja menjaga privasi Privacy is sometimes an important issue in companies and arranging office space can be one solution. Usually the type of closed office layout will be chosen, because the aim of a closed office layout is to provide a separate comfortable space and maintain privacy in the work space. So that employees can do all the work without distraction.

12. Prepare Room for Development

Menyiapkan Ruangan untuk Pengembangan The final benefit is space storage when there are more employees. The existing office space may be sufficient to carry out normal company operational activities. But what about when the company starts to grow and adds lots of new employees? The company certainly cannot carry out renovations every time a new employee joins. That's why this office space arrangement is the right solution for preparing space for new employees.


These are the various benefits of good office layout. Have you started to realize that spatial planning is very important? You can start by designing the arrangement digitally. Don't forget to use quality office furniture so that employee performance and productivity is maximized. You can use ergonomic tables and chairs from PEXIO. The use of ergonomic furniture can affect employee productivity. In addition, it has been proven that employee focus increases when using ergonomic tables and chairs. Examples of products include the AMBY table which can be adjusted in height according to needs and the JERVIS chair. There are still various ergonomic products that you can choose and adapt to your needs. If you are confused and need further consultation, just contact the PEXIO team directly. We are ready to help all your needs with the best service. What are you waiting for? Let's increase work productivity with PEXIO! Ergonomic Chair PEXIO


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