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12 Types of Office Furniture and Tips for Choosing Them

Just opened a new office to increase the number of employees in the near future? Still confused about what furniture should be placed in the room? To be able to choose the right furniture, you need to know the types of office furniture first. On this occasion, PEXIO will invite you to recognize various types of office furniture as well as tips for choosing them well. Without further ado, let's look at the information below.

What Is Office Furniture?

Apa Itu Perabot Kantorrom the name it is clear that office furniture is goods or objects related to the office and functions to support the operations of a company. The existence of these items is very crucial because they have a large impact on employee performance. Actually there is nothing new when mentioning office furniture. You must already know some of the furniture that must be in the office. Examples include ergonomic tables and chairs, storage cupboards, printers, and many more. So that you don't miss any important office furniture, try to pay attention to the explanation in the next point. Also read: History of Ergonomics in the World of Furniture that You Need to Know

Types of Office Furniture

Jenis-Jenis Perabot Kantor So what types of office furniture are important and must be present in an office space? What furniture can support employee performance while working? There are at least 12 pieces of furniture that are really needed for the company's operations to run smoothly. Below is an explanation of each.

1. Computer Devices

Perangkat KomputerComputer equipment is definitely a must-have piece of furniture in an office space. But it doesn't always have to be a computer, you can choose a laptop that is smaller and can be easily taken anywhere. You don't need to provide a lot of computer or laptop equipment because generally every employee who works already has one. Just adjust it to the company's needs. Also read: 8 Recommendations for the Best Comfortable Computer Chairs (Latest 2022)

2. Employee Desks and Chairs

Jenis Perabot Kantor Meja dan Kursi KaryawanEmployee desks and chairs are also furniture that must be had in an office space. You can choose various table and chair designs according to your needs. For example, you can choose a long table design that has a capacity of 8-10 people. Using a table like this will certainly save costs but does not reduce its function when used. Or you can also choose a desk with a booth to give each employee more privacy.

3. Internet Devices

Perangkat InternetInternet devices such as modems are important to provide the internet network needed by all employees. You need to provide several modems so that each employee spread throughout the room can use the internet to work.

4. Filing Cabinet

Filing Cabinet A filing cabinet is a storage drawer that is commonly used to store files or documents in an organized and neat manner. This filing cabinet consists of 3-8 drawers which you can choose according to your needs. Also read: 6 Types of Furniture and How to Choose Them

5. Storage Cupboard

Lemari PenyimpananDifferent from filing cabinets, storage cabinets are used to store various items such as large folders and other office equipment. This type of office furniture is also often used to store office inventory. For example, HVS paper, electronic devices, and so on.

6. Photocopier

Mesin FotokopiJust as the name suggests, a photocopier functions to copy various documents that need to be distributed to many employees. You can buy a special machine for photocopying or one that has other functions such as printing and scanning.

7. Attendance Machine

Mesin Absensi An attendance machine is not actually mandatory to have. The importance of an attendance machine will depend on the system your company uses. The reason is that the use of attendance machines is starting to become rare because there are various applications to make the attendance system easier. But it doesn't rule out the possibility for your company to still use it. So just adjust it to the company's needs. Also read: What is the right office desk layout that makes you feel at home?

8. Progress Board

Papan ProgresProgress boards are generally better known as whiteboards that are used to outline strategies, show work progress, and provide information to employees. The use of progress boards also depends on the needs of each company.

9. Printer and Scanner

Printer Sekaligus Scanner Buying a photocopier that can print new documents as well as scan them is certainly very efficient. But you still need to have a printer and scanner. Specifically, it is placed in a certain room that requires a printer and scanner.

10. Paper Shredder

Paper ShredderThe paper shredder functions to destroy paper into small sizes so that important written information is not spread to the public. Even though it's only for destroying paper, this tool is still very important to have. Also read: 4 Benefits of an Open Office Layout

11. Projector

ProjektorA projector will be useful when you want to show a presentation or when there is an event at the company. You don't need to buy projectors in bulk. Just 1-3 projectors because this tool is not used every day. It can also be used interchangeably with various divisions, so a small number of projector owners is good enough.

12. Tables and Chairs for Meetings

Jenis Perabot Kantor Meja dan Kursi untuk RapatIf you use an open office layout concept then at least meeting rooms need to be provided. In the meeting room there is of course a round or rectangular table that can be used by 5-10 people at once. Also read: 4 Functions of an Office Desk and How to Choose The Right One

Tips for Choosing Office Furniture

Tips Memilih Perabot Kantor Now you know what types of office furniture are generally available in offices. Next, PEXIO will provide practical tips for choosing correctly and precisely. Here are 4 simple tips for choosing it.

1. Ergonomic

The furniture chosen for work must certainly be able to provide comfort so that employees can maintain their concentration for a long time. That means you have to choose ergonomic furniture. Ergonomic furniture refers to furniture that is specifically designed to provide comfort by supporting the body shape perfectly. Using ergonomic furniture can specifically reduce back, waist and shoulder pain caused by sitting for too long. If all pain disappears, employee performance will definitely be maximized. Also read: 8 Great Ergonomic Benefits for Work Space Furniture

2. Multifunctional

Multifunctional furniture will certainly be more efficient. Its use can also be maximized according to the company's operational needs. Multifunctional products like this will really save costs. For example, a photocopier which can also be used to print and scan.

3. Quality

The furniture you choose must definitely be of high quality. Quality is very important so that you don't have to buy furniture regularly. The better the quality of the furniture purchased, the longer it will last in use. So it is important to find out first the materials used to make the furniture before making a purchase.

4. According to budget

Last but not least important is choosing office furniture according to your budget. Choosing quality office furniture is certainly good, but don't let the company's financial situation swell just to buy furniture. Those are the various types of office furniture needed to support work activities. Hopefully you will be able to choose quality office furniture that also fits your company budget. Actually, you don't need to worry about looking for office furniture, there is PEXIO which provides a range of quality ergonomic furniture at friendly prices. You can choose based on features and needs, then adjust it to the budget you have prepared. Contact the PEXIO team immediately if you need further consultation to choose the right ergonomic furniture. Also visit the PEXIO website to choose the furniture you need. Ergonomic Desk PEXIO


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