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What is the right office desk layout that makes you feel at home?

What is the proper office desk layout? This question may arise in your mind when organizing your office. Every worker definitely hopes for a neat and comfortable work desk so that it does not interfere with the view and work activities. It is believed that the office desk layout can provide enthusiasm and increase productivity so that work can be completed more quickly. The layout of an office desk cannot be arranged haphazardly. To create good energy and create bright ideas, there are several types of table arrangements that you can try. Apart from that, neatness and maximum lighting can also be factors in the success of a company. If you are curious about how to determine a layout that suits your office needs, then PEXIO will provide recommendations for the right desk layout that will make you feel at home, see the details below.

Office Desk Layout that Makes You Feel at Home

Tata Letak Meja Kantor yang Bikin Betah In order to be effective in completing all work, a clean and comfortable workplace is needed. You can adjust the office desk layout to suit your needs and work culture. The following is an inspiration for office desk layouts that you can apply:

1. Face-to-face table layout

Tata Letak Meja BerhadapanThe facing office desk layout is suitable for companies with a work culture that requires intensive communication. This layout also makes it easier for employees to discuss and exchange ideas. A problem can also be resolved directly because of the ease of two-way communication between one another. Also read: 7 Pictures of Closed Office Layouts that are Comfortable for Working

2. Back to back table layout

Tata Letak Meja Membelakangi One of the problems with using an open layout in an office is that concentration is easily disturbed because the eye looks at all sides of the room. A way to overcome this is by using a back-to-back table layout. Employees' work desks are facing away from each other so that their eyes cannot easily be drawn to each other. That way, focus and concentration can be created in doing work.

3. Table layout facing the window

Tata Letak Meja Berhadapan Dengan JendelaIf your office has a section equipped with windows, a desk layout next to the window could be the right choice. This can help you to be calmer and have sufficient lighting. This method can also be an easy step to relieve stress. You just need to look at the view outside the window so that your eyes can rest for a moment from exposure to the light from your laptop or computer. Also read: 5 Standards for Room Lighting in the Workplace

4. Table layout with a place to relax

Tata Letak Meja Dengan Tempat Bersantai You can eliminate a serious impression in the company by providing a place to relax in the work area. This desk layout can be a resting spot for employees when they are tired, so that lost energy will be replenished and they can work more optimally.

5. Central Table Layout

Tata Letak Meja MemusatThe central desk layout is arranged by providing partitions between desks to increase concentration while working. Apart from that, a central desk layout also provides privacy for employees and reduces distractions from various things. You can create a centralized work desk in groups of 2 to 4 people or can be grouped based on work divisions.

6. Free Table Layout

Meja dengan Model Bebas Each person definitely has different criteria for a comfortable place for each activity, especially work activities that require maximum brain work. You can exercise freedom in choosing a workplace according to the comfort of each employee. The advantage of choosing a flexible work desk is that it helps improve the work function of each employee. However, this arrangement certainly has weaknesses, namely the lack of privacy and a fixed workplace due to the use of moving tables. Also read: What is the ideal height of a work desk? This is the complete explanation!

7. Long Table Layout

Meja PanjangChoosing a long table layout in a room can help reduce furniture costs but still provide comfort. Because, a long table can be used by many people at once and the width of the table allows you to place many items needed to complete the work. Long tables are also synonymous with a relaxed cafe feel. Employees can discuss more easily and more happily because of the calm and fun atmosphere created by the company. This to some extent affects the quality of the work. Also read: 7 Great Ergonomic Benefits for Work Space Furniture

8. Class Pattern Table Layout

Tata Letak Meja Pola Kelas The class pattern table layout is arranged with the employee's desk facing a table or main room, either belonging to the division head or the direct company head. This layout makes work supervision activities easier because all employees can be seen directly without the need for much mobility. You can apply a class pattern position like a typical school class where each desk is in a straight row. However, this general class pattern is considered too rigid and makes communication between employees difficult because the positions are not facing each other or are equal. That's a reference for the right and comfortable office desk layout for you to apply to your company space. In fact, any desk layout that prioritizes employee comfort and work needs is a good choice. Apart from a good layout, you also need quality office furniture that is comfortable to use. For this reason, PEXIO can be the right choice as a provider of the best ergonomic chairs, such as the Oslo type, which provide maximum comfort. PEXIO ergonomic furniture is designed to create comfort for its users. Contact PEXIO and get an ergonomic chair now to experience the various benefits of using ergonomic furniture in your office. Ergonomic Chair PEXIO


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