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10 Newest Beautiful Minimalist Sofa Colors for 2022

Are you planning to replace your old sofa with a new one? You are in the right article! On this occasion, PEXIO has collected the latest minimalist sofa colors that you can choose. A sofa that is starting to become dull and has even been used for more than 5 years needs to be replaced with a new one. Not only because it's embarrassing when guests visit, but for the comfort of all family members when they are at home. Replacing the sofa also makes your home atmosphere newer and livelier. Now is the time to give a new touch that is different from before into your living room. Without further ado, let's look at the various colors of minimalist sofas below.

Inspiration for the Latest Minimalist Sofa Colors

Inspirasi Warna-Warna Sofa Minimalis Terbaru Confused about choosing the right new sofa color? As a first step, you can consider the color theme and design of the living room first. You can combine various beautiful colors, designs and motifs to make your living room feel more pleasant. However, if you need concrete examples of combining a sofa and living room theme, here are some recommendations that can be used as inspiration.

1. White

Warna Sofa Putih The white color never seems to die. Even though years pass and trends always change, white sofas are still chosen by many people to beautify their living room. White sofas don't have any problems when combined with other themes or textures in your living room. Scandinavian, classic or rustic living room themes are very suitable to be combined with a white sofa. However, there is only one drawback, maintenance requires more effort than other colors. The reason is that the white color is very easy to look dull because of the dust that sticks to it. Also read: 10 Ways to Choose a Sofa for a Small Living Room

2. Black

Warna Hitam Sofa Minimalis Terbaru If you want to buy a sofa that doesn't get dull easily then black is the answer. Black sofas do not require excessive maintenance. Especially if the sofa material chosen is not difficult, such as leather and microfiber. You only need to wipe the sofa every few days or when something is spilled. Using a black sofa can also be a focal point for your living room. When the walls, floor and furniture are neutral colors, a black sofa can provide a different touch that feels luxurious. Even though the price is not that expensive, a black sofa will still look luxurious.

3. Navy blue

Sofa Biru dongkerAnother dark color that is no less good is navy blue. Navy blue sofas are a color that many people choose. The color will not make the living room look dark. On the other hand, your living room will look elegant and classy. Every guest who comes will definitely be amazed by your living room. The dark blue sofa goes well with the rustic theme. A navy blue sofa is not difficult to find. You can even search for it easily on your cellphone. Just choose the dark blue sofa design you want. Also read: 10 Recommended Elegant Sofa Colors for Your Home

4. Mustard Yellow

Sofa Kuning Mustard In contrast to the three previous colors, mustard yellow sofas are very rarely chosen by people. Flashy colors are often avoided. Even though mustard yellow is also beautiful to put in the living room. The color actually brings a cheerful new touch to your home. Its use can be used as a focal point for the living room. You can also combine this sofa with a bohemian or retro living room theme. You will definitely feel excited about the day in a brightly colored living room.

5. Earth Tone, aka Beige

Sofa Earth Tone Alias KremIf you were to ask a furniture salesperson what color of sofa customers are most interested in, most likely the answer would be a cream colored sofa. It's not surprising that cream-colored sofas are the most popular because the color is neutral and suitable for combining with various themes. The neutral color is also very pleasing to the eye. The living room will definitely feel very comfortable and warm. Are you one of those who like neutral colors? Also read: 15 Comfortable Living Room Sofa Options for You

6. Dark Green

Sofa Hijau Tua Want a unique colored sofa that few people choose? You can try a dark green sofa. This color is very suitable to be combined with leather and velvet materials. The dark and deep color of the sofa can attract the attention of anyone who sees it. If your living room has a white tone then this dark green sofa is a very suitable choice. The color will make the living room feel more luxurious.

7. Deep red

Sofa Merah PekatThe deep red color is suitable for any living room theme. Suitable for bright themes and also suitable for dark themes. The use of a deep red sofa is a color that is rarely chosen because people don't dare to present a different atmosphere. Also read: 6 Minimalist Sofa Models for Your Small Living Room

8. Chocolate

Cokelat Next, you can choose a brown sofa. Its use is very suitable for earth tone, vintage or classic living room themes. To look luxurious and expensive, you can choose materials such as leather and shiny microfiber. Brown sofas are also very suitable to be combined with neutral carpets and pillowcases. For example, you can add white accents to pillowcases and carpets.

9. Grey

Sofa Abu-abuThe use of gray sofas is certainly nothing new. But the color will never go out of style. You can combine a gray sofa with dark or bright colors. The neutral color will make it easier for you to combine it with various other furniture. Also read: 8 Recommendations for Modern Minimalist Sofas for Small Living Rooms

10. Sky blue

Sofa Biru langit Have you ever thought about trying a sky blue sofa? You have good taste! A sky blue sofa goes well with classic, retro and neutral designs. Especially if your living room has large windows. Sunlight entering the living room will make the room very bright. Did you know that a light blue sofa can help calm the mind? The soft sky blue color is very pleasing to the eye. The sky blue sofa will definitely make all family members feel at home spending a long time in the living room. Those are the recommendations for the latest minimalist sofa colors that you can choose. What color captivates you the most? Choosing the color of the sofa is important, but choosing the material and texture is much more important. Materials and textures need to be chosen well because they will affect the feeling of comfort when sitting. Choosing good materials must be a top priority. Need a quality sofa reference? You can try the ALICE Sofa Bed from PEXIO. The ALICE Sofa Bed is a living furniture product that is produced with the best materials in its class. Apart from comfort, this living furniture from PEXIO offers various functions that help you maximize the use of your living room. You can convert the ALICE Sofa Bed into a bed as well as a place to store things. You can also choose the color according to your wishes. Need further consultation? Don't hesitate to contact the PEXIO Team today! Let's improve your quality of life with PEXIO.


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