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5 Comfortable Narrow Work Space Designs

Did you know that a cramped work space that is not well organized can have an impact on your work? Basically, to produce quality work results, you certainly need a comfortable workplace because there are many jobs that require a lot of time to sit. But what if the available space is only narrow and limited? Please note that a comfortable room does not mean it has to be spacious. This depends on how you arrange the room in such a way that it becomes more comfortable. Therefore, you can read this article to get information about narrow workspace designs.

Problems Often Faced in Narrow Work Spaces

Permasalahan yang Sering Dihadapi di Ruang Kerja SempitWhen you leave a narrow work space unorganized, it's not just the room that looks cramped, but there are other problems that must be faced. The following is a complete explanation:

1. Documents are Hard to Find and Easy to Lose

Imagine if you had to work in a cramped and disorganized work space, there would probably be more problems that would arise and trigger fatigue more quickly. Because, just to find documents, you need to spend a lot of energy because the placement is not arranged and everything is mixed up. In fact, it is very likely that many documents will be lost.

2. Increases Stress

Thinking and working in a narrow space will make you feel greater pressure. In the end, you will feel burnout or stress more quickly due to the pressure you receive. Please note that being in a narrow room for a long time can cause anxiety and make it easier to panic. Instead of focusing, you will actually find it more difficult to concentrate.

3. Reduces Productivity

A narrow and poorly organized work space can also affect employee productivity levels. This is because air circulation is not good and the condition of things in the room that are scattered around will make it more crowded, so the body will get tired more quickly. Also read: 12 Benefits of Office Spatial Planning for Work Productivity

4. Unable to work optimally

It might not be a problem if you are in a small work space alone, but not in a small room that is used by many people. Like it or not, you will have less and less space and this can also disturb your concentration when co-workers are talking to each other. The sound made by an object or several people in a narrow room will become louder and feel noisier. Of course, this will affect the work process because you will not be able to complete the work optimally.

5 Comfortable Narrow Work Space Designs

5 Desain Ruang Kerja Sempit yang NyamanChoosing a design that suits the type of room is confusing. If it's a little wrong, it could affect the atmosphere of your room. especially in narrow work spaces. However, you don't need to be confused anymore. Here, PEXIO shares inspiration for designing a narrow work space that is comfortable and still tidy for you:

1. Workspace with Glass

Ruang Kerja dengan KacaAdding glass to a narrow room is a perfect idea. Whether it's glass on a window or a room mirror, both can make your narrow work space look wider. Glass will provide visual access to the outside area, so the room will look spacious and not too narrow because you can see other large areas. Meanwhile, mirrors work by giving an infinite impression to the room. Not only does it make a room feel spacious, mirrors can also be a beautiful and neat room decoration idea. Also read: 4 Benefits of an Open Office Layout

2. Full White Workspace

Ruang Kerja Full WhiteWithout realizing it, the color of a room's wall paint indirectly has a big influence on the atmosphere of the room. To make a narrow work area look wider, you can use white paint and equip the room with white furniture too. This color will give the impression of a narrow work space that is clean, neat and of course spacious. Apart from that, a full white workspace will create a brighter space even without the help of lights and can increase your work productivity.

3. Minimalist work space

Ruang Kerja MinimalisHaving lots of decorations in a narrow work space will not make the room beautiful. In fact, you will feel that the room is getting narrower because too many decorations and furniture will make the room look full and dense. When you enter the work space, you will certainly feel crowded because of the many items in a small room. On the contrary, it would be better if you minimize decorations and focus on furniture and minimalist decorations in the room. This will optimize the use of the room, keep it tidy, and still have access to move around. Apart from that, a narrow, minimalist work space can save company expenses. Also read: 8 Great Ergonomic Benefits for Work Space Furniture

4. Elegant Workspace

Ruang Kerja EleganThe next narrow workspace design is an elegant workspace. You can use furniture with a minimalist and simple concept, then combine it with a slightly luxurious room design. Usually this work space uses a monochrome or other neutral color concept so it is easier to mix and match. Don't forget to add decorations in the form of hanging lamps in the middle of the room or at several points in the room, such as above the work desk. It would be better if you use a table with lots of drawers because it will make the top of the table less crowded.

5. Ergonomic Workspace

Ruang Kerja Ergonomis The final narrow workspace design is an ergonomic workspace. Basically, ergonomics is the process of arranging the layout of the work space, products, so that the system becomes more comfortable and in accordance with ergonomic principles such as working in a normal position, reducing movement, and having enough space. To create an ergonomic work space, you can start by using multifunctional and ergonomic furniture such as furniture products from PEXIO. In narrow work spaces, Linden office chairs and Amby tables could be the right choice for your office. In fact, creating an ergonomic work space is important, especially for achieving work-life balance. An ergonomic work space can create comfort and health while maintaining employee productivity. Also read: Office Ergonomics: A Complete Guide to Be More Productive After knowing the narrow work space design recommendations above, have you been able to make a choice? Each room design choice should be adjusted to the number of employees in one room and workload. Because after all, the work space will later be used by employees. If you are interested in creating an ergonomic space in your office, you don't need to be confused about where to buy ergonomic furniture. Of course the answer is PEXIO. To date, PEXIO has more than 20 ergonomic product designs that can be adapted to all types of interior designs. So even if you choose another room design above, you can still use ergonomic furniture from PEXIO. Don't worry, PEXIO also provides ergonomic products for offices in large quantities, of course with the best quality. Contact PEXIO immediately to get the product and enjoy comfortable work even if you have to sit for a long time. Create a healthy office environment with PEXIO. Banner Ergonomic Chair PEXIO


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