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13 Mandatory Multifunctional Furniture for Minimalist Homes

Modern and contemporary residences are not only visible from the type of design and building materials. Minimalist home owners also rely on multifunctional furniture in their homes. After all, there are many benefits to using multipurpose equipment at home.

There's no harm in having some multifunctional furniture at home. However, what are some examples of furniture that are popular and definitely needed in every home? Read this article to the end to find out the answer.

What is Multifunctional Furniture?

Apa itu Furniture Multifungsi Multifunctional furniture is furniture that has more than one use in an object. Generally, this type of furniture is used in minimalist style homes or narrow sized residences, such as studio type apartments. Multifunctional furniture is increasingly known to many people because of its practicality. The function of an object is maximized and can be used for various activities even though its size is smaller or slimmer. Apart from that, this furniture can maximize the use of space so that it is not too cramped when used. The shape of multifunctional furniture is certainly different from traditional furniture in general. Traditional furniture is only placed in one place, while multifunctional furniture can be folded, rotated or pulled so it is more flexible and easy to move. Also read: 10 Modern Minimalist Furniture for the Futuristic Style of Your Home

Benefits of Having Multifunctional Furniture

Manfaat Furniture Multifungsi Homeowners are now starting to look for multifunctional furniture to complement their homes or rooms. They have seen and experienced the many benefits of furniture like this. What are the benefits?

1. The room is tidier

On average, multifunctional furniture has a sleek and practical design. This furniture design will certainly make your room look neater. It won't be too difficult for you to arrange the furniture because of its design and size.

2. Furniture is easy to move

This furniture is lighter in weight so it is easy to move from one room to another. Even though it is not too heavy, multifunctional furniture is still sturdy if it is made of the best and highest quality materials. The factory's proper manufacturing methods are also able to increase the strength of this furniture.

3. The design looks fashionable

You will be amazed when you see the multifunctional furniture collection in the store. The reason is, this furniture design looks modern and futuristic which is suitable for various room styles. The color also looks calm and not too flashy, thus creating a stylish impression. Also read: 9 minimalist and comfortable main bedroom furniture that you must have

4. More flexible

The room doesn't look boring because of this furniture. You arrange the position of the furniture as you wish without having to worry about its weight. Apart from that, there is also a feature in the form of wheels that makes it easier to move the furniture.

5. Long Term Savings

The price of multifunctional furniture is a bit expensive because of its sophistication. However, you can save up to millions of rupiah in furniture purchasing costs because its function is represented in this multipurpose furniture. Also read: History of Ergonomics in the World of Furniture that You Need to Know

10 Multifunctional Furniture for You to Own

Are you more interested in having multifunctional furniture after reading its benefits? If yes, you can include one or several items from the following list as your mainstay furniture choices.

1. Multifunctional Kitchen Table

Meja Dapur Multifungsi No matter how small your house is, a kitchen table is a must. You can have a kitchen set with a feature in the form of a pull-out table that is attached to the base of the cupboard. This pull-out table can be used as a cutting board or to place food to be cooked. Also read: 10 Beautiful and Attractive Minimalist Kitchen Decorations

2. Ladder Rack

Rak Tangga Multifungsi Stairs that are too large can be used to build shelves on the walls or steps. The function of the stairs is maximized because this part of the house can also be used as a place to store goods.

3. Tube Chair or Table

Kursi atau Meja Tabung An ottoman-style chair or tube table can be used as a place to store things. This furniture provides ample storage space for items inside. You can use this furniture according to its function or simply as a decoration item. Also read: 13 Creative Ideas for Office Desk Decorations to Encourage Work

4. Cupboard or shelf partitions

Partisi Lemari atau Rak Multifungsi You can take advantage of room partitions by building shelves or cupboards behind them. The contents of the shelves vary, from shoes, clothes, books, to home decoration displays.

5. Bookshelf Headboard

Headboard Rak Buku You can design the top of the bed or sofa wall by adding a bookshelf. The application of this multifunctional furniture can create the impression of a slimmer and more spacious room. Apart from that, you can relax while enjoying your favorite reading.

6. Ergonomic Chair

Furniture Multifungsi Kursi Ergonomis The work chair can be a place to rest with a footrest feature that can be pulled forward. Display the OSLO chair from PEXIO in your workspace at home so you can rest in the midst of busy work. Also read: 10 Best Ergonomic Chairs and Their Prices in 2022

7. Table with drawers

Furniture Multifungsi Meja Berlaci The application of multifunctional furniture has actually been present in our lives for a long time. A table with drawers is one example. You can choose a Kelly work desk from PEXIO with a modern look to apply at home.

8. Folding Chair with Table

Kursi Lipat dengan Meja Without realizing it, the folding chairs that are often seen in offices or campuses are actually multifunctional furniture. You can choose the WENDY folding chair because it looks more stylish and modern. The design is also ergonomic so you feel more comfortable when studying or working on it.

9. Bookshelf and Study Table

Rak Buku dan Meja Belajar The combination of a bookshelf and study table can also be a reliable piece of furniture when working or studying in the room. You can also apply this furniture in your child's room with the Castle table from PEXIO. Also read: 7 Simple Study Table Options for Small Rooms

10. Floor Lamp with Side Table

Floor Lamp dengan Meja Samping Having a floor lamp in the living room can help with lighting when you read a book. So having a floor lamp equipped with a side table is furniture that needs to be considered, apart from getting good lighting when you read or watch, you can also place your book, remote or coffee cup on the table. Furniture that only takes up minimal space but has multiple functions. Also read: 5 Standards for Room Lighting in the Workplace

11. Mirror with Shelf and Hook

Furnitur multifungsi cermin dengan rak dan hook It's natural for you to check your appearance once again in the mirror when leaving the house to make sure there are no traces of chili on your teeth. So consider having a shelf equipped with a mirror and hook. You can grab your keys and coat as you walk out the door while looking at yourself in the mirror.

12. Space Saving Dining Table

Meja Makan Hemat Ruang As the name suggests, this dining table has an amazing function if you have a limited kitchen. You can still carry out your activities as usual without having to be hindered by the dining table and chairs that sit in the middle of the kitchen, because this table can be pulled out and hidden when not in use. Plates and other kitchen utensils can also be stored in the storage box. Very practical and interesting, right?

13. Sofa Bed

Furniture Minimalis Sofa Bed Then, there is a sofa that doubles as a bed for your family room. The Alice sofa bed from PEXIO also has shelves and drawers underneath for storage. This furniture has greater use value because it can accommodate various functions in one object. Also read: 15 Comfortable Family Room Sofa Options for You. There are lots of multifunctional furniture that can fulfill your activities at home, right? You can have furniture like the Alice sofa above with a variety of attractive designs and colors. What are you waiting for, contact PEXIO now to get this reliable living room furniture.


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