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10 Modern Minimalist Furniture for Your Home's Futuristic Style

Do you want to have a house with a touch of modern, futuristic style? This article is suitable for you to look into in more depth. In this article, we will take you to see some furniture that suits the futuristic theme.

There is no need to renovate the shape of the room, you only need to replace it with modern minimalist furniture. That way the atmosphere of the house will change 180 degrees. So are you ready to change your room to be more futuristic? Read the complete information until the end.

10 Modern Minimalist Furniture with a Futuristic Style for Your Home

To make the room in your house feel very futuristic and modern, you can try using the following furniture:

1. Built-in Furniture

furniture minimalis build in Built-in furniture is furniture that is integrated with the wall. For example, placing a refrigerator in a room that has been built based on the shape of the refrigerator. That way the refrigerator will not take up space in your house. There are also storage cupboards in the kitchen or clothes storage that are built-in. Making furniture with a built-in design will make the room feel more spacious and clean. Not only is it spacious, your home will feel modern and of course futuristic. Also read: 9 minimalist and comfortable main bedroom furniture that you must have

2. Using LED lights

furniture minimalis menggunakan lampu LED To give a modern impression, you can try adding LED (Light-Emitting Diode) lights at several points in your house. For example, in the corners of the storage cupboard in the kitchen, or on the living room ceiling, you can play with LED lighting to create a futuristic style in the house. You can make any area in the house very futuristic and modern. No need to stick with existing designs. As long as it suits you and makes you comfortable, then it's legal to do it.

3. Unique and Artistic Sofa

furniture minimalis menggunakan sofa yang unik dan artistik You can also get a futuristic impression by replacing the sofa with a unique and artistic design. Finding a sofa like this is quite difficult because most companies sell sofas with general designs. But that doesn't mean it's impossible to find. You can also make a sofa with your own design with a custom sofa making service. Of course, you have to spend more money, but a unique and artistic sofa can be yours. Also read: 10 Recommended Elegant Sofa Colors for Your Home

4. Black cupboards and tables

furniture minimalis modern lemari dan meja berwarna hitam Black storage cabinets and tables can also provide a touch of futuristic style. No need to have another design, black will make the room feel elegant and aesthetic. You can implement this in the kitchen or living room area. You can make the walls and ceramic floors white, then use all the furniture black. This monochrome theme is able to transform any room in the house into a very elegant one.

5. Floating Bed

furniture minimalis modern tempat tidur melayang That's right, you read that right. A floating bed is very possible and can be used in your home. A floating bed will make your bedroom very futuristic. The design is rarely used, making it even more unique and aesthetic. There are several floating bed designs to choose from. For example, a floating bed with a natural touch, where thick ropes can be attached at the corner points of the bed to the ceiling. There are also floating bed designs equipped with advanced technology, where you can lower the bed with a remote. Also read: Functions and Benefits of Decorative Images for Interior Design

6. Corner Bookshelf

Rak Buku Sudut Minimalis This piece of furniture is definitely very important and familiar to those of you who like to read. However, sometimes a bookshelf with a normal design can only be placed in the middle of the room. This is no longer in accordance with the rules of minimalist design in your home. Therefore, you can replace it with a corner bookshelf with a more modern design. You even get many benefits, one of which is that corners of rooms that are difficult and rarely accessed can be put to good use. Apart from that, the modern impression of this bookshelf will increase your enthusiasm for reading, right?

7. Modern Minimalist Wall Shelf

rak dinding sebagai furniture minimalis modern The next modern minimalist furniture is a wall shelf. Apart from making the room more functional, wall shelves can also add an elegant impression. You can choose a wall shelf made of wood and you can store various items such as photos, books, and even ornamental plants. Interesting right?

8. Hidden Folding Dining Table

Furniture minimalis modern meja makan tersembunyi The kitchen is narrow so there is no place to put a dining table, it must be a headache! What do you think you will do? No need to be confused, you can still use a hidden dining table with a modern minimalist furniture concept. A hidden dining table is very useful furniture for those of you who are experiencing the problems above. Like playing magic, you can stretch and extend this table so it doesn't take up space. This unique furniture can even be used by two people. Very practical and interesting, right?

9. Modern minimalist kitchen table

Meja Dapur Minimalis Modern If the previous modern minimalist furniture was a dining table that you could hide, then next there is a kitchen table that you can also pull and push. You can use this kitchen table to cut meat and vegetables. You don't need to be confused if the space in your kitchen is limited because by using this kitchen table you can save more space. When you want to cut food, you just have to pull it and when you're done you can immediately push it again so the room is spacious again. So, don't use your small kitchen as an excuse to be lazy about cooking, because now you can be creative in the kitchen using this modern minimalist kitchen table.

10. Flexible Work Desk

meja kerja fleksibel terbaru sebagai furniture minimalis This Warren work desk from PEXIO has 2 color choices, namely black and grey. The shape is very suitable for those of you who are looking for modern minimalist furniture. It doesn't take up too much space, you can use this table for various purposes, such as using a computer and reading books.

11. Multifunctional Furniture

Furniture multifungsi terbaru dari PEXIO Using furniture that has many functions also makes your home more futuristic. There are many multifunctional furniture currently being sold on the market. From folding tables, folding chairs, sofa beds, secret storage places on sofas and so on. If you are looking for multifunctional furniture, the ALICE sofa bed from PEXIO could be an option. The minimalist design is very suitable for your home. The ALICE sofa bed has three functions that can be felt at once, such as a sofa, a bed, and a place to store things underneath.


Those are some modern minimalist furniture that you can use to give a futuristic style to your home. The simple design really gives a distinctive impression that will bring a futuristic impression to the house. If you are looking for furniture with other unique designs, please visit the PEXIO website. Currently PEXIO also provides ergonomic furniture to make the working experience very comfortable. For example, the WARREN ergonomic desk has two table levels, which you can use for various purposes. You can get specifications and other furniture products from PEXIO on our website now! Ergonomic Desk PEXIO


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