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5 Best Modern Minimalist Corner Sofas and Tips for Choosing Them

Sofa Sudut Minimalis Modern Terbaik

Modern minimalist corner sofas have various shapes, from wide L-shaped to single-seat sofas. The various shapes and motifs of this sofa are useful for adding to the beauty of your living room or family room. The sofa does function as a seat, but the right sofa decoration and motif will determine the appearance of the room. A sofa is a piece of furniture that requires special consideration when buying it. This furniture has been used for quite a long time, even more than five years. Buying a sofa means you are investing in the overall decoration of the room.

5 Latest Modern Minimalist Corner Sofas 2022

Here are five modern minimalist corner sofas that you can choose from, namely:

1. L-Shaped Sofa

L-Shaped Sofa

This minimalist L-shaped sofa is very suitable for you to use as a corner sofa for the living or family room.

You can choose an L-Shaped Sofa whose frame is made of teak wood so it is sturdy and durable. Also read: 9 Choices of Living Room Sofa Models for You

2. ALICE Multifunctional Sofa Bed

Sofa Alice Multifungsi dari Pexio

The next choice of modern minimalist corner sofa is the PEXIO product. This ALICE sofa is superior to the others because it is equipped with shelves, drawers and a coffee table that can be separated.

The ALICE Sofa Bed is furniture that has three functions at once. You can use it as a sofa, bed and storage for additional items. Using furniture that has many different functions will of course really help you maximize a room that is not too large. Another advantage of choosing this product is that its minimalist and modern design is also very suitable for a living room with an earth tone theme.

3. Hemlingby Corner Sofa

Sofa Sudut Hemlingby

The Hemlingby corner sofa is a small sofa for a minimalist home. This two-seater sofa is suitable for placement in limited spaces and can make your room seem more spacious.

One of the advantages is that it is easy to clean. The product size is 145 x 72 x 72 cm. Sofa legs are made of polypropylene plastic. The foam part is made of premium material so it is comfortable to sit on. Also read: 10 Recommended Elegant Sofa Colors for Your Home

4. European Classic Corner Sofa

Sofa Sudut Klasik Eropa

As the name suggests, this furniture has a classic design that is luxurious and detailed. This corner sofa has a design that is characterized by buttons on the back of the sofa.

Even though it is classic, this sofa is not designed to be stiff, as can be seen from the rounded accents on the edges. The main material for this sofa is daphnie fabric and fabric wooden legs. This sofa requires space 210 x 95 x 100 cm to store the sofa.

5. Fraser Corner Sofa

Fraser Corner Sofa The last modern minimalist corner sofa is the Fraser. This sofa is a very innovative sofa design. Made using hard foam for the seat and soft foam for the back. This design not only looks great and is very comfortable, but also brings a contemporary feel to the room. Also read: 5 Latest Minimalist Guest Chair Designs for 2022

5 Tips for Choosing the Right Modern Minimalist Corner Sofa

Tips Memilih Sofa Sudut Minimalis Modern Modern minimalist corner sofas are the furniture of choice for many people to decorate their homes. The shape is simple and doesn't take up much space. Modern sofa designs are also suitable for minimalist style homes which are popular lately. The size of today's sofas is also not too big, including L-shaped sofas. This of course makes it easier for homeowners to place a sofa in the corner of their room. A sofa like this is also easy to move when the homeowner wants to change the layout of the living or family room. The price of corner sofas is also increasingly affordable and fits your budget. However, consideration of buying a sofa is not only based on budget. There are other aspects that you should consider if you want to choose a corner sofa for your home.

1. Room size

Pilih Kursi Berdasarkan Luas Ruangan Even though it is small, you have to consider the size of the room. Don't choose a corner sofa that is too big because it makes the room seem full. House occupants will find it difficult to move around the room, especially if it is equipped with other furniture. A sofa that is too small in a large living room is also not good, because it creates an empty impression. In essence, choose a sofa of the right size and also consider placing other furniture in the room to make it livelier. Also read: 9 Simple TV Room Design Ideas Without a Sofa in 2022

2. Sofa Quality

Sofa Berkualitas You have to research the quality of the corner sofa you want to buy. The quality can be seen from the materials used or the sofa manufacturer. Make sure the sofa is durable and easy to clean when it gets dirty. You can choose the Alice sofa from Pexio whose material quality has been tested. The Alice sofa is also versatile because it is equipped with shelves and cupboards, so it doesn't take up space. You can find the definition of a modern minimalist corner sofa in this product.

3. Room Theme

Memilih Sofa Berdasarkan Tema Ruangan The design of the sofa has a big influence on the overall feel of the room. Try to choose sofa motifs and colors that are everlasting and don't stick to trends. You can choose a corner sofa according to your personal preference for the style of the room, so it won't be a hassle if you want to replace it. A modern minimalist corner sofa is suitable for use in the living room so that the room doesn't seem spacious. Guests who come feel comfortable when visiting your home because of the impression the sofa produces. Also read: 9 Types of Living Room and Family Room Models

4. Sofa Type

Memilih Sofa Berdasarkan Tipenya There are two types of corner sofas, namely legged sofas and cross-legged sofas. This consideration must take into account the comfort of the occupants of the house when using the furniture. The cross-legged sofa should be equipped with a carpet to increase comfort when relaxing. Corner sofas with legs are still the choice of the majority of householders. The advantage is that the floor is easier to clean because there is distance between the seat and the floor. If placed in the family room, this type of sofa is comfortable because its height is at the same level as the television.

5. Sofa Capacity

Sofa Bed ALICE untuk Ruang Tamu Corner sofas have various capacities. You can consider buying an L-shaped corner sofa if you want to accommodate many family members. It's fine to choose a sofa with a capacity of two or three people, only you have to add a sofa or other seating. Also read: 7 Recommendations for Modern Minimalist Sofas for Small Living Rooms. Modern minimalist corner sofas can be combined with an ergonomic desk to add a modern impression to the room. Ergonomic tables are not designed with contemporary designs, but have functions that make things easier for you. Contact our team immediately for more information about this ergonomic desk from PEXIO. 



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