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13 Minimalist Workspace Inspirations that You Can Choose

The atmosphere of the work space can be the cause of feeling tired and bored during work. You can change the design of your work space to a minimalist style as a solution to eliminate this feeling. A minimalist work space can increase productivity while working because of its simplicity.

The minimalist style has several design theme choices that can be applied to your work space. This PEXIO article discusses various minimalist themes as inspiration for workspace designs that can be applied at home or in the office.

Comfortable Minimalist Workspace Design Choices


Desain Ruang Kerja Minimalis The main concept of minimalist style is not to use excessive furniture or decorations in one room. In addition, this style emphasizes the function of the room rather than its aesthetics. Simplicity is indeed an important aspect of the minimalist style, seen from the minimal use of decorative elements in a building, including carvings on the ceiling and walls. The model above must be applied if you want to build a minimalist work space. You must prioritize choosing furniture that supports the work inside, such as tables, chairs, shelves or cupboards. Decoration is not something that is prohibited in minimalist style. You can still decorate your room or work desk, but don't make it too busy so it's uncomfortable to use for work. The design or theme of the work space is one of the important keys in remodeling the work space. As a room owner, you must already have an idea of the design you want to implement, right? If you don't have inspiration yet, you can take a look at some of the recommended minimalist workspace themes in this list.

1. Monochrome Workspace

Desain Ruang Kerja Monokrom The characteristic of a minimalist work space is that it doesn't use too many colors in one room. Monochrome is always a suitable theme for the minimalist style of a room. White, black or gray are the dominant colors in a room. These three colors can be applied to the walls or furniture. Other colors or accents can be added as decoration. Also read: 7 Great Ergonomic Benefits for Work Space Furniture

2. Industrial Work Space


Desain Ruang Kerja Industrial Industrial design is very strong with the use of concrete, brick or metal materials in the room. You can build an industrial style work space with a Warren table as furniture. The iron material in the furniture makes the industrial style in the room stand out even more. Gray and brown are two identical color choices for an industrial feel.

3. Wood Shade Work Space

desain ruang kerja minimalis nuansa kayu The all-wood design creates a natural impression in the work space. Tips for implementing it are also easy, just use wood accent furniture for your workspace. Add a brown or cream colored carpet on the floor so that it matches the furniture better. The natural impression is enhanced if you display ornamental plants as decoration. Also read: 11 Choices of Decorative Water Plants for Tables to Liven Up the Atmosphere

4. Scandinavian Workspace


Desain Scandinavian di Ruang Kerja The popular Scandinavian style can also be applied in the work space. Scandinavian style furniture has a simple design and prioritizes your comfort while working. You can choose white as the dominant color so that this typical Northern European style is more visible.

5. Vintage Workspace

Desain Vintage di Tempat Kerja Minimalism doesn't mean everything has to be contemporary. Vintage style can be applied to a minimalist work space to create a warm impression. Soft colors and floral designs are timeless vintage characteristics. You can also add vintage style decorations to your work space, one of which is a carved wooden cupboard.

6. Relaxing Workspace with Bookshelf


Desain Ruang Kerja Minimalis dengan Rak Dinding This minimalist workspace design is an option for those of you who are looking for inspiration for a workspace design at home. You can put the bookshelf in the corner of the room. This way, you can work more comfortably and can relax for a while by reading your favorite book easily.

7. Workspace with Natural Light

Ruang Kerja dengan Cahaya Alami Natural light obtained from outside the window can be beneficial for health. Therefore, you can design your work desk to be closer to the glass wall. However, don't let the light interfere with your vision because it is too dazzling. It would be better if you also provide curtains that you can use if the light from outside is too bright. It can also be an alternative for you to use natural light, so that your work space looks fresher and brighter.

8. Work Space with Wall Shelves


Desain Ruang Kerja Rak Buku This workspace design is an interesting idea to implement. How could it not be, wall shelves can have various uses, such as adding storage space and attractive decoration. You can put your favorite books there or ornamental plants. If you are interested in placing ornamental plants, congratulations because there are various benefits you can get from ornamental plants, such as filtering toxins. You can choose the ornamental plants that PEXIO has discussed in the following article "11 Choices of Decorative Water Plants for Tables to Liven Up the Atmosphere". You can install a wall shelf above the computer table or behind the seat like the picture above, interesting isn't it? Also read: 9 Benefits of Ornamental Plants for Decoration and Health

9. Colorful

Ruang Kerja Minimalis Bertema Colorful Don't hesitate to use color play in a minimalist workspace if you work in a creative field. Colorful rooms can trigger creativity so that our brains are full of new ideas while working. Colorful designs don't look tacky if you are smart in choosing color combinations. Minimalist work spaces with a concept like this are also popular in homes, especially work spaces that are integrated with the bedroom.

10. Minimalist office with warm tones


Kantor Minimalis dengan Warm Tone For those of you who want to have a minimalist work space that is warm and comfortable, then the next way is to use a warm tone design. Minimalist design doesn't mean cold and boring, so choose items that can enhance your minimalist design. Leather chairs, warm tone carpets, and colorful table lamps that combine well are perfect space design inspiration that will create the perfect welcoming atmosphere for your gatherings!

11. Earth Tone Minimalist Office

Add color to your workspace design, but still maintain a minimalist style. A rust-colored abstract rug and bold olive green chairs could be the best idea. Don't forget to also place works of art in your office space. Also read: 7 Recommendations for the Best Work Chairs that are Safe for the Body

12. Black and White Minimalist Office


Kantor Minimalis Hitam Putih An office with this design is the best minimalist space design. Minimal artwork and decor combined with a white and black color palette creates a clean, relaxing space that can be used for work. Add an interesting patterned carpet to the room to make the room feel more alive.

13. Workspace with Ergonomic Desk

Meja Ergonomis WARREN

The final minimalist workspace design is to use an ergonomic desk, such as the WARREN work desk from PEXIO. It won't feel complete if you design your work space but forget about things that can support your health. Yes, this table can adjust to your body height because it has a feature called a desk height controller. In this way, you will no longer work looking down or looking up because this table is the solution. Not only does it look elegant, another advantage of using a WARREN ergonomic table is that this table has two levels that can accommodate all the items you need for work. The simple design will make you feel at home and comfortable even if you have to work for a long time. Also read: 10 Recommended Blue Color Combinations for Office Spaces. The ten recommendations for minimalist work space themes above look beautiful, don't they? You can add an ALICE sofa as a place to unwind in your work space. This sofa is equipped with practical storage shelves and drawers for storing your work equipment. Get this superior living room furniture by contacting the PEXIO team.


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