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7 Minimalist Wooden Bed Models for 2022

Minimalist wooden beds are a type of bed that is becoming increasingly popular among today's people. You may also be one of those people who is starting to want to switch to a minimalist wooden bed type. A bed frame made of wood is considered stronger, especially if you use teak wood. However, the majority of wooden beds are large in size. So, are there wooden beds with minimalist models? Through this article, PEXIO will provide various minimalist wooden bed ideas that could be an option for you.

Recommended Minimalist Wooden Bed Models

Below, we have prepared 7 models of minimalist wooden beds that can be an inspiration for you, namely:

1. Pallet Wooden Bed

The first recommendation for a minimalist wooden bed model is a bed that uses pallets as the frame. Wooden pallets are usually used to wrap goods so that they are not damaged during the shipping process. This wood can be used to make a bed that is minimalist, but also has aesthetic value. You can use some wooden pallets as a base and add a bed on top. This bed with wooden pallets can be varied according to your wishes and is also very easy to move. Also read: 7 bedroom wall paintings that are suitable for various styles

2. Double Bed Wooden Bed

A double bed is 2 beds stacked on top of each other (top and bottom). The lower bed can be pulled out when it is to be used and then put back under to save space. You can add a wooden frame to this double bed model. A double bed with a wooden frame will last longer and is of course very suitable for minimalist bedrooms.

3. Multifunctional Wooden Bed

Having a multifunctional bed certainly fits the minimalist bed concept. You can make a bed frame with storage. So, you can fill the bottom of the bed with items such as bags, shoes, clothes and books.

4. Wooden Bed with Drawers

Almost similar to a multifunctional wooden bed, but this wooden bed model is equipped with drawers that can be installed on the side of the bed or the front. A wooden bed with drawers can certainly save a lot of space in the room because you can store various kinds of items in the drawers. Also read: 12 "DIY" Children's Room Decoration Ideas that Add Fun

5. Folding Wooden Bed

Apart from tables, it turns out there are also wooden bed models that can be folded. However, of course you will need professional personnel to install this model of bed. This folding wooden bed can usually be combined with a wardrobe. So, when this bed is folded, its position will be parallel to the width of the wardrobe. This model certainly saves a lot of space, doesn't it?

6. Wooden Bed with Iron Legs

To make it more varied, you can combine other materials such as iron so that the wooden bed model doesn't seem flat. This iron material can be used as a bed support or bed foot.

7. Japandi Wooden Bed

The last recommended wooden bed model is the Japanesedi wooden bed. This bed model uses light brown wood as its frame. Then the bed, pillows, bolsters and blankets will be dominated by white. Also read: 12 Master Bedroom Decoration Ideas for New Couples. That's all the information we can provide about 7 models of minimalist wooden beds. Are you interested in trying one of the models recommended above? For additional information, you can contact PEXIO for all your interior design needs, including ordering bedroom furniture. We also provide quality living room furniture that can make your home look comfortable. Contact us now for further information.


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