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14 Minimalist Window Trellis Model Designs

Trellis is a construction in the form of an iron frame that functions as security and decoration for doors or windows. Currently, the use of minimalist trellises is in great demand. Therefore, choosing a minimalist window trellis model really needs attention, because it not only serves as home security, but also as a home interior. There are various minimalist window trellis designs that you can apply at home. The choice of trellis also needs to be adjusted to the concept of the house, so that the overall appearance of your house is better. Below are several trellis design ideas that you can try to apply.

Minimalist Window Trellis Design Ideas

Before choosing a design idea, you need to pay attention to how it matches the theme of your home. For example, if the theme of your house is a minimalist house with the dominant color of the house being white, a white trellis design in a square shape could match the theme of the house. Below are several minimalist trellis design ideas that you can try to apply and mix and match.

1. Square Shaped Window Trellis

The square trellis design is commonly used in homes in Europe and America. This trellis has a simple shape with a rectangular shape as the trellis bars. This trellis design gives a simple impression to your home, but is more elegant and quite luxurious. Also read: 15 Minimalist, Luxurious and Modern Living Room Interior Designs

2. Box Shaped Window Trellis

Teralis Jendela Berbentuk Kotak There is no significant difference between square and square window grilles, except for the shape. However, the material used in box-shaped window grilles uses iron, so it is safer. Apart from that, the simple and simple model means this trellis can be applied to any type of window.

3. Diamond Patterned Window Trellis

Teralis Jendela Bermotif WajikThis trellis model is quite often found in various house concepts, both in Indonesia, Europe and America. The model has a diamond-shaped motif with a distance that can be said to be quite close. This trellis model design idea can be applied to various home themes. You just need to match the paint color to the color of your house.

4. European style threaded window trellis

This trellis model was commonly found in European countries from the 16th to 18th centuries. This trellis model is often also found on attic bedroom windows. The shape is quite unique, shaped like a thread of vine leaves wrapped around an iron or steel rod. This trellis gives a classic impression, especially in houses with Victorian to country styles.

5. Japanese style window trellis

Teralis Jendela ala JepangFor those of you who have an Asian or traditional home theme, applying a minimalist Japanese-style window trellis model could be an option. This trellis usually uses typical Japanese wood material. However, you can replace it with steel or iron. This trellis design has a checkerboard shape and consists of two layers to make it safer. Also read: 12 Simple and Elegant Minimalist Home Decorations

6. Vertical and Horizontal Window Trellises

Teralis Jendela Vertikal dan Horizontal Minimalist window grilles in vertical and horizontal shapes are generally the most widely used. Because, the shape is quite simple and suitable for application to all house building themes. This model uses iron with vertical or horizontal lines that are close together, making your home windows safer.

7. Labyrinth Shaped Window Trellis

Teralis Jendela Berbentuk LabirinThis trellis model is suitable for modern minimalist homes. If you look closely, the shape of this trellis is similar to a labyrinth made of iron painted white or black. The design makes the house look quite simple even though the curves are similar to a maze.

8. Geometric Shaped Window Trellis

Teralis Jendela Berbentuk Geometris The geometric trellis model gives an artistic impression to your home. Usually, this trellis design is widely used in houses in China and East Asia. The characteristic of this trellis is that it is in the form of regular boxes, because it is arranged vertically and horizontally. If your house has a fairly large window concept, you can try applying this geometric shaped trellis.

9. Cross or Cross Shaped Window Trellises

Teralis Jendela Berbentuk Silang atau PalangCross-shaped trellis designs are often found in homes with modern minimalist designs. This trellis model only leaves a narrow space for hand reach, so it is safer to use. Even thieves will have difficulty because of the narrow reach of their hands. The crossed trellis lines support each other and strengthen the trellis structure itself. Apart from being strong, this trellis model is suitable for various home interior designs.

10. Floral Window Trellis

Teralis Jendela Floral This trellis model is identical to a flower or floral design which will make your minimalist home even more beautiful. This trellis is suitable for use in the bedroom or living room area. Installing this trellis made of aluminum is fairly easy, you only need to use bolts to install it.

11. Window Trellis with Diamond Screw Pattern

Teralis Jendela Bermotif Ulir WajikThe window grille with a diamond pattern is slightly different from the diamond motif. If the diamond motif has straight lines, then the diamond thread motif has threads or is wave-shaped. Applying diamond threaded trellises can make the appearance of the windows of your minimalist home more different by creating a classic rather than modern impression. Also read: 10 Modern Minimalist Furniture for the Futuristic Style of Your Home

12. Renaissance style window grilles

Teralis Jendela ala Renaisans This trellis model is called renaissance because it is suitable for European, classic or vintage style houses. The characteristic of Renaissance windows is their carvings which are shaped like carvings from ancient European times. This carving not only beautifies the interior of the room, it can make your home security tighter.

13. Brick Shaped Trellis

Teralis Berbentuk Bata This trellis is synonymous with the modern minimalist house style with various colors and sizes. Generally, this trellis is made of iron material which is shaped like a brick structure. Its simple shape and simpler appearance makes your minimalist home give an elegant and modern impression. Brick-shaped trellises can be applied to various types of rooms, whether in the living room or bedroom.

14. Classic Window Trellis

Teralis Jendela Klasik The classic style in question refers to premodern style, especially the Victorian style and its derivatives. The Victorian style is synonymous with the minimalist window trellis model of England's heyday in the 19th century. The style is elegant and uncomplicated. This trellis model is made from wrought iron material in the form of rods, cylinders, or twisted iron rods. The design is dominated by dynamic curved lines and imitates the dynamism of the natural movement of plant tendrils, flower petals, and so on. For those of you who like the classic house concept, you can try applying this trellis. So, have you decided which minimalist window trellis model design you will use? Choose a design that matches the concept of your home so that it looks good overall. Don't forget to care for your house trellis by regularly cleaning it from dust using a cloth. The minimalist trellis model design will look better when combined with various ergonomic furniture specifically designed to increase the comfort of your home. Don't forget to use an ergonomic chair to increase productivity when you work from home. The combination of minimalist windows and ergonomic furniture will give a simple and elegant impression to your home design. So what are you waiting for? Get this variety of furniture at PEXIO now. Banner Ergonomic Chair PEXIO


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