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7 Minimalist Meeting Room Designs that Make Discussions Smoother

In the office world, the meeting room is an important part that cannot be separated. Likewise with meeting activities. You definitely need a comfortable meeting room to increase focus and performance during the meeting. Therefore, a minimalist meeting room design can be the right choice. It doesn't need to be too big, a meeting room can be created by providing a divider in a room that is large enough to gather several people. The most important thing is that the company provides a quiet and comfortable meeting room so that work productivity increases. A room with the right design can also improve brain performance to solve problems and get ideas that benefit the company. To create a meeting room that supports employee performance, see the review of minimalist meeting rooms that make discussions smoother below.

Minimalist Meeting Room Design

Desain Ruang Rapat Minimalis Meeting rooms must be designed with several things in mind. Having limited space doesn't mean you can't create an attractive and comfortable meeting room. A boring meeting room will affect employee behavior and thinking, making it difficult to generate creative ideas. Therefore, you can apply the following minimalist meeting room design to make it more comfortable and attractive:

1. Homey Meeting Room

Ruang Rapat HomeyHomey minimalist meeting room designs were initially popularized by startup companies. This is because the company believes that creating a comfortable home-like atmosphere can provide more interesting ideas without any pressure. In this minimalist meeting room design, the use of wooden elements in most of the furniture is the key. You can also add a carpet as a floor mat to add a relaxed and comfortable impression for employees. However, this room is generally only used as an internal meeting room for some clients who tend to be relaxed and not too stiff. Also read: Types of Office Layouts that You Need to Know

2. Meeting Room with Glass

Ruang Rapat Monokrom To create a meeting room in a large open room, you can use glass as an office divider. The use of glass can give a spacious impression to the room. So that the meeting room remains private when holding meetings with clients or between divisions, you can use frosted glass or attractive stickers attached to the glass.

3. Monochrome Meeting Room

In determining the layout of the room, there are several things that must be considered, one of which is the use of color. Bright colors with good lighting will help increase focus and enthusiasm. Therefore, a monochrome meeting room can be the perfect combination of room colors. You can use white on the table, walls and roof of the room to create brightness. Meanwhile, for black, use it on TV screens, chairs, and several other room needs. Also read: 10 Principles of Office Spatial Planning and Steps to Arrange Them

4. Industrial Meeting Room

Industrial space is a type of room that has the impression of practicality in the use of goods and aesthetic value from the form of a building that is not completely finished. Usually, the industrial concept is applied by making walls with special bricks or cement that are smoothed and not painted. Industrial meeting rooms will provide smooth air circulation, are comfortable, environmentally friendly and more cost effective. This room can also be combined with several unique decorations such as lights and choosing furniture in certain colors.

5. Simple Meeting Room

Ruang Rapat SimpelPrefer a meeting room without a lot of ornaments? A simple minimalist meeting room could be the solution. You can combine bright colored furniture with white walls to give a clean and bright impression. Also use glass to provide lots of light and make the room look more spacious. If it doesn't allow sunlight to enter, provide several lamps as a source of room light. To make the room more attractive, you can use warm white lights which provide calm and comfort. Also read: 8 Great Ergonomic Benefits for Work Space Furniture

6. Classic Meeting Room

Ruang Rapat Klasik If you need a minimalist but elegant meeting room, a classic meeting room could be the right choice. Classic meeting rooms give an official, elegant and neat impression, making them suitable for use in special meetings with certain clients. Creating a meeting room that is comfortable and in accordance with work culture will provide maximum meeting results. In general, a classic meeting room is made with a circular table surrounded by several chairs. However, you can still arrange tables and chairs parallel. Create a classic meeting room in a room that is a little far from employee traffic so that you stay calm and can concentrate.

7. Ergonomic Meeting Room

An ergonomic minimalist meeting room is a meeting room that applies ergonomic principles from the arrangement to the use of furniture. Ergonomics itself is a principle applied to increase productivity and provide convenience, comfort, and prioritize health aspects. In an ergonomic meeting room, you can use an ergonomic chair such as the PEXIO JERVIS to provide comfort and prevent back pain from sitting for too long in a meeting. Office space ergonomics also includes regulations regarding space requirements and their use in detail. In the future, all meeting activities will be more optimal, efficient and create a positive impression from clients towards the company. Also read: Office Ergonomics: A Complete Guide to Be More Productive So those are some recommendations for minimalist meeting room designs that make discussions smoother and more effective. If you need a variety of ergonomic equipment for a minimalist meeting room, PEXIO can be the best solution. PEXIO provides various quality ergonomic furniture products. You don't need to worry about the design, PEXIO ergonomic products have many choices of models and colors that you can match to the theme of your office or company meeting room. Complete a minimalist meeting room with quality products from PEXIO by visiting the website now or get the products on your favorite e-commerce. Banner Ergonomic Chair PEXIO


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