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13 Minimalist, Luxurious and Modern Living Room Interior Designs

A minimalist, modern or luxurious living room interior will attract the attention of people who visit your home. So, it's not wrong if you need to pay more attention to the interior design of the living room in your home.

The following are several recommendations for minimalist, modern or luxurious living room interior designs that you can use as a reference.

Recommendations for minimalist, modern or luxurious living room interiors

There are many living room interior styles that are currently developing and you can choose according to the model of your house. The following are several living room interior styles that are currently popular for reference to your dream living room interior:

1. Minimalist living room interior

Interior Ruang Tamu Minimalis For lovers of modern design who don't want to be confused and bothered in determining what kind of living room interior design is suitable for your home, a minimalist living room design is the most appropriate and safe choice. The use of basic colors and minimalist furniture, such as a gray sofa or a white bar table, will never fail to make the whole house feel more modern and contemporary. Also read: 6 Types of Living Room and Family Room Models

2. Scandinavian Living Room Interior

Interior Ruang Tamu Skandinavia For those of you who want to have a living room that looks neat and clean without reducing aesthetic value, this Scandinavian interior inspiration could be a suitable choice or reference for you. With the dominance of monochrome colors and the use of minimalist Scandinavian style furniture, the Scandinavian interior style will make your living room look much neater and more attractive. You can also complete this Scandinavian-style living room interior design with hanging shelves and modern artistic decorations to give an artsy impression to the interior of your living room without reducing the Scandinavian atmosphere it has.

3. Industrial Living Room Interior

Interior Ruang Tamu Industrial The industrial design style generally gives a cold and stiff impression, so it is more widely used in popular building architecture or commercial building interiors than living room interiors. However, you can add the use of wood materials and natural elements to the furniture in the living room, such as rocking chairs, tables and drawers to create a warmer and friendlier impression. If you need interior furniture that can match this industrial living room design, you can get it at PEXIO. Visit this link to get the complete catalog. Also read: 4 Functions of Office Interiors that are Rarely Known

4. Vintage Style Living Room Interior

Interior Ruang Tamu Vintage Different from the previous style, this living room interior actually creates a warmer and more homey impression. The characteristic of vintage design is the use of old-style furniture and the application of bright pastel colors. Combining this living room interior with natural materials such as rattan or furniture made from other natural materials such as bamboo chairs can be the right choice to create a comfortable and classy living room interior.

5. Retro Living Room Interior

Interior Ruang Tamu Retro Living room interiors with retro designs are now becoming increasingly popular. For those of you who want to appear eccentric, this living room design could be a suitable choice and reference. To strengthen the retro impression, you can choose to use furniture that is slightly antique, typical of vintage designs polished with contrasting colors. A living room like this will give a strong unique and eccentric impression to anyone who sees it. Also read: 5 Models of Narrow Living Room Chairs

6. Living room interior with ornamental plants

interior ruang tamu dengan tanaman hias Even though they are synonymous with exterior home decoration, you can also use ornamental plants to beautify the interior of your living room. Nowadays, many minimalist style houses use this idea. The green color of ornamental plants can create a fresher and more comfortable atmosphere. Apart from that, with the presence of ornamental plants, your living room looks elegant and minimalist. Also read: 11 Choices of Decorative Water Plants for Tables to Liven Up the Atmosphere

7. Living Room Interior with Wall Decorations

Interior rauang tamu dengan hiasan dinding There are many ideas for making a minimalist living room look luxurious and aesthetic. One way is to maximize the walls of the room with wall decorations. You can display photos, frames and even make hanging shelves. You can use a hanging rack to hang jewelry. However, you must pay attention to the size of the wall decoration that you will display in detail so that it looks more perfect.

8. Charming purple living room interior

Interior Ruang Tamu Mewah Modern Warna Ungu yang Menawan You can try to apply a living room interior with a striking purple color. This will make him seem more charming. You can add a touch of charming color to the curtains and sofa cushions. To add a luxurious and modern impression, choose a sofa with a minimalist design and looks slimmer (like the picture above). There are various recommendations for minimalist sofas, you can learn about them in the following article "7 Recommendations for Modern Minimalist Sofas for Small Living Rooms".

9. Modern living room interior with TV

Interior Ruang Tamu Modern dengan TV You can maximize the living room by placing the TV in the corner of the room. Especially if you have limited space. This is certainly an interesting idea for you to try. The combination of a cream colored sofa with a black glass table further emphasizes the modern style in your living room. Apart from that, a TV located near the garden is very suitable for those of you who want a fresh gathering space. Also read: 9 Simple TV Room Design Ideas Without a Sofa in 2022

10. Luxurious Living Room Interior with Leather Sofa

Sofa Kulit yang Mewah Menawan It cannot be denied, leather sofas are very elegant, making them look luxurious and classy. There is no doubt about the quality of a leather sofa because of its high durability compared to other sofa materials. Leather sofas are one of the minimalist sofa materials that make the sofa look more attractive. The leather used can be animal skin such as cowhide or other leather. So, for those of you who want to bring an elegant impression to your living room, using a leather sofa is the right choice. Don't forget to add a carpet and brown wooden table too so that the results are optimal.

11. Living room interior with hanging lights

Interior ruang tamu dengan lampu gantungThis furniture is magical because it can produce various impressions in your living room. If you want to create a modern, minimalist impression, you can add a hanging lamp with a tube model. However, if you want a luxurious design, then you should choose a large chandelier or have lots of small lights and branches like the picture above. Also consider the size of your living room because luxurious designs with branching hanging lamps are not suitable for small living rooms.

12. Japanese Style Living Room Interior

The next living room design is a Japanese-style minimalist living room. When you imagine the concept of a Japanese house, you might think of sitting on the floor and a sliding door to enter the room. Yes, that's right. But, not only that, there is lots of inspiration when you want to bring the Japanese concept into the living room. For example, like the picture above, you can still have a sofa that is connected to a space for sitting on the floor. For those of you who like to sit on the floor, there are brown sitting cushions, matching the color of the walls and sofa. Interestingly, there are two wall shelves facing each other. There you can store various furniture, so your living room will look neater.

13. Warm Pink Living Room Interior

interior ruang tamu warm pink Who says minimalist interiors are afraid of color and only use neutral colors like white? The key to creating a minimalist living room is maintaining a consistent color tone. One example is the use of a warm pink atmosphere in your living room, plus lighting with soft tones, grounded furniture, sleek leather sofas and simple glass tables that can be applied to your living room by applying wood panels throughout the room.


Those are some recommendations for minimalist, modern and luxurious living room interiors. If you need furniture for your living room, PEXIO is the right choice to look for ergonomic furniture, like this ergonomic desk, for your living room. Visit our website here for more information. Ergonomic Desk PEXIO


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