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10 Beautiful and Attractive Minimalist Kitchen Decorations

The minimalist room theme is known for its use of little furniture. But that doesn't mean you can't add some things to decorate the room, right? This article is intended to provide inspiration for those of you who are looking for minimalist kitchen decoration ideas.

Still with a minimalist focus, adding the following decorative items can add a new feel to your kitchen. Dekorasi Dapur Minimalis yang Cantik dan Menarik Also read: 7 Recommendations for Minimalist Kitchen Models for Small Houses

Minimalist Kitchen Decoration that is Easy to Imitate

The following are some minimalist kitchen decorations that you can apply.

1. Use a wall shelf

Rak Dinding untuk Dekorasi Dapur Minimalis

To decorate parts of the wall that look empty, you can add wall shelves. You can use this wall shelf to place several plates and bowls or to place some kitchen spices to display existing motifs and colors.

You can also use a wall shelf that can hang several pans, so that the feel of cooking in your kitchen is stronger. However, remember that the use of wall shelves should not be excessive, so that your kitchen still looks clean, spacious and minimalist. There shouldn't be too many items displayed on the shelves, so that the kitchen still looks neat and pleasing to the eye.

2. Place small ornamental plants

Tanaman Hias Kecil di Dapur

You can also choose ornamental plants for minimalist kitchen decoration. Using small ornamental plants placed in several corners of the room will beautify your kitchen.

Apart from that, ornamental plants in the room will function to make the air circulation in your kitchen clean and cool. Caring for ornamental plants is not even difficult, so you don't need to spend a lot of energy and time caring for these ornamental plants. Also read: The benefits of ornamental plants are for health, here's the review!

3. Use a carpet with a simple motif

Karpet dengan Motif Sederhana untuk Dekorasi Dapur Minimalis Modern

Adding a carpet with a different motif to a plain kitchen room will give your kitchen a new color. Using carpets for decoration is a smart way to get rid of boredom in the kitchen.

If you are starting to get bored with the kitchen atmosphere, you only need to change to another carpet motif and the feel of your kitchen will change too. Match each carpet motif you use to the theme of your kitchen, so that you still feel comfortable when doing activities in the kitchen area.

4. Choose kitchen equipment with similar colors

Peralatan Dapur dengan Warna Serupa

Using kitchen utensils with similar colors has basically become decoration that you can use. In order to show a spacious and clean minimalist feel, avoid using equipment with lots of colors, so that your kitchen doesn't look tacky.

Matching the color of the walls and furniture will add an aesthetic impression. Apart from that, using equipment with similar colors will not add any furniture or items to your kitchen, so the kitchen will still feel simple and minimalist. Also read: 10 Modern Minimalist Furniture for the Futuristic Style of Your Home

5. Mini Bar Dining Table

Meja Makan Mini Bar untuk Dapur Sederhana

The next minimalist kitchen decoration is to apply a mini bar dining table.

Bar tables are basically smaller than regular dining tables. Therefore, a mini bar dining table is very suitable to be placed in a small kitchen. This table is often used as a kitchen table for arranging food, it is multifunctional and saves space, right?

6. Black and White Checkered Floor

Lantai Kotak-Kotak Hitam Putih di Dapur

In fact, the black and white checkered floor appearance is not a new design concept.

This design originates from the 17th century. Interestingly, in the 21st century, people who use minimalist kitchen designs find the contrasting colors of black and white pleasing. Also read: 20 Small and Simple Kitchen Designs for Minimalist Homes

7. All-White Kitchen

Dapur yang Serba Putih

The minimalist concept is synonymous with plain white. There's nothing cleaner and fresher than a crisp white kitchen.

If you are a minimalist at heart and like the idea of a neat home kitchen, then this is the right look for your kitchen design. For example, the minimalist 3x3 kitchen that you have will seem spacious because of the white color, even the smallest stain can be seen. Another advantage of applying this decoration is that it will make it easier for you to clean stains.

8. Use a Wall Clock

Jam Dinding pada Dapur Minimalis

So, what happens if you cook in the kitchen without paying attention to the time? When you want to try a new recipe, the clock will be very helpful to tell you how long you have used it.

As one of the places that is really paid attention to by the residents of the house, there is no harm in placing a wall clock in the kitchen. Apart from that, as an easy way to decorate a minimalist kitchen, wall clocks can also fill empty space on the wall and of course beautify it. Also read: Decorative Images: Definition, Function, Examples & How to Make Them

9. Chalkboard for minimalist kitchen decoration

Papan Tulis untuk Dekorasi Dapur Minimalis

A whiteboard is a multi-functional item when placed in the kitchen.

First, you can easily write down recipes or raw ingredients on the board so you don't forget them easily. Second, another function of the writing board can be as a minimalist kitchen decoration for those of you who want a creative style.

10. Use a unique hanging lamp design

Desain Lampu Gantung yang Unik di Dapur MinimalisThe last minimalist kitchen decoration idea is to use a unique hanging lamp design. You can replace your monotonous hanging lamp with a unique design that is still in line with the theme of your kitchen.

Currently, there are many unique lamp designs that you can choose and customize for your beautiful kitchen. Using a unique lamp design will add a new atmosphere and be the right decoration for your minimalist kitchen, because it will not disturb your kitchen space.

Simple Minimalist Kitchen Design Inspiration for Small Houses

Apart from the minimalist kitchen decoration choices above, PEXIO also wants to provide recommendations for minimalist kitchen designs that you can apply at home. Here are 7 minimalist kitchen models for small houses, namely:

1. Open Space Kitchen Model

The first simple minimalist kitchen inspiration is open space. You can make the kitchen room merge with your dining room and living room. An open model or open space like this will not make your house look strange, in fact the open space model is often chosen to outsmart rooms that are not large and spacious. Also read: 15 Small Open and Simple Kitchen Designs for Minimalist Homes

2. Scandinavian style modern kitchen model

The Scandinavian style kitchen model is also suitable for you to apply in your kitchen. The model does not show a lot of cooking equipment (kitchen set), making your kitchen look spacious and feel pleasant. It is different from other styles because it has simple lines with a clean appearance. Scandinavian kitchen designs are often used for minimalist kitchen models. This design, which first became popular in the 1950s, maximizes light and clears space of disorder.

3. Kitchen Island Model

The next minimalist kitchen design inspiration is the kitchen island. To make your kitchen space look bigger, you can make an island that can function as part of the dining room and part of the kitchen. Having an island means you don't need an additional dining table or kitchen table.

4. Kitchen model with wood material

The next minimalist kitchen design idea is to use wood material. Using wood in your kitchen will give a comfortable impression, which will make you forget about the small size of the kitchen. Also read: 7 Simple 2 Floor Minimalist House Interior Designs

5. Rustic Kitchen Model

You can also apply a rustic kitchen model to your kitchen. Rustic models generally use wood material in some furniture to give a classic and vintage impression to your kitchen.

6. Kitchen model with lots of lighting

Using a large window in the kitchen will give a fresh feel when you are active in the kitchen. Using white and other bright colors will also help your kitchen space to be larger than it looks.

7. Built-in kitchen model

A kitchen model that installs storage cupboards and other machines inside the walls could be an option for those of you who want a clean kitchen. Installing furniture within the walls will make your kitchen look more spacious because there is no furniture taking up space in the kitchen.

Those are various recommendations for minimalist kitchen decorations and kitchen designs that you can choose from. So, which decoration ideas will you apply to your favorite minimalist kitchen? You can easily decorate your kitchen with interior design services from PEXIO. You can directly consult with our team to discuss the kitchen design with the decoration you want. You can directly visit the PEXIO website for more complete information.



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