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10 Inspirations for the Latest Elegant Minimalist Door Models for 2022

Doors are one of the factors that make a house look more elegant. Remembering that the door is a part of the interior of the house that cannot be missed. Of the many models available, the elegant minimalist door model can be your inspiration in looking for a suitable and fitting home door model. Apart from security and a means of getting in and out of the house, door design can influence the aesthetics of your home. What's more, the door is the first thing people see when visiting your house. That's why quite a few people need time to choose a door model to match the concept of the house.

Inspiration for the Latest Elegant Minimalist Door Models

Minimalist house door designs can be one of the best choices to complement the interior of your home. This door has various models and motifs that can be adapted to the concept of the house. You can see inspiration for elegant minimalist door models below.

1. Minimalist wooden door model

Model Pintu Minimalis dari Kayu This door model combines modern style and classic style in one area. The straight wooden surface gives a contemporary impression, plus the handle gives a minimalist impression too. This door model is very suitable to be combined with white or cream colored walls. Meanwhile, you can adjust the color of the door to your wishes. Also read: 15 Inspirations for the Best 2 Storey House Designs for You to Imitate

2. Monochrome Pallet Door Model

Model Pintu Palet Monokrom A minimalist home design will look more elegant when combined with a monochrome pallet door model. If you choose black on the door, then the walls of your house will be white, and vice versa. Monochrome palettes can also be paired with any color because they are neutral. To beautify your home, add ornamental plants to make your home look more beautiful.

3. Wooden and Glass Door Models

Model Pintu Kayu dan Kaca A combination of wooden and glass door models is suitable as the main door. This door model certainly won't feel old school even though it is decades old. This is because the wooden and glass door model provides an elegant accent that fits any type of home. You can adjust the color itself to your taste, just choose good wood and glass materials so they don't get damaged easily. Also read: 10 Mandatory Multifunctional Furniture for Minimalist Homes

4. Sliding Door Model

Model Pintu Sliding Door The sliding door model is generally used by Japanese people. However, there is no harm if applied to your minimalist home. Apart from being unique, this door model can save space. For those of you who have a minimalist house concept with rooms that are not too large, then the sliding door model could be your best choice.

5. Door model with glass at the top

Model Pintu dengan Kaca di Bagian Atas This door model must be quite familiar, because many homes use it. Even today, this door model is still popular and is widely used by home owners with a minimalist concept. One of the advantages of this door is that it can emit light from the outside. You can also see the conditions and conditions outside the house from the door. Also read: 5 Standards for Room Lighting in the Workplace

6. Classic European Style Door Model

Model Pintu Bergaya Klasik Eropa Classic European doors are dominated by wood and the door size is quite wide. To give an aesthetic and instagrammable impression, you can add a touch of light brown or dark brown to the door area. This door model is usually combined with a classic style house concept which is dominated by white. This house concept is usually supported by an additional garden area outside the house.

7. Contemporary Door Model

Model Pintu Kontemporer Contemporary door designs are synonymous with doors that give an elegant impression, such as the black iron on the edge of the door. Contemporary door models are very suitable for use in residences with industrial or modern contemporary design styles. Contemporary door materials usually combine wood, glass and black iron. This black iron gives a sturdy and elegant impression. Also read: 15 Comfortable Living Room Sofa Options for You

8. Minimalist door model with white shades

Pintu Bernuansa PutihTo give an elegant and simple minimalist impression, this door design is dominated by white. You can add ventilation on the right and left side of the door to make it look better. The elegant minimalist door model design can be combined with dark wall colors. In this case, the white color of the door can be a balance to the concept of a house with quite dark colors. Also read: Living room wall paint decoration options that can be used as inspiration

9. Classic Door Model

Model Pintu Klasik For those of you who like door models with a traditional impression, then classic doors could be your choice. This door is usually placed as the main door and has distinctive carvings on its surface. Apart from giving a traditional impression to a minimalist home concept, this door design brings a beautiful and classic impression to the overall concept of your home. Also read: 17 open and simple small kitchen designs for minimalist homes

10. Ethnic Minimalist Door Model

Model Pintu Minimalis Etnik This ethnic style door model can be said to be quite unique but very interesting, because it conveys the cultural impression of a particular ethnicity. The choice of model itself can be adjusted to your needs and desires. To give a stronger ethnic impression, you can add a touch of cream or light brown to the ceramics or floor of your house. The wall color of your house can be adjusted to suit the ethnic style.


That's the latest elegant minimalist door model that you can use as a reference to apply at home. One thing in choosing a door model that should not be missed is that the concept of the house and the door must be integrated. Apart from that, the interior design, including furniture, needs to be adjusted to the concept of the house you dream of. So, to get furniture that suits your minimalist home design, you can visit the PEXIO website. Contact PEXIO now for your minimalist home design solution.


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