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10 Contemporary Minimalist Dining Table Designs

Having a minimalist home does not mean reducing the use of important furniture such as a dining table. There must still be a dining table even though its size is very small. Don't worry about looking for a dining table for a minimalist home. Currently there are many dining tables for sale on the market. You just need to choose it according to your interior theme and preferences. So that you are confused about looking for these designs, PEXIO has collected several examples below. Let's start the discussion now!

10 Minimalist Dining Table Designs

Inilah Desain Meja Makan MinimalisWhen you mention the word minimalism, what comes to your mind? Narrow table? A makeshift dining table? Both of these thoughts are wrong if you look at the true definition of minimalism. It is important to remember that minimalism does not mean living within existing limitations. Furthermore, you are invited to live in simplicity but without eliminating the slightest function of life. Also read: 13 Mandatory Multifunctional Furniture for Minimalist Homes. Just like a minimalist table which is not only small but has maximum functions that are needed every day. Have you begun to understand the true definition of minimalism? To understand the concept of a minimalist dining table, try looking at the following designs.

1. Round Rattan Dining Table

Meja Makan Bulat RotanFirst, there is a round dining table with a quite unique design made from rattan material. The use of rattan has actually been popular for decades. After it starts to fade, rattan is finally used again because it can provide a new atmosphere to your minimalist room. The placement is very suitable with the white interior theme like the picture above. There is no need to add decorations to beautify the room because the presence of the round dining table is very eye-catching.

2. Dining table in the corner of the room

Meja Makan Pojok Ruangan Nothing is impossible in the world of design. Even though the area is not as large as a house in general, you can still put a dining table in the corner of the room. The placement of the dining table does not always have to be in the middle as the "main character". Its presence in the corner is also enough to attract attention. Moreover, the placement is combined with unique chairs. The dining area definitely still feels warm even though it's not as luxurious as a table in a restaurant. Also read: 8 Good and Attractive Ways to Arrange a Dining Table

3. Outdoor Wooden Dining Table

Meja Makan Kayu Luar RuanganPlacing a dining table doesn't always have to be in the house. Are there any written rules regarding this? Of course not. You can put it on the back terrace area to get an extraordinary view while eating with your family. Just imagine enjoying home-cooked food while looking at the beautiful evening sky, namely the setting sun. Isn't it very beautiful?

4. Long dining table with 2 chairs

Meja Makan Panjang 2 KursiIn general, you can see the characteristics of placing a dining table in a minimalist house, namely in the corner of the room. This is not done haphazardly without consideration. Its placement was actually done deliberately to create a mobilization route within the house for all family members. The limited space means you have to be smart in finding the best position for each piece of furniture. Like the example in the picture above which places a long table against the wall so that family mobility can be created.

5. Square Design Dining Table

Meja Makan Desain Kotak The minimalist concept is reflected in the design of this dining table. Its plain square shape with a wooden texture has succeeded in providing aesthetic value to the house. There is no need to add accessories on the table because it will only make the room crowded. Believe it or not, the decorations you put up can actually damage the appearance and atmosphere of the house that has been built. Also read: 20 Open and Simple Small Kitchen Designs for Minimalist Homes

6. Scandinavian style dining table

Meja Makan Ala ScandinaviaDid you know that the Scandinavian theme fits perfectly with the minimalist concept? The use of soft Scandinavian colors creates a warm, comfortable and very beautiful atmosphere. Of course, the Scandinavian theme can't only be applied to walls or floors. The proof is the design of this dining table which seems to scream a Scandinavian theme throughout the room. The very simple design combined with other materials makes your dining table area feel very comfortable. So don't be surprised if you want to linger around the dining table.

7. Monochrome Dining Table

Meja Makan MonokromApart from the Scandinavian theme, monochrome is no less suitable when used in a minimalist home concept. The use of black and white really gives it its own uniqueness that cannot be replaced by other bright colors. However, your room will not look boring or monotonous because the combination of the two is enough to fill the existing void.

8. Modern Dining Table

Meja Makan ModernA dining table with a modern design is also very suitable for use in minimalist homes. Modern designs that don't have a lot of carvings or flashy decorations are in harmony with the house wall colors which tend to be white, gray and other earth tone colors. If you think the placement lacks color, try adding a carpet or lamp with an aesthetic design that can make the atmosphere of the dining area more perfect.

9. Luxury Dining Table

Meja Makan MewahWho says a minimalist dining table can't be combined with luxury? The two are actually a very fitting combination. If you always think that luxury should go along with busy decoration then this is the biggest mistake. Take a look at the table design example above. At first glance, the table design is very ordinary with its round shape, but the facts don't say that. Luxury also speaks of very high quality, for example a dining table made of marble or other very rare natural stone. The texture provided by natural stone is its own attraction because it is very beautiful when placed in the corner of the room. Especially if you combine it with a velvet chair design. Your dining area will definitely look luxurious but still minimalist according to the initial concept. Are you interested in having this table design? Also read: 7 Ways to Arrange a Simple Dining Table to Look Luxurious

10. Dining Table and Island

Meja Makan Sekaligus Island Minimalism not only talks about simplicity but also functionality. So if you find a table with two or more different functions then you can choose this furniture. For example, a dining table design combined with an island. Apart from expanding space and mobility, its use is very functional. This table can be used to prepare cooking ingredients as well as an area for eating and chatting. Whatever type of house you have, the dining table has become a staple piece of furniture that must be there. Even though the design is simple, its existence still has the function needed by every family in Indonesia. Make no mistake, simple designs often provide high aesthetic value in a room. So what kind of minimalist dining table design do you like? Make sure you not only choose a dining table based on its design but also its function and ergonomic aspects. Choose the best ergonomic furniture so that your body posture is maintained without getting sick or injured. Not only the dining table, but all other furniture in your house also needs to be chosen based on ergonomic standards. Moreover, equipment used for work activities such as tables and chairs. PEXIO has a row of tables and chairs that can support your posture while working. Examples include the LUXIO Office Mesh Chair, OSLO Ergonomic Office Chair, HERVEY Mesh Office Chair, and WARREN Ergonomic Desk. Each PEXIO product is made from high quality materials that will help improve your quality of life by maintaining body posture. So you no longer need to worry about neck and back pain. How? Interested in using ergonomic products from PEXIO? Contact the PEXIO team now to place an order! 


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